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rm_fbfieldman said
My wife has always fantasized about being gangbanged. She loves to watch gangbang pornos, especially those with black men banging a white woman. We stumbled across HornyWife a couple of months ago and were surprised at how many people in our area were listed. She decided that this was her chance to make a fantasy come true, and I was all for it. In two months, we've had two gangbang sessions. The first was with three white men. I'll spare the details, but she loved it and definitely wanted to do it again. Last weekend, we met those three again, along with three of their black friends. It was indescribable. I think I loved watching it as much as she did getting banged. Needless to say, she's rather sore now, but is looking forward to doing many more men. The best part is that I have it all on videotape and we enjoy it nightly. If anyone is interested in gangbanging a hot and horny wife, checkout our profile.
arthlover1 said
i met a wonderfull lady using your service. we have been chatting for months now and we have fell in love and she is very wonderfull, and educated, and suits me fine. as well, im quite educated in computers and that's what makes us a great couple to be with. this november we are going to be married! so, i thank you for your service and lots of luck to others!
pumpco3 said
I have been a member for a couple of months and started to loose faith because a large portion of the ads answered would send back responses with contact inf to some paid site on the web, which to me indicates fake. One ad stood out and even though the young lady was some distance from me, I wrote her.
Wow, she is probably the most erotic, sexual, openminded women I have ever met. We have a horizontal weekend planned in a few days!
slutbaby69a said
ok, 2 stories here. met one guy, we had dinner then a good shagging session. I am meeting him this week again, this time for a double header with his mate (m).
I also hooked up with a m/f couple to explore that side of things (never had a woman before) and had a great time.
I have spent so long wondering how to achieve pushing the boundaries, so thanks to HornyWife for making it happen..
HunniBunny27 said
I met a couple on here about 2 weeks ago. He made sure to call me on a daily basis to keep in touch and I in turn did the same. We agreed to meet in Long Beach on last week and it turned out to be the very best three-some I had ever had!!! She could not get enough of me and I could not get enough of her!!! After all three of us (her, her hubby and myself) were together, she and I went at it for another hour!!!!
I can honestly say that I had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
littlekitty53 said
Hi there, I have been search for two long years on HornyWife for a Bi or Les single woman, with no luck... when finally a woman emailed me & she wanted to meet. I was shocked and really didn't believe that she would show up.
Well she did... and let me tell you it was the best experience I ever had.
We met and we were both a little nervous, but that didn't last very long. We got a room and upon arriving inside, we both had our clothes off an were down to business... I got out my toys and she got out hers and man let me tell you - it was all well worth the wait... it was the best orgasm I have ever experienced in my life and she knew what to do to make it that way. She sucked my clit & twirled her toungue all over my pussy & fucked my pussy with a vibrator and touched my asshole and it was wonderful...
I couldn't stop cumming... and she never stopped eating my pussy. She sucked it dry and started to do it all over again.
Well, finally it was my turn to return the favor to her... when i got on top of her and kissed her and sucked her titties and kissed her belly and when I spread her legs apart, let me tell you she was so wet and dripping everywhere... I couldn't wait to eat her pussy...
It was my first time, so I was scared I would hurt her, but she said she would let me know if I did, so I commenced to licking her wet pussy and sucking her clit and making her pussy even wetter... I fucked her pussy with my toungue and used her toys on her pussy and finally I shoved my thumb up her asshole and she went through the roof with pure excitement... it was so awesome for both of us...
She then started eating my pussy again.. man it was so great to feel her moist breath and warm lips on my pussy and all over my click licking it and sucking it and fingering my pussy, and touching my asshole and using my double dildo on me, I was so horny I almost exploded...
Well it was the greatest experience ever for me and I wanted to share it with you all.
Thanks a lot
BowValleyManor said
A lot of women bash and complain about some of the men on HornyWife. But, there are allot of real sweeties out there too. Special Huggs 'n Kisses to "TravAgt." a true 100% gentleman. I'm certainly no "Barbie" but you are the perfect "Ken" doll. During our times together, you've always treated me like a lady. Your manners, courtesies, and "little surprises" are out-of-this-world. Thank you. I can't see you as often as I would like, but I always look forward to our times together. Thanks also to HornyWife for allowing it to happen.
motorhottie069 said
Thank you HornyWife!!! I was not expecting to find the man of my dreams on here......but I did....his name is Saint692001. We are engaged and are wanting to have a family someday soon. I have never been so in love before.. I owe it all to HornyWife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
FunLover12556 said
I am back after a two-year hiatus from HornyWife. Based on my earlier experiences, I knew that this was the service I would return to one day.
I previously used HornyWife for six months. Yes, for the first couple of months, I struggled like many men who use this service.
Then I began to learn about women by reading their profiles: their likes and desires, how they want to be approached, and what they expect from a man. I also began to learn about myself; I found my "voice" as it were, and became more confident, but at the same time less aggressive. I also became more open-minded about what sort of woman I would like to connect with. And I learned how to avoid frauds and marketing techniques.
For the remainder of the six months, I met five different women, and spoke with a few others electronically. Of these five, I had wonderful sexual experiences with four, and long-term relationships, vs. one nighters, with three. These lovers opened up many avenues of eroticism for me, as I did for them.
Now I am back, with even more flexibility as far as time and place, and I am looking forward, after a little "warm up" time, to meeting a number of wonderful erotic partners, including a couple or two this time!! Thanks HornyWife!!!!
shedevil1959 said
I met the most incredibible man on HornyWife. He and I live near each other and meet whenever possible. Let me tell you about this man. He is the most incredible lover and friend. We meet and or talk almost everyday. Yes he is married and we need to be careful, BUT he is really wonderful. I never knew that a man could be so loving and so giving. He thinks of my pleasure first and then his own. Sometimes he doesn't achieve a climax and I start to wonder if it's me but he says the pleasure of making love is to see that his woman is totally satisfied first, and sometimes he doesn't want release. BUT will see that I have over and over. What a wonderful lover I have found on HornyWife. Thank you one and all for this miracle, you have given to me.(And unwrapping the package for the first time wasn't bad either)
Thank you.
DelightMe2Nite said
I recently had my first HornyWife encounter with Troy after several weeks of e-mails and calls back and forth. Finally, we set a date to meet up at a local motel. I admit after seeing his picture, I was definitely anxious to see him "in the flesh" since he was one very fine black man. When I knocked at his room and he opened the door, I was a little uncomfortable to find another fellow with him. He introduced him as his friend, Juan, and explained that Juan was interested in joining our party if it was okay with me. If not, he would leave. Juan was a very charming fellow and before long we were all nude in the bed. Troy was sucking my nipples while Juan was kissing the back of my neck and rubbing his cock head up and down the crack of my ass. Troy's cock was a nice 8", thick and uncut. I skinned back the head and started deep throating him since I love to suck dick. I love feeling it fill the back of my throat and sliding over my tongue, and by the pre-cum that swelled out of the tip, Troy was enjoying it too. In the meantime, Juan had slid his cock into my cunt and nicely filled it as well while reaching under me to finger and twist my long sensitive nipples. Before long, Troy was moaning and soon shot his load down my throat. Could that man come. I could hardly swallow it fast enough and it ran down the sides of my mouth. When Troy pulled away, Juan grabbed the back of my hair pulling me back on his cock as he rammed in and out of me. Before long, I started coming so hard I was light-headed, but not Juan. He pulled out of my wet cunt and told me he was going to fuck my ass. I have never tried anal, but have always wanted to. The firm, definite way he said it just made me melt. Juan pulled my ass higher in the air and told me to relax as he wet my ass and worked in first one finger then another. Soon, he pressed the tip of his cock against the opening and began to push inward. Although it hurt, I couldn't pull away and my thighs began to tremble. Slowly he eased into my butthole and when he was in up to his balls, he held still so I could feel him throbbing in me. When he felt my ass give way he began to fuck me slowly and rhythmically. Before long, I couldn't help but begin to slam my ass back against his hard cock over and over. When I was nearly ready to come, he stopped and rolled me over on top of him with his cock still in my ass. I could have screamed with frustration until I realized that Troy (who I had forgotten all about) was in front of me with a cock so hard it was slapping against his belly. Troy pulled apart my legs and slid in my wet cunt fast and hard. My ass and cunt were so stretched with cock I could hardly breathe. Juan had his hands on my tits rubbing and twisting my nipples while he ground his hips and cock into my ass. It was obvious they had done this before because their rhythm fucking me was so perfect I had a shrieking orgasm. My ass and clit were so sensitive I was in pain, but they just kept fucking me until I came again and was begging them to come because I didn't think I could take any more. Finally, when I thought my pussy and ass would drop off Juan shot his load in my ass. That set off Troy who soon shot another huge wad in my pussy. I lay there absolutely wiped out but so satisfied. After we took a short nap they bathed me carefullym washing my pussy and my ass while I sucked first one and then the other off again. It was the most delicious 4 hours I have spent in a long time. They asked what a fantasy of mine was and I replied that I would love to be gangbanged by 6 to 10 guys over an entire night. They said they would see what they could do to set something up. So we all have something to look forward to. Thank-you HornyWife.
sweetindiangirl said
Hi, all of you I am Tina. I am a very coy Indian housewife who has been brought up under a lot of conservative values. Before the Marriage I was a virgin (really) and never thought of doing it with any other person other than my hubby. Till a few years of our marriage it was plane and simple, and we would do everything in our bedroom out of the eyes of anyone else.
Soon I started liking the Blue Movies, which my hubby used to get from the local shop and we started to fantasise about another guy or a couple fucking me in front of my hubby. Initially it was just what we used to think about when we were fucking in our room. Soon we thought of having it turned into a reality. AND we came across this fantastic site called We put our add. and tried to contact some like-minded couple or a single guy or a girl. We got a lot of false starts but then we hit upon a couple who was as interested and had tried this a couple of times earlier. This couple was in a different city and it took us time to set up a meeting. In the meanwhile we did some video chat with them and there we both sot ourselves stripped for the benefit of all four of us. My hubby showed me with my hands tied behind my back and then he tied up my size 34D breasts for a nice show for them. The chats used to continue for about a couple of hours. The day we planned to meet this couple was very busy and so was my hubby. My hubby (Mr S) came home at about 09 PM and confirmed to me that Mr and Mrs V are coming home for the night we were waiting for. They got delayed and came home at about 10:30 PM. Anyway Mrs v had got a very sexy backless Black halter neck blouse and a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs for me. We settled down and talked to soften up the atmosphere and Mrs V handed over the clothing to me. My hubby soon told me to go and change into that blouse and wear something sexy, and I went in to change. I took his wife too to change into something sexy for my hubby. When we came out I was wearing the blouse with a sexy short black and white checked skirt with some nice makeup and my lovely 5 inch black heels. My back was absolutely bare other than a couple of strings that held the blouse. When I entered the room, Mr V greeted me, and I could see the lust in his eyes, it was as if he could not wait to strip me off and fuck me then and there. This was the set of eyes I had been waiting to see for a long time. Well I settled on the sofa and soon my hubby got up and pulled me over. He got my hands behind me and put those handcuffs on me, and then as if gifted me to Mr V for the fucking session. Mr V was very delighted to see me in that state and smiled at me as if he had got his prize. He made me sit on his lap and gave me a deep kiss, I could feel his hands going all over on my 34D breasts and he kept kissing me and pressing them. Very soon he got the blouse off and then I lost my skirt. With the cuffs still on he played with my breasts and his other hand played with my pussy, rubbing it and then pushing deep into my cunt. I was getting real hot and had started to take deep breaths. I was not allowed to be free and soon he got me on my knees and took out his massive cock. This was a real big cock for me; it must have been at least 7 inch long and real fat. At first I thought that it would tear my pussy apart if I took it in too fast. Mr V held my head and made me suck him deep. I had no control of anything but he was excellent as he forced me to keep sucking him till he simply came all over my mouth and face. Once it was over he pushed me off and joined my hubby who was busy with his wife. It felt as if he had used me and then discarded me once he was spent. It was a very powerful feeling to feel as if being used and abused this way. After some time he again came to me and release my hands and then took me to the bed for the final fuck. He again made me suck his cock to a big hard on and then he got down to eat me. Ohh God how do I describe this … he was there lying between my legs and eating me off, it was the best sensation I had ever had, very different from what my hubby does to me. I came once during this and I could feel the juices flowing out and him lapping up all of it. He then turned me over and pulled my legs up to expose my asshole. Initially I thought he was just playing with the hole but soon he put one finger in and pushed it in deep, then two and soon three. His hands did magic to my asshole and suddenly he pulled them out only to be replaced by his tongue. Later I told my hubby that it was the best job I had ever got in my life. Then it was time for the final assault on my womanhood… he told me to spread my legs and he pushed his cock slowly inch by inch, and it felt as if it was really tearing my pussy lips apart, I could not stand the pleasure and let out a deep cry, only to arouse him more and get him to pound real hard. He was a big strong guy and he went on like a big battering ram for god knows how long. During this I came once but he showed no signs of giving up. He then got my legs pulled up and continued, it felt as if I was going to break up with the heavy battering but somehow I took it well. Soon I was about to come again and I started to moan louder and louder. I could now feel the urgency in his battering and then he let out a sharp cry and came. This time we both came together. Later, now I think that it was the heaviest pounding a girl could get from a cock that fat, and it all was real. I checked my pussy the next day and sure enough there was a tear on the side. Imagine a girl who was fucked about 12 years ago now gets a tear again could only show how fat that guys cock would have been. During our first encounter I came three times and got myself fucked like a real whore, which I could have never imagined earlier. Now we are looking forward to our next experience where I could get two guys to fuck me at the same time in the presence of my dearest hubby and when I could also do a grand lesbian act with a sexy lady. All I have to say is THANK YOU HornyWife for getting me fucked so well.
reddy2fuk said
Hi! I'm a 45 year old man from Arkansas. I registered on HornyWife toward the end of 2000. I started playing in the chatroom, just looking to cyber. Well, one day in May, 2001, I started chatting with this Texas lady with the handle 4realblonde. One thing lead to another, and on June 16th, I came down to visit. I never left! We were married on Valentines day, 2002. Thank you, HornyWife for helping us find each other! This is the lady of my dreams!
chaos6699 said
i had been a member of HornyWife for 6 months. my membership ran its course and i renewed it. so after paying again i decided to send out alot of emails - i get the common fake responses from the web cam sluts and i instant messaged with a few people. then one day i checked and got a message from a couple looking for a single guy to fuck his wife!! i jumped at the chance i had never even had sex in the same room as another guy, but said what the hell. i met the husband and he was cool and then i met the wife - and she was a cuttie with a big ass huge tits and she took it in everyhole. i did my thing with his wife while he sat there and taped it. it was great! thanks HornyWife i believe you are real finally. from chaos6699
backdoor1970 said
Just wanted to thank you so much for your site...if it hadn't have been for HornyWife I wouldn't have found my soulmate. I had been single for almost 2 years, just looking for friends with benefits...then out of the blue, I got a message from a guy from HornyWife...although I debated on whether or not to stand him up, I met him on a Friday evening and we have been together since. He and I have everything in common and truly believe we are "soulmates"...again I thank you very much for your site because meeting Kevin has made my life complete...
Gina M Paris, Illinois
vernonn said
I am 23 years old now, but I first met HornyWife 4 years ago when I was 19. We were already married 2 years and it looked like the next year might be our last together. Neither of us had much sexual experience (me, none) before marriage, and that with the usual financial crunch was a load to carry. Frankly, our sex was the pits. I didn't know how to be pleasured and he didn't know how to teach me. His big sister turned us on to your website. She wouldn't admit she was a member, but she assured me she had learned a lot from it. We did nothing but read articles like this one for a couple months. At first we were sceptical that they were anything but fantasies, but then my husband started pushing me to run an ad of our own, just to see if anyone would answer. We did that with my trepidation and even put in a 'g' picture of us. When we got an answer, it was from an older couple in the next town 20 minutes drive away. They were very graphic in what they, especially what he wanted to do to me, and I was almost frightened, but at the same time excited that anyone would find me that appealing. We wrote back and forth for nearly a month(at least my husband wrote). The letters became more and more explicit and even I was getting fairly into it. I don't think at that moment I really thought it would go much further. Our sex was a little better, but I would still not let him do most of the things we saw dipicted in HornyWife. Then one evening there was a knock on the door and this early forties couple introduced themselves as our penpals and new soulmates. It turns out that Mark had taken it on himself to invite them knowing I would have found a way to chicken out if I knew. But here I was faced with the man who had been talking dirty to me for a month, and I couldn't do anything but invite him and Cher in. The minute the door was closed, Don pulled me close just like he had promised he would and gave me a very thorough kiss. I just didn't see how I could get out of the trap I was in, seeing that Mark and Cher were also petting right beside us. It was the weirdest feeling, having the second man in my life doing more initmate things to me than I would let my husband do. I was really turned on, but scared stiff just the same. Finally, we broke the front door clinch and went into the living room, where Don sat me down on the couch, pulled me close again and the next second we were laying side by side, his tongue in my mouth and his boner rubbing my pubis. The other two had headed straight to the bedroom, and I was on my own with a guy taking the liberties with me that I felt I had more or less promised him by letting Mark write those letters. I just let it happen. Soon we were naked and by this time I was kissing back and presssing myself to him. It was very flattering the way he made such a fuss over my young body, and while I might have still stopped it if I could have thought of a way, I was having fun and feeling very naughty. Then Don pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall till he found the others in our bed. Cher was just climbing on Mark and We watched her guide his cock into her pussy and sit down hard on it. Don made me lay over the edge of the bed so I could see them fuck and he knelt and began to eat me. I had never let Mark do that, and I had never felt such a sensation!! From virtually no orgasmic experience to the grandaddy of all orgasms within seconds. The noise I made Mark had never heard before and it made him cum into Cher just as wildly. From there there were no taboos. Mark was there to kiss me and caress my breasts as Don layed me back for my first swinging penetration. I came again as Cher rubbed his cock against my vulva and was still cumming when he pushed it slowly in. It was fifteen minutes before Don let himself cum and the absolute feeling of freedom and naughtiness, giving a new friend that kind of pleasure, I will allways treasure the memory of. By then Mark was fucking Cher again and when they were finished, an hour had passed since I had gotten up from the news to answer the door. I have a hard time even now watching the news and hoping the bell rings. Our sex life and our married life is now excellent. I have had sex with 24 guys over the last three years and Mark is one girl ahead at 25. He made a pig of himself at a party last month, but I think I can catch up. He now works for Don and makes quite a lot more money. And get this!! I fucked Don and Cher's son last new years eve when the rest of the crowd had got too drunk and fagged out.
rm_bando60154 said
Nothing too special, I met my wife here about 2 years ago. She is the hottest lady I've been with, GREAT TITS and a pussy meant for eating among other things.
Just thought I'd like to share my appreciation with this site.
rm_Jon8008 said
Am 55, and met a lovely young woman, who accepted me as I am, (not a stud) in any sense, and she gave me an 8 out of 10 rating. Not too bad for an old guy considering she was 20. Hope to see her again. Thanks HornyWife for hooking us up
hornylittlelady said
I would just like to say thank you Sarah for the best weekend of my life! I have never been so exhausted in all my life :-)
thank you hornylittlelady
rm_Tiburon4344 said
I have had two positive experiences because of HornyWife. One with a 62 year old married woman and the other with a 49 year old married woman. I am also married and will see no one unless they are experiencing the same challenges as me - Little to no sex. One lady (the 49 year old), married to a pastor with a bad case of diabetes and unable to get an erection (African American) became friends online. We spoke for months until we finally met. It was a delicious experience and unbelievably erotic. The other (Caucasian), had not slept in the same room with her husband of 42 years for the last 20 years. Again, after a few months of relationship building, we met. Another fabulous experience. It is important to understand respect, discretion, caution, and safe sex. HornyWife provides a very comfortable environment to meet and exchange conversation with any type of person you desire. I even have a couple of lady friends where all we are looking for is "penpal" relationship and that is fine. HornyWife, keep up the great work. Tiburon4344
TightTunnel said
Just browsing through the Gallery I came across a gentleman listed who HornyWife stated we were 100% match. Oh my god, how true... I sent him an email just to say hello and to comment on his profile and behold he responded.... after a few emails, he provided me with his phone number. I didn't call for at least 2 weeks due to nerves, but decided to call one daring day. I am so thankful I made that phone call. What started out as a meet and greet dinner. It has been 2 months - just 60 days and this man has proposed to me... and I said Yes!! We plan to marry next Dec 2003 in Hawaii on New Years Eve. We are a definite match in nearly everything we chat about.
Thank you HornyWife....for the gallery - without it I don't think I would have met and fell in love with my soulmate.
Iexciteu1937 said
Title: Sex At Sixty Five! Everyone thinks sex is the 1 or 2 minute bang-bang fuck. I want to share with you guys a different approach. By the way I found the contact through HornyWife. It was in Bangkok, Thailand. She was about 35 years old, but looked 10 years younger. I had her with me in my hotel room for over a week. She stripped very fast and came on to me like a hungry animal. Her pussy was shaved clean but looked ever so tiny. She kissed my two lips seperately and took many small bites. By God, it was pleasurable. I fondled her soft young breasts.. not bad in size.. and nibbled her voluptuous dark protruding nipples. She was so small that when she sat astride on me, I hardly felt any weight. All the while she was giving me a great hand job..rolling my dick in both hands as if she was preparing the dough for bread! I stuck my two fingers in her very wet cunt and finger fucked her at the same time. She was very, very wet and ready for my dick. She took one look at it and cried out "Oh my God. You are toooo big for me! She grabbed my, now throbbing, tool and thrust it firmly into her hot tiny hole and sat plumb on top. I was all the way in..and my dick is of good size. She squirmed and twisted with great force and rode me like a jockey on a race horse out to win the race! Because of my advanced age she had to go on like that for quite some time. Up, Down, Up, Down..she jumped on my poor dick. I tried to help her by thrusting it deep into her. It was a miracle how my big dick was completely inside her tiny, tight pussy. Of course I felt great. She did too!! Soon, when I was on the point of exhaution my tool stiffened and I climaxxxed. Because my prostate gland operation a few years ago, no semen came out immediately. No need for condom either! I was done. But she wasn't! She lay back beside me and spread her legs wide and cried out "I am not finished yet"! I took her cue and laid my wet tongue on her opening and licked in long upward strokes. I saw her clit coming out and quickly swallowed it. I sucked and sucked until she could bear it no longer and begged me to stop. Both of us were now exhausted. I looked at the clock on the table beside our bed and was surprised to see we were making love for almost half an hour! As I said before we didn't stop there because we were together for a week. We made love in all its bed..on a sofa...under a the private whirlpool bath tub in our hotel room. She wouldn't do any oral on me and she didn't allow me to put my finger in her ass. Considering what else she did I didn't mind it a bit. Bye, for now.
Well I have to say deciding to join HornyWife was probably one of the best things I could have done. Not only did I meet some wonderful men but good friends too. I joined last Feb and my very first email response was a very cool guy.I didn't decide on any one male but decided to meet several over getting to know them well. First we chatted online, then by phone for several months before agreeing to meet. The meetings were very exciting. I found it very hard to choose just one. I have to say at the time I was looking for a married very descreet gentleman for pure sexual pleasure. I became separated in May, so things kind of changed for myself. So even though I had a few affairs I decided to lay low for awhile. There was a gentleman that kept tracking me down until I decided to call and chat. I kept putting off our meeting for different reasons. Well finally I said ok time to meet. I have this test I had given to all the men I met. They all agreed to the KISS TEST........... but when I met this last man it was instant pleasure. He barely said hi before he hit me with this kiss. We had coffee and snack before he decided to take me out for a ride.......... The ride of my life. The next thing I know is that we are driving through the country and to his farm. He turned on the music and we danced close, the sexual tension growing. He slowly seduced me and there was no turning back... We have been together now for the past six months... and it still gets better every day... We are now looking to expand our sexual desires to include another couple...........Thanks HornyWife
Sincerely D
I was browsing thru your ads and one caught my eye. I sent a message - never expecting a response, but I got one! We started talking online and about 4 weeks later, met in person. That was 4 months ago and things are great. We fell in love and are very happy - Thank you
Robsexyman said
Hello my name is Rob, I just thought I would like to share my story It is one of the most remarkable stories out there. I will keep it very short and just say Not only did I meet the most beautiful woman in the world, who lived in another Country over 4000 miles away, but she now lives with me and we are planning to get married!! Thank you HornyWife, i never would have met her if it wasn't for you!! thanx soo much for everything Adult Friendfinder
rm_sxkitten26 said
When I joined HornyWife, I didn't bank on falling in love! I'd been single two years, before I met Darren. I wasn't after a relationship, just sex!! When I saw his ad, I was instantly drawn. We had so much in commen, it was spooky! After our first date & shag, we were hooked!!! 6 months on, and it`s still GOOD!! thanks.x
rm_theCeduser said
I am male live in area where the Adult fun is strict unless through married life or with a Prostitute (where I have to travel to nearst country). As it not my style to have fun with such women, I keep myself without sex for long time unless I travel to the states or Uk where I can stay for long period - and during that time, I meet ladies where I could have fun as friends so that we trust each other.
Therefore I want to announce here if there are any couples who live in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or in Kuwait and they are interested in having a secret long friendship relation with me, please check my HornyWife ad which is :
sexy_p said
I started using HornyWife in April of this year and have been inundated with responses, lucky girl hey! I try to respond to all mail even if I am not interested, yet it's not always possible!
Within a few weeks I was in contact via e-mail with a guy called Chris and things were going really well. We seemed to connect mentally (something thats pretty important to me!) and decided it was about time to see if we connected physically as well!!
Although pretty nervous, I was also extremely turned on by the prospect of meeting a virtual stranger and having hot and unhibited sex with him - hey, I'm only human!!
He wined me, he dined me, we had great conversation and the chemistry was intense. He was sexy, intellegent and very single! The sex was fantastic and 6 months on we still meet on a regular basis when we are both at a loose end!!
Thanks to HornyWife my sex life has improved no end and I also gained a great friend!!
sweetandtasty48 said
On March 15th, 2002 , i meet the man of my dreams on HornyWife. We have been dating ever since and i have fallen in love with the man. I would like to take the time to thank the team at HornyWife for putting us in touch with each other. We spend as much time as our busy schedules allow both of us, things are slowing a little with our jobs and hopefuuly we will be able to spend a lot more time together. Will keep you updated as to how our relationship grows. We both would like to thank you again for making it possible for the two of us to meet and fall in love.
Neil and Patsy
rm_troy997783 said
I was able to meet a married lady via emails then by cell phone and we got together. She said her husband approved and he like to hear the story when she returned and after the kids went to bed they would fuck like crazy. So here is my story. We arranged to meet at a local eatery and made small talk in her 4x4. We exchange stories of havin fun with others and both became aroused. I asked her if we could 'play' and she said yes but not in a vehicle as it was too much like high school. So we went and got a hotel. Once inside we started kissing and fondeling each other and were both getting very aroused. I then took off my clothes and she watched and became even more turned on. I then laid down next to her and the first thing she grabbed was my 8" rock hard cock and did it feel great. Then she stood up and undressed and out fell these huge DD size tits with big brown long nipplies and they went right into my mouth as she straddled me. She then took all of my large throbbing cock into her mouth and got every bit of it. She then said after five minutes this is not where you are cuming and I totally agreed. I then went down on that shaved pussy and sucked her big clit into my mouth, After about 30 min her cell rang and it was her husband. So here we are fucking like wild animals and she's talking to her husband, what a turn on, my cock completely burried into her pussy and she making small talk. After she hung up we fucked for 2 hours and she could not believe how much staying power I had and stated all other men would have cum already. So after she had cum 5 times I stood her up and bent her over the bed and fucked her really hard doggie style of course and after 5 or 6 minutes pulled out too far and shoved 4 or 5 into her tight little asshole. She screamed like I'd never heard before mostly out of pain then it turned to stimulation and let me finally shoot my huge load of cum in her ass. We then showered together and she sucked me dry on the bed after wards and then said goodbye with a nice deep kiss. I can only imagine how she fucked her husband after the fucking I gave her. I hope to see her real soon and fuck her agian like I just did.
lickitysplit64 said
After waiting at laest a good 6 months for a response from a guy who didn't just want to have sex I was giving up. I checked my messages one last time and figured "what the hell". Well lets make a long story short- unfortuanatly we are both stuck in passionless marriages but we have fallen madly in love with each other- if thats possible to do within a month. Thank you Thank you Thank you Lickitysplit69
Manswitch said
We first made contact by e-mail. She was a 50 year old lady, married to a man who no longer appreciated her. She was feeling unattended and exploring the idea of a lover. This is the kind of lady I was looking for! We hit it off & decided to meet. She was blonde, pale skinned, petite. She had nice buns atop nice legs, small breasts and a small belly. She was very attractive. Time had been kind to her, but she lacked attention. I volunteered. We got to know each other while lunching together a few times. I learned that she was a belly-dancer for the exercise. She had married a younger man, they had raised grown kids that were no longer at home. Her husband was in the midst of an affair with a much younger woman. After time, we began ending our luncheons by kissing and fondling one another. She would lean into my erection, as I held her small buns in my hands and kissed her neck, ears and mouth. She finally consented to meeting me in a hotel room. When the day came, we were both nervous. Neither of us was looking to replace our spouses nor to lead the other on. Once we confirmed this, we decided to go to the room to "see what happens." We got to the room and spent a while kissing and fondling as I enjoyed the smell of her perfume. She unzipped my fly and withdrew my erection from my pants. She held it in her pale hands and went down on me without my asking. I watched as she swallowed my dick in her mouth, her lips surrounding my engorged dick, her cheeks bulging as he went up and down on me. She licked my balls and fondled them with affection. I could take no more and asked her to stop so I could reciprocate. She let me strip her. I removed her clothing as if opening a present. Each item removed revealed a lovely package awaiting. Her mound was small and covered with straight light brown hair, glistening with moisture. Her breasts were delightful, a perfect handful with responsive nipples. Her ass was wonderful, the kind meant for ass-play. As we laid together, she remarked on the striking difference in our skin tone - my cocoa colored body against her pale whiteness. I kissed her, marking a trail down from her neck, past her small belly, into the lovely nest of her sweet female aroma. She told me her husband would not eat pussy. What a dolt! I told her I lived to eat pussy as I tongued her labia, and slowly rooted about for the pleasure button I knew was hidden. I lost myself in her fragrence, the feel of her wet pussy, her body's response to my tongue. The pace of her breathing increased as I explored her most private places. She let me rim her asshole with my tongue as I kept my nose rubbing against her clit. She squeezed my head with her thighs until I thought it would pop. Then, I mounted her. As I did, we watched as my dark erection slid into her pale wet pussy. I held on to the memory, the feel of her pussy around my dick, her breasts, her body, her fragrance. I quickened the pace, rythmically thrusting in and out. She told how she missed making love this way. It had been too long. As she lifted her pale legs over my broad brown shoulders, I thought how lucky I was that her husband had ignored this lady. I continued my thrusting as I held her ankles in my hands, bringing us each closer to a rising creshendo. Her cute round ass slapped against my groin with each thrust. We stopped before we climaxed, exchanged deep kisses and changed positions several times. Later, she got astride me and rode me like a bronco. I carressed her breasts & her nipples with my tongue. As she quickened the pace, I carressed her buns until at last we climaxed and fell together in a heap, exhausted. Afterward, we talked. We agreed to keep our meetings paced out to avoid detection. We left in the evening's rush hour traffic, getting back to our respective spouses. Lately, she tells me that her husband has agreed to stop seeing his lover. Because of that, she doesn't want to be the one "cheating". So, we've put our liasons on "hold" until she sees if her husband can do as he promises. I, for one, hope not.
Still looking for the lady in this story!
I knew from even before our marriage that my wife, Jackie had an extremely high sexual drive. There were many times before and during our marriage that I just had to say no although I did keep a more than respectable pace with her. Her insatiability finally led us both to a unique relationship that has turned the table and now I can not get enough of her! Jackie is a gorgeous woman at 42 years old with shoulder length dark hair, smooth tanned complexion about 5’6” and around 125 lbs.. Her best assets are her tight ass and “dynamite”sexy legs. She has always drawn the attention of other men which made me have mixed feelings of jealousy and an unexplainable excitement. She works as an air freight sales representative. I’m a nice looking, clean cut guy of 5’9” and around 160lbs. I sell textiles and cover two states. About four years into our marriage in 1997 I entered sales working for a manufacturers representative. She was eager to go out when Al, my boss and the company owner, called inviting us out to dinner and drinks. Al had met Jackie a couple of weeks before at a party that he and his wife Bonnie hosted where he made several comments to her then, as well as to me about how pretty she was. The night went great with nothing really unusual with the exception of Al paying special attention to Jackie and her responding often with that pretty smile and longer than usual eye to eye contact. I began to feel a little jealous but passed it off as being the effects of a few drinks. We were all three quite loose on our drinks, left the club and returned to our house. Since Al was from out of town we had previously agreed that he would spend the night at our house. After about an hour and another drink or so I suggested that we all retire for the night. Al and Jackie were watching a late movie and decided to stay up a while. I could take no more and went to bed. Thoughts of their early attention toward each other ran through my mind and the thought of them in the other room alone once again stirred my jealousy but also stirred an arousal in me. I was confused but I had to know! I quietly walked down the hallway to see. About halfway my “jealousy and excitement” took hold as I could hear Jackie moaning softly. As I reached the halls end and looked, Al was all over Jackie on the couch kissing her. He had one hand under her skirt working her beautiful thighs and ass. She was not protesting, she was enjoying it lustfully! At that point Jackie spotted me and chased after me to our bedroom where she began crying and begging me to forgive her. Al approached stating that the liquor had taken them a little too far, to forgive them both and it would never happen again. I conceded to the liquor theory and we all soon retired for the night. We didn’t speak further of this event. For the next few days Jackie could not do enough for me, guilt on her mind I assumed. The event continued to flash through my mind and I began getting arroused thinking of what may have happened if I had not intruded in their privacy. While in bed one night I confessed to her how much I had been turned on thinking about that episode of her and Al. She was surprised at my admission but quickly took advantage of her opportunity. Through much open talking during sex that and several following nights of (damn good sex) I confessed that I would not stand in her way if she occasionally wanted to “do her thing”! I made one stipulation to her new found freedom and discussed it during sex one night. She was not to fuck around with any of my best friends! We would go out, enjoy and if someone turned her on then it was her option. I would be satisfied just knowing the details of her tryst. But the main stipulation was that I did not want my wife to be with another guy just for the sake of being with another guy. If she was going to get fucked then I wanted her to seek a guy that would do it right! I suggested a guy who would be discreet and someone she would find to be “hung like a horse”! To this she exploded in orgasm after orgasm. Her stipulation to me was that there would be no backing out on my part and that she would call the shots. When she did find and experience another guy that was capable of giving her what she wanted she could continue to have sex with him and with no protest from me. It would be strictly a sex thing with no other entanglements. I agreed! Jackie realized at that point, she could have all the advantages of marriage while enjoying a lover if she found him as someone that could satisfy her completely. A couple of weeks later we decided to go out to one of the local bars for dancing drinking and etc. Nothing was said but I knew what she must have been thinking as I watched her put on a white mid thigh form fitting dress, tan colored thigh high stockings and her black 4” heels. She looked so damn good I tried to eat her pussy before leaving which she stopped and told me to wait until later. We arrived early and took a table next to the dance floor that was in good view of the bar area. After a while the place was crowded with everyone roaming, dancing or whatever. I had asked Jackie to dance a time or two and she declined. I had noticed that she was looking and paying a lot of attention to the bar area that she was facing and was to my back. She then whispered to me that she was looking at “the most handsome man”. I asked if he was returning her looks and she said, “most definenately”. I told her to enjoy and she said she planned to! With her legs crossed in the short dress she was showing leg to the top of her stockings while knowing he was getting an excellent view. Jackie whispered that the guy had given a sign that he would like to dance with her and she had nodded approval. The guy came to our table and asked Jackie to dance, to which I nodded my OK. He was a really nice looking man about 40, around 6’ tall and a slim athletic build. It was a slow dance and I could see they were talking as they danced. After returning to the table Jackie told me his name was Chad and he asked if I was her husband to which he had been disappointed to find that I was. He also asked what type work I did and she told him, traveling sales to which he responded “At least he has the right type job”. Jackie had replied, “Yes I know”. After a few minutes and much more eye contact with him she asked that I go to the mens room for about ten minutes. My cock was rock hard just trying to imagine her thoughts so I done as I was asked. Returning to the table I found they were dancing this time on the other side of the floor. Looking through the other couples I could see they were extremely close dancing so seductively. He had his hands on Jackie’s butt and she was not making any effort to remove them. She was loving it! After the dance Jackie introduced me to Chad to which he thanked me for allowing him to dance with her. Jackie then mentioned that we had to leave. We told Chad good bye and left. On the way home I told my wife I had almost cummed in my pants seeing her be so sexy with her friend and asked what had been said. She told me to wait until we got home and she would describe every detail to me. IT WAS A VERY LONG DRIVE! Upon getting home she pulled me down onto the bed not even stopping to undress and said “NOW, you can eat my pussy”. With her skirt up to her waist, her panties down and still wrapped around one ankle I placed my tongue in my wifes hot pussy as she placed those heels on the bed by my sides. She told me Chad had gotten hard against her as they danced and from what she felt he was very big. She mentioned that when he began rubbing her ass she only ground into him harder and told him how good he felt. She detailed to me how he had told her what a sexy woman she was and how he would like to see her again. She had given him her cell phone number and told him he could call on a weekday while we were both at work. Jackie must have cummed five times against my mouth and so did I but on the bed as I was so excited hearing my wife tell me about another man and their plans. On Tuesday afternoon Jackie phoned me saying that Chad had just called and that she was meeting him for a drink at a small bar across town after work. She promised to keep in touch and let me know how their meeting was progressing. I arrived home about five and found her pant suit she had worn that morning across the bed. Checking her wardrobe I could not find her short black skirt nor her white and tight fitting knit top. The same heels were also not there. I could only imagine how sexy and available my wife had dressed to go meet another man. I was going absolutely crazy in thought and literally walking the house with a constant hard on. At about 7:00 Jackie called. She said she was in the ladies room, her and Chad had had a couple of drinks and that in their booth he had been kissing her and suggested they go to his condo for another drink. She had accepted and they were about to leave. About thirty minutes later Jackie called again (we had prearranged this call), Saying that she was at a girlfriends house and would be home in 2-3 hours. With Chad unable to hear I asked if he was about to fuck her. She replied “OH YES” and said good bye. For the next three hours I have never been more excited just imagining Chad fucking my hot wife “behind my back”! Thinking how his ego must be so high as he watched my wife enjoy his big hard cock. The thought of Jackie moaning and taking it so deeply almost got me off without even touching myself. When Jackie returned she took the same position as she had before but this time she had just gotten fucked by another man. She told me to eat her pussy! I DID! She went on to tell me that Chad had filled her completely and that she could still place her hand around the base that she was unable to take! She let me know that she would be getting it again and often. Jackie loves her new found freedom and so do I. Sex has never been better for us!
squidisthe1 said
we are a couple new at this and maybe wanted to try a threesome. she is different from most women. that is she can cum for hours and i mean by the buckets full. so we found this guy on AFF we wanted to meet. so we got together at this little bar on the beach had a couple of beers and just talked. we both liked him so we went for a walk on the boardwalk. found a nice quiet spot to sit where nobody could see us and i started kissing and playing with her and she was getting hot.i pulled up her dress and started licking her wet pussy. it only took about five seconds for her to unload a huge gush of cum and the more i licked the harder she came. i wanted to watch him in action so i let him take over and i was amazed to see her cum harder than ever before. when we were done i know there was two gallons of her cum on the ground. so we then set a date we could fuck.he came to our house and the action began.i was licking, she was sucking and she just kept cuming.i wanted her to ride his hard cock while i sucked her clit.she just exploded and almost blew him right out of her.we all came like never before and might just have to do this again.
Silent_Giant195 said
heya people
i was on my chat center at home one night and this woman started to talk to me and i found out she was on HornyWife even more than the one i was one - so anyways i get here (HornyWife) and not only her but several other women thought i was intersting enough for a date but they had been too far away. i wish i could only get on my computer more then being at work because i love to meet new people and i like to do interesting things - but hey for these newbies on here welcome and good luck because if you talk the right talk and walk the right walk you may just find yourself as proud and happy about yourself knowing you can go that extra mile. i did thanks to HornyWife
johnboy22202 said
It all started innocently enough, simple flirting when we met through the helpdesk where I worked. instead of calling, sometimes you would walk in for assistance. the men at the Helpdesk always wanted to be the ones who helped you because of your large breasts. you mistook it for helpfulness.
Over time, we started chatting w/ one another and you opened up to me as you were separated from your husband and you needed someone, a friendly 'shoulder' to lean on.
the next thing you know, we ran an errand in the neighborhood where we worked and I hinted that we might run out of gas. you looked at the gas gauge and saw that the tank was full, smacked me on my thigh. I looked over at you and you said "oh I'm sorry" and rubbed where you had hit me. your hand was right on my cock. I don't wear underwear. while your hand was sitting on my leg, i started getting an erection. i could not help it. i was sitting there getting harder and harder, my dick was pointing down my pants leg, toward my foot. your hand was right on it, even after i was totally hard. you acted as if nothing were happening, certainly not remarking on the state of my cock so I didn't say anything.
a few weeks later, my wife took our children out of town to visit her folks. wouldn't you know it, the same day they left, you called me and asked if I could stop by at your house. you were having computer problems that you couldn't solve. you offered to fix me dinner for my troubles. I didn't have any better plans that evening, my house was empty so I agreed. I got directions to your house and we set a time. I was planning to meet your daughter there, too. when I arrived you ushered me in to your livingroom. it was a small two bedroom condominium, nicely furnished. I asked 'where is your daughter?" you answered that she was spending the week at her father's house. I admitted that I had been looking forward to meeting her.
dinner smelled delicious, weiswurst. you reminded me that we had a deal, your food for my working on your computer. after dinner was over, you offered me coffee and I accepted, as I am a coffee addict. I went into the office. there was a small computer desk and a sofa in there. I started up the computer and began to work on it.
I finally solved the problem but it was much later than I had planned to stay. you asked me how long it would take me to get home and after I told you said "what a long drive home you will have, you wont get any sleep" you asked me if I would stay over. that is when you explained that the sofa in the office was a fold out bed. I objected, "I cant stay here" but I had to admit that staying over made perfect sense. it was a long drive and if I went home now I would get NO sleep and have to turn around and go back to work w/ no sleep. reluctantly, I agreed. I asked if I could use your telephone and called my wife to say hello and also to speak with my children. after the call, we went back to the computer and I showed you what happened and suggested how to avoid the same thing again in the future.
you pulled the cushions off the sofa and pulled it open. you made the bed and asked if there was anyone else I wanted? the way you said it plainly offered something more but I was unsure, so I said that I had to get up at 530 am and was there an extra alarm clock? you offered me a travel alarm that you use for business and asked if there was anything else? I paused and said no, good night. you went out the door leaving it ajar. I undressed to my boxers and lied down. after a while I rolled over to find a cool spot on the pillow when my glance happened to find the open door.
your bedroom door was also open and I could see right into it. you were getting in bed with a book, wearing a long purple robe. as you got into the bed, the robe opened and your leg was in view almost up to your crotch. I laid there tossing and turning for another half hour, I wasn't sure what was keeping me up the coffee or the sight of your leg. you had your light on so I went to the door. as I opened it, you looked up and said "Can't sleep?" "yes", I answered, "I think I shouldn't have had that coffee" you asked, "why don't you come in and we will talk?"
"sure" I said. Chris said " I ll tell you about the online courses I am taking. we started talking about college and kids and stuff. I sat on the foot of your bed and got lost in our conversation.
you stretched out your leg and your foot hit my hand. I rested my hand on your foot while we spoke but you didn't say anything. I picked it up and started rubbing it, you said "that feels great, so relaxing" I rubbed it for a while and you slid down in the bed a little. I massaged that foot for a little while then I did the other one, I said why don't you turn over? I ll do your legs. I stood up and she rolled over. I massaged the other foot a long time before I started up the calf. You didn't say anything. i started getting an erection. my underwear looked like a tent.
I thought you had fallen asleep so I stopped and started for the guest room. you said "where are you going? I stopped and turned, "I thought you had fallen asleep". "no, I was enjoying your touch that's all". I started again, emboldened by your lack of resistance...I massaged higher and higher, making slow circles with my fingers. I was pushing your robe higher and higher up your thighs, bunching it up against the generous curve of your ass. i started massaging between your thighs and pressed them apart. i was suprised when i saw that you had no underwear on. i spread your legs apart with a touch. your lips were puffy and you were obviously aroused. As i continued kneading between your thighs, your lips began to part. You said wait a minute and stood up. that is when you untied the belt on your robe and pulled it off your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. you were nude and your nipples were erect. you laid back down and said matter-of-factly, "OK, start where you left off"
I started massaging to the tops of your hamstring then on to your butt. it was kind of large but I like women with a lot of curves so I kept right on going. I was alternating between your butt and the inside of your thighs. by now, my cock was as hard is it gets. i stood up and removed my shorts and my cock popped out. you rolled onto your back then i climbed onto the bed. you spread your feet apart and i sat between your legs. your pubic mound with all its' black hair was in plain view. your pussy lips were parted and I could plainly see the pink inside. the tip of my hard penis was inches from your vagina.
i started massaging your breasts then took a nipple into my mouth kissing and sucking it. i started towards your neck , then your large breasts. I told you how much I like to eat pussy. You admitted that black men aren't into it. a few minutes later I resumed my journey down your belly to your pussy. I moved around to the foot of the bed and pulled on your legs until your ass was right on the bottom corner of the bed. I moved to a kneeling position on the floor by your feet. you placed your feet over my shoulders. I kissed your box and used my fingers to pull apart your swollen pussy lips. I licked the outer lips, playfully nibbling them. i took them between my tongue and lips, you sighed loudly.i slid the tip of my tongue along between your labia and clitoris and I heard a sharp intake of breath. i breathed out my hot breath onto your clitoris alternating between kissing and licking it. I kissed and licked your pussy until you came in my mouth. i licked the come from your pussy lips.
I stood up over you and, holding my painfully hard cock in my hand, put the head right on the entrance of your vagina. the white skin of my cock was contrasted against your black skin. i started rubbing the head up and down the opening of your very wet vagina, up and down right against your clit. i pushed ever so slightly into your pussy hole and pulled out. i slowly pushed in to the hilt, then pulled out, teasing you. i started rubbing it up and down your slit. your breath started to come in gasps. you said that you have been wanting this since that day in your car when you felt my bone. i explained that i wasnt sure if you had noticed that day. you admitted that it felt like the biggest dick you ever held and you wanted to see it ever since, "why do you think i intentionally broke my computer?"
You put your legs around my waist and when you pulled me toward you with your legs, my cock pushed in to the hilt. I started moving in long, slow motions. I didn't pump hard or fast. I kept pushing and pulling, in and out, feeling your pussy muscles holding on to my cock like a hand. I stayed in until I said I was going to come. You said please don't come inside me, I stopped taking the pill. I said I had a vasectomy last year. You asked, really? I said yes and I came inside you.
I laid on top of you and you said you wanted more. my cock had gone soft but you said you knew how to fix that. I laid down next to you and you started to play with my cock which immediately started getting hard again. when it was rock hard again, you rolled over on to your knees. I took the cue and got behind you. I slid my dick into your cunt, I sighed as it slid in. I was in heaven. I grabbed your hips and started pushing in and out, harder and harder. we came together again, gloriously. you squealed and so I knew I had satisfied you again. your pussy was spasming inside and I shuddered as I emptied another load inside your black pussy.
rm_Bondoogie said
When my wife, Mary and I would take trips and go to California or wherever, we would always be more than happy to get away from the kids for several days. It was our chance to be alone and not have to worry about the kids catching us making love or just interrupting a very special moment. You understand! Just the thought of having this "special time" usually got the juices flowing and after a few miles we'd both be as horny as a three peckered billy goat. The conversation would eventually get around to sex and of course, our expectations always far outdistance our performance, but we sure would try like Hell. I remember one time being about three or four hours on the road and we had discussed a number of things we wanted to do with and for each other. The "hot" conversation had aroused me to the point that I needed to stop pretty soon for a run to the rest room and empty and reposition "Mr. Happy, " as he had grown some from the excitement of the hot talk. I also need gas and since we had to pull over, Mary went to the ladies room too. When we pulled back onto the road, I noticed Mary had a devilish grin on her face and I knew immediately she had something on her mind. "I've been thinking, " she said. "You have been after me for a long time to shave, you know, down there! Well, last night I did it. Would you like to see?" Hell yes, I wanted to see and I immediately got hard again just from the anticipation of seeing her shaved beaver. She lifted her left leg onto the seat next to me and hiked her skirt over her knees. I almost went off the road trying to look at her and the highway at the same time. "Is that what you had in mind?" "Honey, damn that's beautiful, I can't wait to get my mouth and tongue on that beauty." After she told me how excited she had gotten doing the actual shaving, she said she had rubbed Baby Oil on it and that she really like it a lot. At least she said, she would like it until it got rough and the bristles started to bother her. As she talked, she ran her hand along the folds of her slit and with her fingers, parted her lips of her cunt so I could get a better look. I could see that she was wet already and the sweet aroma was enough to cause an cum explosion. . explosion! "I can't believe you've finally done this, " I said as she lifted her fingers to her mouth to lick and taste her own juices. Mary was smiling at me all the time she was licking her fingers and I couldn't keep my eyes off her lovely, recently shaven cunt. She inserted her finger and started to frig herself obviously enjoying the fact that she was masturbating right in front of me. She slipped a second finger in her pussy and her glassy stare and passionate moans led me to believe that she was really into this little display of lust. I asked her, "You going to let me have a taste of the sweet sauce or are you keeping it all to yourself?" "Sure you can have some, but you have to promise me that you'll have a full and complete sampling when we get to the motel. Mary leaned over to the drivers side of the car and brought her wet sticky fingers to my mouth as I savored the fragrance and flavor of her moistness. She let me suck each finger into my anxious mouth and I tried to get all of the juice that I could. "You like that don't you, want some more?" "You know I do." I said and her hand returned to her moist gash for yet another offering of her sweet nectar of love. Now I wanted to get to where we were headed and check in the motel as fast as possible. When we checked into the Inn, we had a bite to eat and it was evident that we both were looking forward to a leisurely afternoon of sex without interruption from the kids...It was great to get away for a few days. We both took showers, I took mine first and returned to the bedroom with a look of shear anticipation on my face. "All yours Honey, don't take too long. I'm hotter than a popcorn you know what!" Mary went in to the bathroom to do her thing and I slipped under the sheets naked as a jay bird and ready to administer my special oral delights to her bald pussy. To think, after all these years she finally had shaven and was giving me my second encounter with a hairless box. I remembered the first time, I was tied down and blindfolded when Mary brought a friend of hers into our bedroom. To this day, I don't know who it was but I recall vividly that afternoon and can still feel the sensations I had touguing those sweet moist cunt lips and tasting the love juice from a clean shaven pussy. When Mary opened the bathroom door, there was a tent post sticking up in our bed and Mary smiled her approval. "You must really be ready" she said. I was amazed at how different she looked without her silky pubic hair. Even after having the kids, Mary was still a stunning sight to behold. Her large breasts still had resiliency with large light brown aureoles and nipples to die for. Watching as her shapely hips swayed as she walked toward the bed caused the tent post to move up and down a bit and she laughed as she slipped in beside me. "Hi sailor, been waiting long." "Too damn long, " as I brought her into my arms for a long sensual kiss. Our tongues explored each other's mouth as my hands caressed her back, shoulders and move my fingers down through the crack of her tight little ass. I touched the puckered little rosebud of her rectum and she jumped. I had only invaded that area a few times with my schlong because, only on rare occasions had she wanted me to. Maybe this afternoon, I thought to my self, we'll see. Mary reached down to grasp my now throbbing muscle and stroke it a few times until I told her that she had better let up or the afternoon would "cum" to an abrupt delay. My hand then moved to her bare crotch and I can truly say she was as excited as I was. She was dripping wet and her pussy was slippery and ready for action. I moved my leg between hers, opening her thighs for better access and moved so that my cock was resting at the entrance of her wiggling pussy. As my cock was poised at her door of love I said, "Knock, Knock! "Whose There?" she whispered in a soft voice. "The dreaded trouser worm and he wants in!" The involuntary movement of her hips caused the mushroom head at the top of my shaft to slip between the well lubricated folds of her cunt lips and into her soaked tunnel. She moaned with pleasure and whispered again how much she loved me. "I love you Darling, welcome to California! Our passion and love making continued to build as we tossed and turned into several different positions. We fucked like two young kids and we were able to hold off our climax for a longer period than I can ever remember. "Let's go sixty-nine, I want us both to cum, I like it that way.. it's so intense too!" We turned so that she was on top of me and our heads were between each others thighs. She was able to proceed at her own pace and I delighted looking up at the distended labia of her slit. I pulled apart those swollen wet lips and saw that her clit was beet red and my tongue instinctively licked the entire length of her dripping slit. The sweetness of her juices caused my own lust to increase and we explored each others genitals with zest. I could feel her lips and tongue circle my cock and her mouth would sink down my shaft as far as she could take it. She would let it slip out of her mouth and then back down again she would go. I didn't really have anyone to compare her with but she was good. "Oh yes, " I heard her muffled voice say, "there, right there, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes. Bite me real easy there ....use your teeth...Oh Honey..I'm going to cum I'm cuuuuummmminng! As her body convulsed above me, I drove my own flesh probe deeper into her mouth and she sensed my eruption and her hand grasped my pulsing member and she jacked my cock until I spewed stream after stream of thick creamy semen into her warm mouth. We were exhausted from our sex play and she climbed off me and turned to kiss me. We both tasted each other's juices on our lips and we snuggled down and held each other until we both fell fast asleep. When we awakened, we held each other and kissed for the longest time. "I'm having such a wonderful time, " she said, "Honey, can we do this again, maybe tonight after dinner?"
-=} The End {=-
rm_nenachica said
the sex was great and her mom was too you all should get with two females at once
rm_bando60154 said
This is Jim, I met my wife on this site about a year ago. Realistically, I could not have expected anyone like her on a site like this. We realized this site was PERFECT for meeting other people, and we have been very happy with each other from then on.
THanks a bunch from both of us.
Jim and Deb
rm_yett1 said
My wife and I had gotten a motel room several months ago and had one of my friends over. After a couple of hours of partying my wife wanted to take a shower and get cleaned up a little bit because we were going to go out. My buddy told me that he thought she was a hottie and that I was lucky to have her. I asked him if he had ever thought of fucking my wife and he said he had a dream about her once and could not stop thinking of putting it to her. I suggested that we take a shower with her and he could not wait to get in there to see her naked body all covered with soapy water. She was a little embarrased at first but when she seen both of us with massive hard-ons she done what comes naturally. She got down on her knees and started sucking both of our cocks until we were ready to explode. There wasn't alot of room in there so we moved to the bed where everything started getting pretty hot. He wanted to taste her sweet bald pussy and she was more than willing to be eaten, so she sat on his face so I could watch as he ate her, I almost came just watching her get her sweet pussy eatenout. I couldn't watch for very long without wanting to taste some myself so I got behind her and licked on her sweet pink asshole for awhile , while she sucked his cock. I got her on her knees and she sucked his cock while I fucked her, his cock was so hard in her mouth that she was wanting it in her pussyso she climbed on and rode his cock while I fucked her from behind it did not take long for all three of us to come all over each other. Man, that's a night I'll never forget!!!! WISH WE COULD DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!
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Sex at the PGA
Way back in the Seventies....pre AIDS days....I returned to college (on the advice of two very close friends) where I picked up a degree and a wife. I was struck immediately by quite possibly, the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Framed by long, loose coils of dark wavy hair, her face looked "cute" tilted one way and quite beautiful when viewed at another angle. 5"6" and 125 pounds of soft curves over a very fit body, Laurie has wonderfully firm breasts, a flat stomach leading to a very sparse feathering of light brown, over long dancer's legs. My wife and I have been married for seventeen years now. Our two kids are nine and eleven, so we've had plenty of time to ourselves. .A year after we married, my job took us to Asia for what turned out to be a ten year adventure. From our homes in the various Asian capitals, we were able to travel around the world once a year (at company expense) and we took short vacations in Asia every three or four months. We never failed to have a more than memorable time. We've been back in the States for five years now, and although Laurie's adventure's have become less frequent, they are still quite intense when she's "in the mood." After two children, my wife's figure is still quite arousing. Her long legs remain her flawless and featured attraction (and she knows this better than anybody) and, if her tummy is not quite as flat as it once was, I think her "belly" is even sexier. We had spent the last eight days on a "family" vacation in Atlanta. We took the kids to the Olympics and stayed with Laurie's folks in their suburban home. Then a couple days hiking and hanging out in the Smoky Mountain National Park. Now, we were headed home and planning to stop for the night at a motel outside Louisville. So while it was a whole lot of fun for everyone, it wasn't really conducive to the kind of vacation "adventures" we've had before. And we were all kind of hot and tired when we checked in to "the last two rooms from here to Lexington." Driving towards Louisville, I had noticed signs on the Interstate - PGA VIP PARKING - PGA PARK & RIDE - etc., but I had completely forgotten about the championship scheduled for this week. The motel we picked out was nearly full but there was a pool and Jacuzzi. The girl at the desk assured me we couldn't find anything else because all the local rooms were filled with PGA golfers, television crews and all the various folks that travel on the Tour. The kids were hounding us to let them swim, so we checked in to the last two rooms, got our stuff squared away (we gave the kids the room with separate beds, we had a "double" bed in a terribly small "handicapped" room) and we all changed and met outside to walk to the pool. Laurie had changed into one of her more conservative suits, a one-piece tank suit cut high up over her hips on the side and almost up to her neck in the front. Two straps over her shoulders kept the front in place. The kids swam hard, playing games with each other, having a loud, fun time. The sun was setting quickly, and pretty soon I couldn't read the book I had with me. I grabbed Laurie by the hand, and by the time it was almost dark, we sank into the warm Jacuzzi, letting the bubbling jets start to soothe away the long hours in the car. Laurie moved in front of me and asked for a shoulder rub. Happily, I started massaging her stiff neck and gradually widened the area, working her shoulders and upper arms. As she started to relax, I looked over to see the kids still playing, and started to roll her nipples between my fingers through the front of her suit. "Don't, baby, " she murmured "the kids will see." "They're not even looking this way, " I said softly in her ear, "besides, I can tell you like it!" As my wife's nipples started getting really hard, she started moving her ass back into my crotch, wriggling around, making me harder and larger by the second. "Ahemmm, uhhhh, excuse me." The voice, though soft and gently southern, startled us both and Laurie kind of burst off my lap and over to the side of the hot tub in "Olympic" time. I looked up to see a young man (late 20's - early 30's) smiling pleasantly, looking from Laurie to me and back, his gaze finally resting on Laurie's erect nipples, pushing neatly through the thin nylon of her tight tank suit. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you folks. Mind if I join you?" The voice was a little more southern this time, and without waiting for a reply, he climbed into the hot tub next to my wife. Still smiling, he reached his hand across Laurie to me. "Jim, " he said by way of introduction, "I'm with the Tour."
I sat back against the side of the hot tub and looked at our new friend. I have seen enough golf on the tube to recognize most of the top players, but I had never seen Jim before. Jim closed his eyes and sank into the tub, coming up with a rush and a little splash. Water covered his torso, and I could see Laurie starting to appreciate what was sitting next to her. The water he splashed seemed to "hilite" one of her nipples, and we could both see Jim making no quick effort to look away. "This is Laurie, " I said and introduced myself as well. "Are you a player? I don't really recognize you." "No, " he chuckled a little at the suggestion. "Maybe if I practice enough I can make the Seniors..." Laurie half-turned towards Jim. "What do you do, then?" I started working on her neck again as moved back into position. "Well, actually, " and Jim started laughing softly again, "that's what I do." And he pointed at me! "I'm a Physical Therapist. I work on the players when they're not on the course." "What do you mean 'work on them'?" As Laurie said this, I started to notice the little things. For one, she had changed her posture again, just slightly, but her breasts were now pushing out through the front of her suit, and two, she let her hips slide up towards the surface of the water, making sure Jim could see the tight Vee of material stretching from her hips down over her mound. And Jim was looking at her as he replied. "Massage...just like your husband. Well, truthfully, a little different than your husband, I'm sure, know what I mean." The third thing I noticed was that my beautiful wife's breathe was a little more shallow and a little more rapid. "Mmmmmmmm......" Laurie moaned as I hit a sensitive spot on the side of her neck. "He makes me feel pretty good." The fourth thing was the subtle change in the tone of her voice. Almost like she was offering up a challenge. "I'm sure he's very good." Jim said pleasantly, leaning back into the hot jets, not reacting to Laurie's little verbal joust. A moment later, he looked over at me and said "you know, you really don't have to rub that hard to be effective... mind if I show you something?" "Sure, " I replied, "that is, if my wife doesn't mind being a 'teaching assistant.'" Without a word, Laurie slid over so that she was now right next to Jim, facing me, and leaning slightly back into him. I saw his left hand cup her left shoulder and he put his right hand on her neck. After about five seconds of serious probing with the fingers on his right hand, he grabbed Laurie's shoulder with his left and gave her neck a half-twist with his right hand. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!" Laurie hissed and then let herself sink under the bubbling vapors. She came up rubbing her neck, her eyes glazed over, mumbling that she had "never felt anything like that before!!!!" "That was did you....can you teach him?" Laurie was all over Jim in her new-found appreciation of the art of massage. "Sure, " Jim replied, starting to chuckle softly again, "I can teach him how. But it'll take a while. I do have a massage table set up in my room...." My wife turned to me and scooted close on the Jacuzzi bench. With her hands running up and down my thighs, and the look in her eyes I have come to know so well, Laurie told me to take the kids to their room and get them into bed, and then meet her and Jim down in his room. As she mentioned his room, Laurie softly raked her nails over my cock, hardening as she knew it would be in my swimming trunks. "Be good, baby, " she hissed into my ear. "Maybe we can all learn something new tonight." I know it was hard for my wife to contain herself until I had collected the kids and brought them by the hot tub to say goodnight to their mom. "Room 153, " she whispered. I kissed her lightly on the lips, and left with the kids. I got them changed and into bed in about ten minutes. Then, stopping off in our room, I took another five to change clothes and roll a couple joints. Soon enough, with my heart pounding so hard I thought it could be heard, I was standing outside the door to Room 153. Making a final adjustment to my hardening cock, I knocked twice, opened the door and walked in to Jim's room. I looked around quickly...Laurie wasn't in sight...her swimsuit was in a pile on the floor....the bathroom door was closed and I could hear the shower running. Looking up from an assortment of small bottles, Jim motioned towards the closed door. "Laurie's washing off the hot tub water, " he said. "Why don't you get comfortable." Smiling gently, he waived his arm towards a nice large chair across from the massage table. As I walked towards the chair, I picked my wife's suit up off the floor. Clearly, she had already been nude in front of Jim, so she had made her decision to play. All I could do now was, well, pretty much whatever she wanted me to do! "Mind if I smoke?" I pulled a joint out and help it up to him. "Go right ahead. Mind if I take a hit or two later?" "No problem, " I replied, "I have plenty. Do you have any white wine? I know that's what Laurie will want after her shower." "Right here, " Jim had turned to his mini-bar to pull out a bottle and poured himself a glass. He sat on the bed as we both listened to my wife in his shower. "She's a beautiful woman, your wife, " our newest friend said, and he broke into a big grin. He wasn't at all arrogant, but he just had that attitude that he KNEW he was gonna get laid. "How often does this" I said, sweeping my arm from Laurie's suit to the bathroom door "happen?" "Hey, don't be pissed at me, " Jim was laughing and trying to be quiet. "Really? Well, the truth is, it happens about as often as I want it to." "Oh ...sure..right..." I was brilliant in my replies. "No...c'mon soon as I said 'massage' it was as good as done..." Jim reached across for his first hit of the joint " and if not then....when I do that 'neck' thing....well...." Long exhale, then "It is better than any 'line' I've ever heard or used." My voice must have tightened up a little because Jim looked at me funny when I asked what happened before I arrived. He said he and Laurie came in and talked for a few minutes. He said he asked her about our marriage and about me. "What about me?" my voice was a little scratchy from the pot, but it sounded like I was getting excited. "What do you mean 'as good as done'?" " are getting excited, aren't you?" Jim looked closely at me, taking the joint out of my hand again for another long drag. He leaned back again on the bed, his eyes half closed. "Laurie told me that you would pick her suit up and fold it over the dresser when you came in." I started turning red, feeling my face get hot. "She said I would be surprised by you tonight." He handed me back the joint, putting his hand on my thigh as he leaned towards me. My cock jumped visibly, even though no contact was made.
"No, I don't think I'll be surprised, " he chuckled again and as we heard the shower go off, Jim rose from the bed, turned to his dresser and pulled out a pair of white cotton running shorts. He slipped his swimming suit off, and I could see his cock reflected in the mirror as he toweled off and slipped on the shorts. Very nice, not too long, not too thick and a heavy looking set of balls, his sac much larger than mine. He turned around as my wife came out of the bathroom, turning off the room light and switching on a small table lamp near the bed. "God, that felt good...." she looked down at me and the fire was definitely in her eyes, "where's my wine, baby?" I got up to pour her a glass, watching as she walked towards Jim. Her hair was wet, combed strait back from her forehead and over her shoulders, and she had a motel towel wrapped around her, covering her from just above the nipple to just under the lips of her pussy. She gave him one of her sweetest smiles. "Where do you want me?" she purred. "I want you everywhere, pretty lady." Jim moved into Laurie so smoothly, he had his arms around her and his lips locked on hers before I had even finished pouring her wine. He kissed her long and hard enough for her towel to come undone between them before she broke the kiss. Holding the towel together at the top, it opens all the way as she walks over to me for her wine, exposing her pussy completely. I can't breathe. I hand her the glass and making no move to readjust the towel, she turns and faces Jim. "Don't I get a little massage first?" "Sure, " he grins at her "if that's what you want. Come here." And he pats the massage table. Laurie turns back to me. "You don't mind if Jim gives me a little rubdown, do you baby?" This was a tone I hadn't heard since our days in Asia. I just shook my head and moved back over to the chair. Laurie turned again towards Jim, handed him her glass with one hand and the towel with the other. (I had gotten used to, over the years, seeing Laurie in very revealing clothes in front of strangers). I have seen her being stripped as a prelude to making love. But I can't ever remember her being quite so bold...being so quickly and totally front of a stranger so quickly. I was having a hard time breathing and keeping the joint lit...both necessary for my survival.) Jim put them down and moved within inches of my wife's body. With his hands hovering just a fraction of an inch from her skin, he started tracing the outline of her face and hair, moving slowly over her shoulders and circling her breasts. I swear I could see her nipples grow as he did this. Slowly moving his hands lower, he dropped to one knee as he traced around her hips and her ass. His mouth must have been only an inch in front of her moist cunt...she was feeling his breath through the wet curls of hair on her mons... her breathing was getting shallower and I could see her skin start to flush. "You better lay down, darlin', before these gorgeous legs give out." Jim raised up, putting an arm around Laurie's waist. She leaned into him to give him a kiss. As her nipples grazed his chest, Jim took her right hand and placed it over his shorts. Laurie gave him a squeeze and giggled. "Un massage me first, remember? Then, you teach him something (pointing at me in the chair). Then, you'll get your massage. Deal, lover?" "Let's get started, then, " he said "get comfortable up here." Jim helped Laurie onto the narrow, towel-covered table. It was about six feet long and two feet wide. The table was angle away from me so that I could see Laurie's right side if I moved a little to my right, and I could see between her legs if I moved a little to my left. Jim moved around to Laurie's left side to start his massage. He poured some oil across her shoulders and down her spine, then started to 'work.' In only a few minutes, Jim's fingers were through with her shoulders and upper back and were working their way down to my wife's ass. He stopped for a moment, poured some more oil on each cheek and then a few drops into her crack. Then he grabbed a handful of each cheek in both his hands and really started rubbing hard.
Laurie started moaning, then sounded like she was getting hurt a little. Jim leaned close to her, whispered something in her ear and she started moaning again in a big way. I leaned to left, staring intently, watching as his hands pulled on her ass cheeks, lifting them, separating then kneading the flesh, working her ass in a strong rhythm, established by his thumbs, sliding alternately over her dark pink little puckered hole. As he continues this, Laurie unconsciously starts lifting her hips off the table, trying to 'catch' his thumb in her asshole. Every time she bucks like this, I can see the lips of her cunt start to swell more and more. Soon, I can see little drops of moisture seeping out, her lips now a full lush pink. Laurie started moaning more loudly now and I noticed that she has started leaving her ass up in the air an extra few seconds and I noticed the trembling of muscles being squeezed along her inner thighs.
Jim let his thumb get 'caught' in her hot, flexing anus and he used his other hand to lightly rub Laurie's slit. I heard my wife moaning louder now, incoherent but very intense. As I took a deep hit, Laurie trembled from her curled toes through her upraised ass. He let her get off on his fingers and then get comfortable again on the table. Jim excused himself and went into the bathroom. "Baby, " Laurie mumbled to me, "bring me my wine, okay?" I walked over to the dresser to get her glass. " are so hot....I don't think I've ever seen you..." I put the drink in Laurie's hand as I stood in front of the table. Laurie reached out with her other hand and gave my cock a healthy squeeze. "You seem to be enjoying yourself, baby, " she smiled lazily at me. "Why are you still dressed? Don't you want to play?" "What did you tell Jim before I got here?" I tried to sound angry. "Nothin, baby, " Laurie took a long drink of her wine, "now get out of those clothes." I pulled off my shirt and slipped my shorts off, getting back into the chair as Jim came back out from the toilet. I lit the second joint as he poured some more oil over each of Laurie's legs, and as I took a nice long hit, I saw Jim lean over, spread Laurie's ass cheeks one more time, and stick his tongue into her little hole. "Aahhhhhh......God, that's good." Laurie moaned again from the table. "Oh, baby, that reminds me...I did tell Jim all about Lupe and Rey..." Jim looked up, smiled at me, and saw me sitting in the chair, one hand holding the joint and the other wrapped around my stiff prick. He laughed softly back at Laurie, "Oh yeah, he remembers Lupe and Rey." Jim continued his massage, working Laurie's long legs. Finally, they were coated lightly with oil, and Jim was sitting on the end of the table, with Laurie's left knee resting in his crotch. He was working the back and sides of her thigh, rubbing up and down with his thumbs in the middle and his fingers on the sides. After a few minutes of hard massage, he started to move more gingerly, especially along the insides of my wife's thigh. From my vantage point, I could see first one then two fingers of Jim's right hand slide between the lips of Laurie's pussy. He left his fingers inside her and deliberately started to move them in a circular motion, massaging the walls of her cunt. After a minute, before Laurie could get too worked up, he started the process on her right leg.
Five minutes later, two fingers from his left hand were making circles in her cunt again. This time, he didn't stop as Laurie started to moan and buck her hips in time to the rhythm of his fingers. Jim got off the table, his fingers still buried in Laurie's box. He slowly inserted his left thumb into Laurie and withdrew his two fingers. He slid his hand underneath so he was cupping my wife's cunt with his palm, playing with her clit with his fingers and probing her cunt, massaging her G-spot with his thumb.
With his right hand, he spread Laurie's ass again and started to rim her hole with his tongue. When it was nice and wet (I could see saliva drip from his tongue to her ass) he eased in the thumb of his right hand. I watched, almost unable to breathe, my cock hard as steel, as he fucked Laurie's ass with his right thumb and her cunt with his left. Laurie was in another universe, babbling incoherently, flopping her head from side to side on the table, until with a keening shriek, and about a million "Oh God...I'm cumming" Laurie rode his fingers to orgasm again. When she calmed down, and we could all breathe again, I lit the joint and saw, in the flame, that I had cum all over my thigh. Returning from the bathroom, I noticed the massage table empty and the bed almost full. Jim was on his back and Laurie ws kneeling over him, her left hand rubbing lightly over his chest and her right grazing softly along his thigh. Seeing me, my wife leaned over further and kissed Jim fully on the lips. Then she looked up at me, motioning me over to the bed. I sat opposite my wife, separated from her by about six feet, 190 pounds of thirty -year old, good looking southern male flesh. Laurie reached for my hand and started stroking it along Jim's thigh with her hand. Her eyes were getting very liquid and dreamy and her voice distant as she hissed at me, "Jim really liked the story about you and Rey." Laurie kissed Jim again. "Didn't you?" As Jim moaned in reply, my wife directed my hand towards Jim's thickening prick. As my fingertip brushed across his balls, his cocked twitched upwards, adding another 1/2 inch of length and girth.
Laurie took my hand in hers and wrapped my fingers around a now nicely swollen and very hot cock. Jim pulled Laurie up to him with his right hand while pushing on my neck with his left. "C'mon.." Jim broke a long kiss to mumble to me, "do me like you did Rey...she told me it was so hot..." And as I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock, licking the pre-cum out of the hole in the tip, Laurie started moaning into Jim. My own cock was rock-hard, leaking pre-cum as well, as I used my tongue all over Jim's smooth cock. Adjusting my position, I could tilt my head to the side and take all of him on the down-stroke, with my lips almost on his swollen sac. "Oh my, too good.." Jim was moaning while kissing Laurie, still keeping a grip on the back of my neck, "God...too good...I'm gunna cum...I'm gonna..." "No, baby..." Laurie pulled me off Jim's cock. "Wait for me...cum inside me..." And with that, I watched my wife roll over and impale herself on Jim's hard, spike-like, cock. I sat a foot away, hypnotized as Laurie kept raising and then lowering her creamy cunt on someone else's prick. Her eyes glazed and distant, I watched her skin flush and turn a dark hot pink. Jim had her in a death grip around her hips, pumping her body up and down on his thick prick, then holding her still and fucking her from underneath. Harder and faster, his hips were a blur as he "pile drive'd" his cock into her, finally clenching his ass, moaning and groaning as he spurted shot after shot of warm sticky cum into Laurie's spasming cunt. " Oh God...oh Christ...that was the greatest..." Jim, all excited, kissing Laurie, trying to hold on to her as she moved off his wilting prick. "No, " my wife smiles sweetly into her newest lover's face, "that was really good...this is the best part.." And she motions to me once again. "C'mon, baby...get on your back for me, pleeeaaasssee...." With my cock pointed to the sky, I walk around the bed and lie down on my back, my head even with Jim's hips. "Thanks, baby...." Laurie hisses at me as she moves off Jim and straddles my face with her knees. She leans forward gripping the headboard and turns her face to Jim. "Go ahead...look real close...he loves this part.." And Jim leans down just in time to see Laurie's stomach muscles start to contract downward, slowly moving to her cunt, where her clenching cunt muscles releases most of Jim's warm cum directly into my waiting mouth. Laurie presses her pussy down, forcing me to swallow it all. "Jesus, " mutters Jim, "you weren't kidding, were you?" As I finished licking my wife clean, she turned on her back and leaned against the headboard. Jim sat up next to her, his arm around her shoulders and his fingers playing casually with her nipples and rubbing the sides of her full breasts. "My turn now?" Jim's mild southern accent had reverted to a drawl. "Y'all gonna tell him to suck my dick again or what?" Laurie kissed him fully, her breasts crushed into his chest. "No, lover.." and before Jim could get too disappointed, "you tell him what you want." Laurie giggled and slapped at me with her foot. "Well get to it, " he said to me "....clean me!" Again, I bent over the physical therapist, licking their combinrd creme/cum off the shaft and around the crown of his cock, enjoying the feel of the blood coming back into his cock and stretching the smooth skin. I sucked on the mushroom head, cleaning around the ridge with my tongue, listening to my wife and her lover discuss my technique. "He is really into this." The drawl was soft and lazy now. "Seems you are too, " Laurie giggled in reply. "I loved it when you ate my ass, " she continued conspiratorially. "You wanna try it?" And she giggled in my direction again. "Oh yeah, " Jim was instantly excited at the thought. "C'mon me like she said, man...rim me..." And as he turned on to his stomach, Laurie came over to me and kissed me full on the lips, sucking my tongue into her mouth. She grabbed me by the balls and squeezed ever so slightly. "For me, it for me..." she hissed in my ear then leaned over Jim's torso, holding his butt cheeks apart, presenting his brown hole to me. Starting where his sac was drawn up, I licked my way, flicking my tongue back and forth, up his rear crack. Jim started moaning as I closed in on his asshole. Laurie moved to the side, grabbing both of our cocks, squeezing in time to my thrusting tongue. As I got closer and closer to his anus, Laurie moved her hand from my cock to my sac, still squeezing in rhythm. I dipped the tip of my tongue beyond the first hard ring....Jim moaned loudly...his muscles relaxed and before I knew it, my tongue was buried deep in his ass.
"Oh God... baby...he's in me...he's fucking my ass with his tongue!" Laurie started applying real pressure to my balls - my cock was hard as steel, draining pre-cum onto the sheets. My wife leaned close to me. "Let me see, baby, " she hissed in my ear, "let me see you tongue-fuck my lover." I drew my tongue out, rimmed his hole and plunged it back in. Laurie moaned along with Jim. "Again, baby...keep fucking him..." And as I plunged my tongue in and out, Laurie squeezed us both once more and Jim and I came simultaneously, erupting in spurting spasms all over the sheets. After a few minutes, everyone catching their breath, my wife turned to me. "I'm gonna stay with Jim tonight, baby. That bed is just way to small. Come get me before you wake up the kids."
I dressed quickly, left Laurie with her lover and went back to our small room to roll a joint, stroke my dick and think about what was happening with Laurie and Jim. -=[ THE END ]=-
firemaxff said
CAN YOU SAY ORGASM 15 TIMES?...I lost count after that. We would not have stopped there but we ran out of time together for the day. I recieved a call from her the next day and to my surprise, I was informed as to how sore she was. Sorry about that asked for it...LOL...*WINK* I can only hope that all of you out there find your perfect match as I have done.
In closing, I would just like to say..."TO THE ONE WHO NOW HAS MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION...I WILL SEE YOU SATURDAY"...KISSES FOR YOU!!! You know who you are.
rm_haggworth said
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Bob, I love you and I will always and forever love you and promise to make you the happiest guy in the world!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!!!!!! Yours always, Tina
Thank you HornyWife for your site!!
rm_REXISBOY said
Ive not had any success yet as have only just joined, any ladies from manchester, england out there?
purrsian said
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