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wildoldman said
HornyWife, you are great. My first contact with HornyWife turned out to be a delightful woman that lives two blocks from me. As we began to explore our mutual sexual desires, we discovered we both like to role play father/daughter. I never dreamed of finding anyone so well suited to my kinky tastes. Thank you again HornyWife.
biloxicpl41 said
we meet a nice swm from here. we meet for drinks and dancing. we hit it off right away. we decided to go back to his house where we had more drinks .eventually he was sitting with my wife and holding and kissing her. she was so relaxed in his skillful hands. he took his time until they were completely naked. where he licked her fom head to toe. eventually he got on top of her and started fucking he slowly at first, he had a very nice cock long and thick. the sight of him penetrating my wife's shaved pussy was more than i could take so i got undressed and started masturbating, when he noticed he called me over then pulled out and told me to go first. which i did. she was so wet and hot. while i fucked her he licked and sucked her pussy and tits. soon i blew my load deep in her. i pulled out he quickly knelt between her legs and licked her clean then got on top and fucked her hard and deep. he made her cum several times before he blew his load in her. it was a great night and we are lookig for many more like it.
Tbearcat said
I have been looking for a friend for a long time. After about a year of looking on HornyWife I finally found a great person. I didn't get very many replies to my profile, but I just kept looking. The first time I met this person we e-mailed back and forth. Finally we decided to meet. We are both married, and unhappy, but we were able to help each other out. The first time we met it was like magic. The second time we met we knew what we wanted, and went after it. She is great. I feel like a kid again. We meet when we can, and just like your site says "there is some one out there for you, you just have to look." Thank you HornyWife.
lilredslut said
Thanks to your site I had my first threesome with a pierced cock. I also learned about "slam" fucking and my pussy was enjoyably sore for over a week.
I have found the best girlfriend at HornyWife!! This place really works! You can find the right person!! Mrs. right if you will!! My husband is really enjoying her too!! She does all the right stuff- all you gotta do is ask!Sometimes even without having to ask!! Thanks so much HornyWife!! Bineedsbi-oh bifoundbi!! HA HA!
BarhorstWm said
I, BarhorstWm, met a Lovely Woman "Kathy" who cmae to visit me after many months of online chatting and emails I sent her. She drove for 8 hours one way to meet me. Almost 300 miles. She then drove home after the weekend. Then she came back to take me to her home for a while. We are growing this relationship into something real special! Thanx To HornyWife, even after they screwed up my Profile and my ability to log in. I Love You Kathy! I Pray our relationship lasts forever... A Poem I wrote: Our Love Our Love is like the Golden Sun that shines down on the land. It's like the breaking ocean waves that crash upon the sand. Our Love is like a strong oak tree that reaches towards the sky, Our love is everlasting, together you and I. Our Love is everlasting, like the Sea, the Sky, The Rain, together we'll have happiness, together we'll have pain. But our love will last forever, Forever will it stay, Like the Sun that shines down on the land, I Hope, I Wish, I Pray! Copywrited 1975 BarhorstWM
rm_paley88 said
Thank you HornyWife, because you let me know many friends including sex partners. I don't want to describe how sex we make. But it is my pleasure to make many friends form the HornyWife.
bigtits4love said
Just wanted you to know that I meet my new husband on Adult Friend Finder. I just want to say thanks and this site is wonderful. I have never been happier than I'm now. We just got married on Dec 5, 2002. Just thanks again.....
newfloridagal said
I just want to thank you for a great website that helped me find my "prince charming". I had my first date with one of your members on Halloween. When I opened my door to greet him; I was instantly attracted to him both physically and mentally. We have been together since that first Halloween date and it looks like we are going to stay together at this point. We have much in common and feel as if we've known each other for a long time. We're having the time of our lives and were both seeking the same things in life - a one on one committed relationship with total honesty and willingness to explore new places and things. It appears that we just can't get enough of one another. We're looking forward to continue our great new relationship and are both perfectly satisfied dating only each other. Thanks again for your help in finding my perfect match. He's everything I was looking for in a relationship and more. Keep up the good work! I have had 100 e-mail messages on your site since October 27, 2002. My options were unlimited; and I actually had 26 dates in only two weeks about the time I met my match. I never made the first move and I have never posted a picture of myself. In spite of that, I had no problem meeting many great men. Thanks again; I will recommend your site to anyone who is in search of the perfect match. Sincerely, New floridagal
scotch4ever said
Thanks HornyWife for some great times. I was getting a lot of BS replies (web sites), however, I met with an awesome woman from phoenix when I flew out for the fiesta bowl. We met in the bar at the hotel I was staying at. She was like the girl next door with the exception of having a short skirt on with no panties! We spent about 10 min talking and the rest in my room. She has a business trip to Columbus next month and we have already planned to meet. I can't wait to meet some girls here in Cincinnati. scotch4ever
rm_mgg0611 said
I just wanted to tell you how lucky I got on your web site.I am 49 and was looking to meet someone that I could become intimate with.I responded to an ad I saw and we met .We have been going out seriously now for about five months and will probably get married in the near future.I never expected to meet my soul mate on HornyWife but I did and am grateful to you all for letting me get lucky.I have turned off my profile and am very happy to say thank you.I still log in sometimes but am happy to say I found my true love on HornyWife.If you would like to get back to me you can reach me on Adult Friendfinder care and thanks once again.....mgg0611
rm_RedBiNC said
Hi! There have been quite a few people on here that beleive that there are so many fakes on HornyWife. I just wanted to let them know that not everyone is a fake!! I was widowed at an early age and after awhile wanted to get back into the dating game but didn't exactly know how since most of my friends were already married and settled down. I didn't want to do the club scene on my own and didn't exactly want to find the good ol' church going boy either! I signed onto HornyWife and met several people that I got to know online as good friends....some of them I met in person and I was never let down. I met one man online here and chatted with him for over a month before we finally agreed to meet. During this month we got to know each other very well as we were able to be completely honest with our wants and needs in life. Sometimes it is easy to convey your feelings online where you don't have someone face to face confronting you about what you desire. The luckiest day of my life was when I finally met this wonderful man in person. We've been together for almost 2 years and got married recently. Being online and getting to know each other and become friends first has led us to have a open line of communication between us that is the main ingrediant in our relationship. Meeting this man renewed my faith in being happily ever after and I wouldn't have had the chance to meet him if it had not been for HornyWife. Thank you so very much completely turned my life around and allowed me to live happily ever after!!!!
stillup62 said
One night my wife and I was Nice and hot, when out of no where I asked her if she would fuck another guy so I can jerk off while looking at them. She said if that would make me happy, yes! I knew I could find some one who wanted to get into her and I did. Kenny from HornyWife and I hooked up, who had a large fat cock, got together to take my young bride's pussy and give it a ride. He came over as planned and I clued my wife in that the time had come. Well they got into a wild fucking sesion. His big cock made her pussy sore and red. They have become steady lovers and I give her my share. She tells me she has never been happier.
tom6926 said
I met Linda on HornyWife. She's bi and loves to swing. OUr spouses are not turned on by it but don't mind us doing it and they have both watched us even at the same time. They just don't have the sex drive that we do. We get together once a week and get to swap about once a month. HornyWife is a great place to meet someone who is looking for the same thing that you are looking for. Here there is no pretense and no bullshit. Just straight talk and lot's of fun. tom
rm_crashman212 said
i had sex with a older woman who was ten years older than me it was great experence.
rm_nat4fun75 said
I had hoped that this site would introduce me to some fascinating men. I'm A 27yr old attractive blonde, so i didn't think i would be lacking in responses. Most of them were boring, a few were nice. But one really caught my attention. His handle is "jah_4u". For me a little humor goes a long way. We emailed a couple of times and swapped phone numbers. I enjoyed talking with him so much [i never stopped laughing] i suggested we meet. He drove across town to meet me at a local club. We talked and had a few drinks, before i suggested we go back to my place. I didn't think i would want to sleep with him on the first meeting, but he made me feel so comfortable, i switched gears. He was confident, funny, and flirtatious. I had to find out if he could back up his talk! And oh my god did he! We started with some light kissing. He kissed my lips, neck, ears, but took things very slow. He then started to massage my neck with his hands and his lips. He fondled my breasts over my drove me crazy! I started to undress and told him i wanted to suck his cock...but he said "not yet". In the next 30 minutes or so, he proceeded to kiss, lick, and massage every inch of my body. By the time he was ready to go down on me, i was dripping wet. The feel of his tongue on my clit made me gush instantly! I was soon asking, begging him to fuck me! First he let me ride his cock, and i came again! Then he fucked me doggie style for almost 10 minutes, until we both came! He was slow yet forceful and he rubbed me just the right way! We relaxed for a bit, then he told me i could suck his cock whenever i was ready. So i did...and here we go, all over again!. It was the most sexually gratifying night of my life.Unfortunately, due to my job as a flight attendant it will be difficult for us to see each other very often.So since it wouldn't be fair for me to hog such a great lover all to myself, i thought i would tell all of my wonderful experience. Thank you Jeff, and hopefully you'll have continued sucess on this site. Can't wait to see you again, Natalie
littlekitty53 said
hi there, i just wanted to share another sucess story with everyone. my husband and i met with the woman we met on HornyWife again and it was awesome. the 1st time, her and i were alone for a while. then my hubby came, but it was her and i eating each other and having fun. this last time we all got together again and it was great. we all were in bed and i started touching her and she started eating my pussy while my hubby used the vibrator on her until she cummed everywhere. i then started eating her pussy and made her cumm again.
my fantasy has always been to have my hubby fuck me in the ass while having a woman eat my pussy, so to make that happen i had her lay on her back, i got on top of her so we was eating each others pussies, while my hubby got up behind me and started to fuck me in the ass, i thought i was going to explode, it was awesome...... we plan on meeting again and i can't wait for her to eat my pussy again while my hubby fucks me in the ass. i think this will turn into a monthly meeting time for all of us to have some sexual fun. anyone out there who wants to be with a woman don't be afraid. find a woman you are comfortable with and go for it and just have fun. it is so great to have a woman eat your pussy - and belive me my hubby brings me awesome orgasms but when a woman eats your pussy it is so totally different. it will make your toes curl..........mmmmmmm ok well i hope everyone finds what they are looking for and always be safe and have fun....... i hope i can meet another woman who wants to have some bi .....
ledzep420 said
had my first erotic encounter with someone else on HornyWife!!! we both had a great time and have plans to do it again soon:) and we're planning on getting together with a few other folks and have ourselves all kinds of super-happy-fun-time!!!!!
rm_demasiado56 said
Being a member of HornyWife for only one month, I was new to the scene of Erotic matching and the sort. I had viewed a few profiles, made a couple of attempts to initiate communication with some ladies I deemed interesting but went about it half-hearted and unsuccessfully. I was resigned to allow my membership end on November 26.
On November 25, I saw a profile of a member that for some reason appealed to me. She did not include a picture with her profile but her interests and mine were the same.
I initiated contact, noting that she was into erotic, nasty email. My first response from her was to be rejected in a tasteful manner. Since I don't do rejection well, I sent her a letter that was very erotic and descriptive. That got her attention.
To make a long story short, within two days of the initial encounter, we were swapping naughty messages up to three times a day.
It has been one week since we started chatting and we have been together twice for some of the hottest, most passionate sex a man could ever dream of. And guys, she is a 42DD, quite intelligent, very vocal in bed and best of all, she is a female ejaculator.
I'm now shopping for plastic sheets.
rm_MuffDive4U2 said
I joined HornyWife recently because I had just broken up with my girlfriend (for the final time) and wanted some short-term female companionship.
Upon posting my profile, I was thrilled to find that there was much interest from women in hooking up and reaching mutually satisfying orgasms.
Thanks, HornyWife. I got laid within 48 hours of having my profile posted on HornyWife.
It's feels great to get rid of that "sperm retention headache".
TwatLick69 said
The first time I posted an ad on HornyWife, it was b/c I was completely unhappy in my marriage and knew that it would soon end. I got a few replies, but nothing too interesting. There were a few who replied once or twice then - POOF - nothing. I figured we just weren't compatible and what-not. Almost a year later (I was then 6 months into my separation from my husband), I had nearly forgotten my account with HornyWife. But, I received an email response from one of those guys who'd responded to my ad before. We emailed back and forth a few times before we realized that we had all the same friends!! (He was from my hometown about 100 miles away.) We exchanged home AND work numbers and that weekend I went to see him at his apartment. We talked for almost 2 days straight!! There was such a connection there - one I'd never felt with anyone before. My time with him was unbelievable. We remained friends for 10 months or so before finally dating. (We were scared of ruining our friendship - we were BEST friends.) We've currently been a couple for a year and have been living together for 2 months!! I've heard this guy's name from my friends for over 4 YEARS but just met him through HornyWife. If it weren't for HornyWife I shudder to think how many more years it would've taken before we met and experienced such deep love. Thank you, HornyWife!!
hawkfire69 said
I've been a member for a while but just browsing through the adds, I was looking for a older woman as thats what turns me on.To my surprise I got a message from a 59yr old married woman who was looking for side excitment.I answered quickly and after a few days we met.Wow was she hot for an older woman.In just a few hours we had rented a motel room and I had the best sex in my life.I ate that woman so much she came like never befor.No young woman can suck a cock like her and she even let me fuck her tight ass for as long as I wanted.See, her husband didn't eat pussy or fuck her ass.I'm just 34 and I love it all.She made me cum 3 times and every time she would swallow it all up.I've had the time of my life fucking this 59yr old.She even role plays anything I want she's the best.All thanks to you guys at HornyWife.
Thick8forU said
Thank you HornyWife: Two weeks ago, I was in VA Beach on business for a week. The week before, I had contacted a few couples interested in another cock. Well, Wednesday night was a blast well into the early morning. My ad does not depict a photo for descretionary reasons, so I met a couple that responded to my email at a nightclub near the Comfort Inn on Atlantic. After they checked me out and were satisfied, we went up to my suite overlooking the ocean. What a night. Thank you Janet and Kevin! Kevin and I had Janet squirming and moaning all over the suite. We culminated the evening by placing the bed mattress on the balcony floor overlooking the moonlit ocean. Janet had a DP like she never had before. Kevin even let me fuck his wife in the ass while she bent over the railing. Kevin and I both came twice during the sessions. What a champ Janet is! I look forward to being with them again, and continuing my escapades with HornyWife customers. Thanks!!!!
Southernbelle39 said
I have never done anything like this before and found myself not believing anything like this would ever work out for someone like me. One thing I want to say is THANK YOU HornyWife! I have found someone that I can talk to, feel comfortable with and enjoy so much, He has made me sssooo happy, I have yet to find the words to tell him that he is the man I have been looking for in every way. We both have situations that are not easy, but, I want him to know, I will do anything for him. If thing's where diffrent for us both, it would be non-stop! I find myself thinking of him all day, every day! If there was one word to discribe "My Baby" it would be WONDERFUL! FANTASTIC! or MAGICAL! That's the way he makes me feel, He is heaven sent! And I am gonna try my hardest to never let him forget that....
Maeve38 said
I have always enjoyed anal sex but just once in a while and just a little. Then I met Layne and now it's our most favorite activity to do and I can't seem to get enough, let me tell you why.
He came over one night, it was only our third encounter and the evenings play started out in the usual way, me sucking his beautifully large cock, he has such a wonderfully unique taste. Then he laid me down on the bed, and slowly emerged between my spread legs, he lowed his rock hard chest next to mine, I could feel his already damp skin. He plunged his cock into my waiting pussy. And he started to fuck me, it felt so good, then he pulled it out and stated to play with my pussy with his fingers. He then did the most wonderful thing - using his hand he rubbed his cock on my clit - hard. I went crazy and my hot juices flowed out of me, the more he rubbed the more I flowed, I was so turned on and I got so incredibly wet. Then he brought his hand up to my mouth so that I could suck my own juices from his dripping finger tips. He then lowered his cock back into my pussy and started to fuck me again, the harder he pumped the more I wanted.
He then got out this incredibly large vibrator, which he slowly inserted in my very wet pussy, I loved it and wanted more and wanted it hard. I was so horny and he could tell. He then moved the vibrator down to my ass, I didn't realize what he was doing at first and when I did I stopped it, I thought there is no way that thing is going to fit. He told me he would take it slow. I trusted him so I continued as he suggested. He just held it there, letting me take control, I slowly pushed and thrusted and maneuvered onto the entire vibrator till it was deep in my ass, it felt so good, and the thought of that incredibly large vibrator all the way in my ass excited me a great deal.
Then he slowly took it out and told me to roll over, I did so immediately, lifting my ass high in the air and waiting with anticipation. He felt so good going in and because I was already wide open, it slid right in. He started pumping me and I wanted to swallow him up, I wanted as much of him in me as possible. Then he did something else that was new to me, he asked me to lay down flat, with his cock still in my ass he stradled my legs and he continued to pound deep inside my ass. It was a totally new sensation - I loved it!
Then the most amazing urge came over me, I told him I wanted him to take his cock out of my ass so that I could suck it. He couldn't get it out fast enough, this really turned him on, which in turn turned me on. He slipped his cock out from my ass into my waiting mouth, I took it right down to the base and began to move up and down his erect cock as fast and as hard as I could. Then he slid it back into my ass, and began to pump again, we did this a serval times - each time better than the time before.
I wanted to feel his juices inside me, I wanted to feel his heat, I begged him to cum in my ass, he pumped harder and harder, the sweat was gently dripping off him, I could feel the drops rolling down my back. He let out a deep rough moan, I knew he was about to explode, I could feel his juices releasing deep in my ass. With one finial thrust I could feel the hot cum dripping inside me and it excited me.
I can't wait for our next encounter.
rm_mia7804 said
DEAR HornyWife, I wrote you before but never got to finish telling you about the woman I found on your site. Like I told you before we been together for three months and never been happier then I am now. We have the greatest sex I ever had in my life. at night she comes to bed and hangs those big beautiful tits in my face and lets me suck on those sweet nipples. As I suck on them, she plays with my cock getting it nice and hard. Then as shes lays back and spreads her legs to show me the sweetest pussy in the world. A pussy I love to suck and taste. And she gives me the best blowjob you can imagine, her juices are like honey. But the best part is when I play with her ass! Never have I ever seen an ass like hers - so round and firm. I love to run my tongue all over it. so HornyWife thank you for making my life complete. Wish everyone else the same kind of luck.
WDavis1357 said
I joined about 3 years ago and did not even check mail for the last 2 and 10 months, but now we were both ready to explore and joined 3 sites of which only this one actually produced results of which have been real and exciting. We have been with one lady and look to meet more in the near (very near) future. It does work so pay up and join, it's worth it.
ourneedstobemet said
within two weeks of sending out a couple of e-mails - i met someone on this site - HornyWife. we met at a lounge in the east village and drank a few tasty glasses of red wine. a couple of hours later .. we were making out in the bathroom!!! although we never saw eachother again - we still say hello now and again when we are online!
cannon8inches69 said
If you think this doesn't work, read my story. Only a couple of weeks ago I purchased a Gold Membership so I could begin contacting listings. The first few days I received a lot of responses, but the one that really stood out - I responded to right away. It seemed we were both looking for the same thing. We are both married (I for 12, her for 15 years), and were seeking a very discrete affair to help with our overwhelming boredom. Well, we both got more than we ever bargained for. After only a few e-mails and chat sessions, some exchanged photos, and then we were on the phone together. We have barely gotten off the phone since. Our first very spontaneous meeting had us truly overwhelmed with feeling, and by the end of the week we were most definitely in love. Thank you HornyWife, for helping me find the woman of my dreams and desires.
Shrinking123 said
We met while I was on Vacation back in September in one of the Chat Rooms here on HornyWife. We exchanged external ID's since we didn't like to always be on display in the room and things quickly got interesting. Phone calls were exchanged, as were pictures and we talked online about our likes and dislikes, loves and hates. It was like "you name it and we talked about it." Since he lives in Tenn and I'm from Florida, if we were to meet in person it would take some planning on our parts. I started checking airfares online and soon found one that I could handle. After double and triple checking with him, I went ahead and purchased my plane ticket-an E-ticket, so I was now commited since E-tickets are non-refundable. Our meeting would take place in 5 weeks, mid-November. As time passed, we exchnaged more phone calls and online chats and he even helped me select a special outfit from an Adult Store online for our first night together. FAST FORWARD 5 WEEKS I get off the plane in Nashville--wondering what I'm doing and there he is waiting for me as I come walking up the Concourse. We exchange kisses, he gives me a stuffed lion--I call him my Lion King---pick up my luggage and head out to his car. Yes, we behaved ourselves in the car, kissing at every red light but nothing more. We arrive at his place and go to his apartment. After dinner came dessert and this was dessert of the best type. I was the first woman he had ever made love to and he was like a kid in a Candy Store. He wanted to try everything and anything. I told him that the evening was his and we could try anything he wanted to try - within reason. This is how the whole weekend went. That first night we made love 3 times-one was even at 2:30 in the morning. As the weekend progressed we tried new and different things and got to know each other in new ways. Unfortunately Monday arrived too quickly and that afternoon found me headed home on the plane, but not without some very wonderful thoughts and feelings from the weekend. It was so nice being treated the way a lady is meant to be treated. What happens from here? I have no idea. WE both came down with colds and sore throats from the weekend and haven't chatted much online because of how we've been feeling. But I do consider this a Success Story, we met, we connected and made wonderful love for a weekend.
rm_mia7804 said
thank you HornyWife because of your site. I found the woman of my dreams. never have I ever loved a woman as much as I do this woman. I've never been as proud of a woman as I am of her. She has the sweetest pair of tits I have ever seen, with a ass to match. so thank you again.
TongueLoverMike said
In August 2002, I joined HornyWife with not a clue what I was in for. As a Christian, I wondered if I should be here and had no intention of cheating on my wife. I still don't. But our love life was getting stale after 20 years of marriage, and I figured HornyWife members might spice it up for us - somehow. .. At first, all I got was spam - "girls" inviting me to web sites you have to give your credit card number to. Not nice. I reported many occurrences to HornyWife and they bumped me up to Gold for free. This is when the fun started. .. Gold enabled me to contact people first. Many don't reply, so you have to persevere, especially like me you're only looking for erotic chat and friendships to make your own love life better. Guys, there is a phenomenal number of gorgeous girls on this site !! Tomorrow my Gold status expires, and I leave it happier than when I joined. It has been great fun, opened my eyes to a beautiful world of sex and improved my love life to no end. .. I now have many terrific friends from HornyWife. There are some lovely wonderful people in here, if you look hard enough and persevere. One, for example, has taught me and my wife to enjoy oral sex for the first time in our lives. .. God loves us all. And He made sex for us to enjoy. Too many people don't, largely out of ignorance. HornyWife has taught me so much about sex and broadened my horizons. Sure there's stuff I don't agree with. Adultery falls short of God's best for us and causes pain and suffering, especially to children. But if we do fall short (as I do), He is ready to forgive us. If we obey Him, we can make a new start. The slate is wiped clean. When we say He loves us, that means He wants us to go through life without hurting us and each other. His "rules" are there for our protection, like signs at the top of a cliff telling us not to walk over the edge. .. Victorian repression is a travesty of true Christianity. My wife and I are now into oral sex and a range of positions we had never dreamt of before. Life is great, and HornyWife did a lot to help. .. By the way, it took a while for me to find out how this site works. It needs a good beginner's guide for dummies. Not everyone wants every feature, but there is such a choice that guidance is needed to get the best out of it. .. Personally, the best bits for me are the chat rooms and the emails (a brilliant way of making contact without giving your email address away; that's the key to avoiding spam). The browse and search facilities are great too. In fact everything seems to work well except the Cupid reports.
. Jesus loves us all. Have sex, but have it within marriage. It really is the best way. Trust me, I know. There is great fun to be had without breaking God's guidelines. They are in the Bible. To listen to some Christians, you'd think sex was evil. Don't you believe it. The Bible says the opposite. It includes some of the best erotic literature ever written : the Song of Songs. And Genesis makes it clear we were never meant to be ashamed of our nakedness.
Stay true to one girl. Choose to love her. We are all tempted. But she deserves it. She's your gift from God. You're missing out if you don't take this on board. As the Bible says, "Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all the things you desire will be added unto you." You really can have your cake and eat it too - without cheating on your wife or husband. That's true love. Deep down, that's what we're all looking for. .. Thanks HornyWife for helping me do just that. God loves you too. .. TongueLoverMike
rm_fbfieldman said
My wife has always fantasized about being gangbanged. She loves to watch gangbang pornos, especially those with black men banging a white woman. We stumbled across HornyWife a couple of months ago and were surprised at how many people in our area were listed. She decided that this was her chance to make a fantasy come true, and I was all for it. In two months, we've had two gangbang sessions. The first was with three white men. I'll spare the details, but she loved it and definitely wanted to do it again. Last weekend, we met those three again, along with three of their black friends. It was indescribable. I think I loved watching it as much as she did getting banged. Needless to say, she's rather sore now, but is looking forward to doing many more men. The best part is that I have it all on videotape and we enjoy it nightly. If anyone is interested in gangbanging a hot and horny wife, checkout our profile.
arthlover1 said
i met a wonderfull lady using your service. we have been chatting for months now and we have fell in love and she is very wonderfull, and educated, and suits me fine. as well, im quite educated in computers and that's what makes us a great couple to be with. this november we are going to be married! so, i thank you for your service and lots of luck to others!
pumpco3 said
I have been a member for a couple of months and started to loose faith because a large portion of the ads answered would send back responses with contact inf to some paid site on the web, which to me indicates fake. One ad stood out and even though the young lady was some distance from me, I wrote her.
Wow, she is probably the most erotic, sexual, openminded women I have ever met. We have a horizontal weekend planned in a few days!
slutbaby69a said
ok, 2 stories here. met one guy, we had dinner then a good shagging session. I am meeting him this week again, this time for a double header with his mate (m).
I also hooked up with a m/f couple to explore that side of things (never had a woman before) and had a great time.
I have spent so long wondering how to achieve pushing the boundaries, so thanks to HornyWife for making it happen..
HunniBunny27 said
I met a couple on here about 2 weeks ago. He made sure to call me on a daily basis to keep in touch and I in turn did the same. We agreed to meet in Long Beach on last week and it turned out to be the very best three-some I had ever had!!! She could not get enough of me and I could not get enough of her!!! After all three of us (her, her hubby and myself) were together, she and I went at it for another hour!!!!
I can honestly say that I had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
littlekitty53 said
Hi there, I have been search for two long years on HornyWife for a Bi or Les single woman, with no luck... when finally a woman emailed me & she wanted to meet. I was shocked and really didn't believe that she would show up.
Well she did... and let me tell you it was the best experience I ever had.
We met and we were both a little nervous, but that didn't last very long. We got a room and upon arriving inside, we both had our clothes off an were down to business... I got out my toys and she got out hers and man let me tell you - it was all well worth the wait... it was the best orgasm I have ever experienced in my life and she knew what to do to make it that way. She sucked my clit & twirled her toungue all over my pussy & fucked my pussy with a vibrator and touched my asshole and it was wonderful...
I couldn't stop cumming... and she never stopped eating my pussy. She sucked it dry and started to do it all over again.
Well, finally it was my turn to return the favor to her... when i got on top of her and kissed her and sucked her titties and kissed her belly and when I spread her legs apart, let me tell you she was so wet and dripping everywhere... I couldn't wait to eat her pussy...
It was my first time, so I was scared I would hurt her, but she said she would let me know if I did, so I commenced to licking her wet pussy and sucking her clit and making her pussy even wetter... I fucked her pussy with my toungue and used her toys on her pussy and finally I shoved my thumb up her asshole and she went through the roof with pure excitement... it was so awesome for both of us...
She then started eating my pussy again.. man it was so great to feel her moist breath and warm lips on my pussy and all over my click licking it and sucking it and fingering my pussy, and touching my asshole and using my double dildo on me, I was so horny I almost exploded...
Well it was the greatest experience ever for me and I wanted to share it with you all.
Thanks a lot
BowValleyManor said
A lot of women bash and complain about some of the men on HornyWife. But, there are allot of real sweeties out there too. Special Huggs 'n Kisses to "TravAgt." a true 100% gentleman. I'm certainly no "Barbie" but you are the perfect "Ken" doll. During our times together, you've always treated me like a lady. Your manners, courtesies, and "little surprises" are out-of-this-world. Thank you. I can't see you as often as I would like, but I always look forward to our times together. Thanks also to HornyWife for allowing it to happen.
motorhottie069 said
Thank you HornyWife!!! I was not expecting to find the man of my dreams on here......but I did....his name is Saint692001. We are engaged and are wanting to have a family someday soon. I have never been so in love before.. I owe it all to HornyWife. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
FunLover12556 said
I am back after a two-year hiatus from HornyWife. Based on my earlier experiences, I knew that this was the service I would return to one day.
I previously used HornyWife for six months. Yes, for the first couple of months, I struggled like many men who use this service.
Then I began to learn about women by reading their profiles: their likes and desires, how they want to be approached, and what they expect from a man. I also began to learn about myself; I found my "voice" as it were, and became more confident, but at the same time less aggressive. I also became more open-minded about what sort of woman I would like to connect with. And I learned how to avoid frauds and marketing techniques.
For the remainder of the six months, I met five different women, and spoke with a few others electronically. Of these five, I had wonderful sexual experiences with four, and long-term relationships, vs. one nighters, with three. These lovers opened up many avenues of eroticism for me, as I did for them.
Now I am back, with even more flexibility as far as time and place, and I am looking forward, after a little "warm up" time, to meeting a number of wonderful erotic partners, including a couple or two this time!! Thanks HornyWife!!!!
shedevil1959 said
I met the most incredibible man on HornyWife. He and I live near each other and meet whenever possible. Let me tell you about this man. He is the most incredible lover and friend. We meet and or talk almost everyday. Yes he is married and we need to be careful, BUT he is really wonderful. I never knew that a man could be so loving and so giving. He thinks of my pleasure first and then his own. Sometimes he doesn't achieve a climax and I start to wonder if it's me but he says the pleasure of making love is to see that his woman is totally satisfied first, and sometimes he doesn't want release. BUT will see that I have over and over. What a wonderful lover I have found on HornyWife. Thank you one and all for this miracle, you have given to me.(And unwrapping the package for the first time wasn't bad either)
Thank you.
DelightMe2Nite said
I recently had my first HornyWife encounter with Troy after several weeks of e-mails and calls back and forth. Finally, we set a date to meet up at a local motel. I admit after seeing his picture, I was definitely anxious to see him "in the flesh" since he was one very fine black man. When I knocked at his room and he opened the door, I was a little uncomfortable to find another fellow with him. He introduced him as his friend, Juan, and explained that Juan was interested in joining our party if it was okay with me. If not, he would leave. Juan was a very charming fellow and before long we were all nude in the bed. Troy was sucking my nipples while Juan was kissing the back of my neck and rubbing his cock head up and down the crack of my ass. Troy's cock was a nice 8", thick and uncut. I skinned back the head and started deep throating him since I love to suck dick. I love feeling it fill the back of my throat and sliding over my tongue, and by the pre-cum that swelled out of the tip, Troy was enjoying it too. In the meantime, Juan had slid his cock into my cunt and nicely filled it as well while reaching under me to finger and twist my long sensitive nipples. Before long, Troy was moaning and soon shot his load down my throat. Could that man come. I could hardly swallow it fast enough and it ran down the sides of my mouth. When Troy pulled away, Juan grabbed the back of my hair pulling me back on his cock as he rammed in and out of me. Before long, I started coming so hard I was light-headed, but not Juan. He pulled out of my wet cunt and told me he was going to fuck my ass. I have never tried anal, but have always wanted to. The firm, definite way he said it just made me melt. Juan pulled my ass higher in the air and told me to relax as he wet my ass and worked in first one finger then another. Soon, he pressed the tip of his cock against the opening and began to push inward. Although it hurt, I couldn't pull away and my thighs began to tremble. Slowly he eased into my butthole and when he was in up to his balls, he held still so I could feel him throbbing in me. When he felt my ass give way he began to fuck me slowly and rhythmically. Before long, I couldn't help but begin to slam my ass back against his hard cock over and over. When I was nearly ready to come, he stopped and rolled me over on top of him with his cock still in my ass. I could have screamed with frustration until I realized that Troy (who I had forgotten all about) was in front of me with a cock so hard it was slapping against his belly. Troy pulled apart my legs and slid in my wet cunt fast and hard. My ass and cunt were so stretched with cock I could hardly breathe. Juan had his hands on my tits rubbing and twisting my nipples while he ground his hips and cock into my ass. It was obvious they had done this before because their rhythm fucking me was so perfect I had a shrieking orgasm. My ass and clit were so sensitive I was in pain, but they just kept fucking me until I came again and was begging them to come because I didn't think I could take any more. Finally, when I thought my pussy and ass would drop off Juan shot his load in my ass. That set off Troy who soon shot another huge wad in my pussy. I lay there absolutely wiped out but so satisfied. After we took a short nap they bathed me carefullym washing my pussy and my ass while I sucked first one and then the other off again. It was the most delicious 4 hours I have spent in a long time. They asked what a fantasy of mine was and I replied that I would love to be gangbanged by 6 to 10 guys over an entire night. They said they would see what they could do to set something up. So we all have something to look forward to. Thank-you HornyWife.
sweetindiangirl said
Hi, all of you I am Tina. I am a very coy Indian housewife who has been brought up under a lot of conservative values. Before the Marriage I was a virgin (really) and never thought of doing it with any other person other than my hubby. Till a few years of our marriage it was plane and simple, and we would do everything in our bedroom out of the eyes of anyone else.
Soon I started liking the Blue Movies, which my hubby used to get from the local shop and we started to fantasise about another guy or a couple fucking me in front of my hubby. Initially it was just what we used to think about when we were fucking in our room. Soon we thought of having it turned into a reality. AND we came across this fantastic site called We put our add. and tried to contact some like-minded couple or a single guy or a girl. We got a lot of false starts but then we hit upon a couple who was as interested and had tried this a couple of times earlier. This couple was in a different city and it took us time to set up a meeting. In the meanwhile we did some video chat with them and there we both sot ourselves stripped for the benefit of all four of us. My hubby showed me with my hands tied behind my back and then he tied up my size 34D breasts for a nice show for them. The chats used to continue for about a couple of hours. The day we planned to meet this couple was very busy and so was my hubby. My hubby (Mr S) came home at about 09 PM and confirmed to me that Mr and Mrs V are coming home for the night we were waiting for. They got delayed and came home at about 10:30 PM. Anyway Mrs v had got a very sexy backless Black halter neck blouse and a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs for me. We settled down and talked to soften up the atmosphere and Mrs V handed over the clothing to me. My hubby soon told me to go and change into that blouse and wear something sexy, and I went in to change. I took his wife too to change into something sexy for my hubby. When we came out I was wearing the blouse with a sexy short black and white checked skirt with some nice makeup and my lovely 5 inch black heels. My back was absolutely bare other than a couple of strings that held the blouse. When I entered the room, Mr V greeted me, and I could see the lust in his eyes, it was as if he could not wait to strip me off and fuck me then and there. This was the set of eyes I had been waiting to see for a long time. Well I settled on the sofa and soon my hubby got up and pulled me over. He got my hands behind me and put those handcuffs on me, and then as if gifted me to Mr V for the fucking session. Mr V was very delighted to see me in that state and smiled at me as if he had got his prize. He made me sit on his lap and gave me a deep kiss, I could feel his hands going all over on my 34D breasts and he kept kissing me and pressing them. Very soon he got the blouse off and then I lost my skirt. With the cuffs still on he played with my breasts and his other hand played with my pussy, rubbing it and then pushing deep into my cunt. I was getting real hot and had started to take deep breaths. I was not allowed to be free and soon he got me on my knees and took out his massive cock. This was a real big cock for me; it must have been at least 7 inch long and real fat. At first I thought that it would tear my pussy apart if I took it in too fast. Mr V held my head and made me suck him deep. I had no control of anything but he was excellent as he forced me to keep sucking him till he simply came all over my mouth and face. Once it was over he pushed me off and joined my hubby who was busy with his wife. It felt as if he had used me and then discarded me once he was spent. It was a very powerful feeling to feel as if being used and abused this way. After some time he again came to me and release my hands and then took me to the bed for the final fuck. He again made me suck his cock to a big hard on and then he got down to eat me. Ohh God how do I describe this … he was there lying between my legs and eating me off, it was the best sensation I had ever had, very different from what my hubby does to me. I came once during this and I could feel the juices flowing out and him lapping up all of it. He then turned me over and pulled my legs up to expose my asshole. Initially I thought he was just playing with the hole but soon he put one finger in and pushed it in deep, then two and soon three. His hands did magic to my asshole and suddenly he pulled them out only to be replaced by his tongue. Later I told my hubby that it was the best job I had ever got in my life. Then it was time for the final assault on my womanhood… he told me to spread my legs and he pushed his cock slowly inch by inch, and it felt as if it was really tearing my pussy lips apart, I could not stand the pleasure and let out a deep cry, only to arouse him more and get him to pound real hard. He was a big strong guy and he went on like a big battering ram for god knows how long. During this I came once but he showed no signs of giving up. He then got my legs pulled up and continued, it felt as if I was going to break up with the heavy battering but somehow I took it well. Soon I was about to come again and I started to moan louder and louder. I could now feel the urgency in his battering and then he let out a sharp cry and came. This time we both came together. Later, now I think that it was the heaviest pounding a girl could get from a cock that fat, and it all was real. I checked my pussy the next day and sure enough there was a tear on the side. Imagine a girl who was fucked about 12 years ago now gets a tear again could only show how fat that guys cock would have been. During our first encounter I came three times and got myself fucked like a real whore, which I could have never imagined earlier. Now we are looking forward to our next experience where I could get two guys to fuck me at the same time in the presence of my dearest hubby and when I could also do a grand lesbian act with a sexy lady. All I have to say is THANK YOU HornyWife for getting me fucked so well.
reddy2fuk said
Hi! I'm a 45 year old man from Arkansas. I registered on HornyWife toward the end of 2000. I started playing in the chatroom, just looking to cyber. Well, one day in May, 2001, I started chatting with this Texas lady with the handle 4realblonde. One thing lead to another, and on June 16th, I came down to visit. I never left! We were married on Valentines day, 2002. Thank you, HornyWife for helping us find each other! This is the lady of my dreams!
chaos6699 said
i had been a member of HornyWife for 6 months. my membership ran its course and i renewed it. so after paying again i decided to send out alot of emails - i get the common fake responses from the web cam sluts and i instant messaged with a few people. then one day i checked and got a message from a couple looking for a single guy to fuck his wife!! i jumped at the chance i had never even had sex in the same room as another guy, but said what the hell. i met the husband and he was cool and then i met the wife - and she was a cuttie with a big ass huge tits and she took it in everyhole. i did my thing with his wife while he sat there and taped it. it was great! thanks HornyWife i believe you are real finally. from chaos6699
backdoor1970 said
Just wanted to thank you so much for your site...if it hadn't have been for HornyWife I wouldn't have found my soulmate. I had been single for almost 2 years, just looking for friends with benefits...then out of the blue, I got a message from a guy from HornyWife...although I debated on whether or not to stand him up, I met him on a Friday evening and we have been together since. He and I have everything in common and truly believe we are "soulmates"...again I thank you very much for your site because meeting Kevin has made my life complete...
Gina M Paris, Illinois
vernonn said
I am 23 years old now, but I first met HornyWife 4 years ago when I was 19. We were already married 2 years and it looked like the next year might be our last together. Neither of us had much sexual experience (me, none) before marriage, and that with the usual financial crunch was a load to carry. Frankly, our sex was the pits. I didn't know how to be pleasured and he didn't know how to teach me. His big sister turned us on to your website. She wouldn't admit she was a member, but she assured me she had learned a lot from it. We did nothing but read articles like this one for a couple months. At first we were sceptical that they were anything but fantasies, but then my husband started pushing me to run an ad of our own, just to see if anyone would answer. We did that with my trepidation and even put in a 'g' picture of us. When we got an answer, it was from an older couple in the next town 20 minutes drive away. They were very graphic in what they, especially what he wanted to do to me, and I was almost frightened, but at the same time excited that anyone would find me that appealing. We wrote back and forth for nearly a month(at least my husband wrote). The letters became more and more explicit and even I was getting fairly into it. I don't think at that moment I really thought it would go much further. Our sex was a little better, but I would still not let him do most of the things we saw dipicted in HornyWife. Then one evening there was a knock on the door and this early forties couple introduced themselves as our penpals and new soulmates. It turns out that Mark had taken it on himself to invite them knowing I would have found a way to chicken out if I knew. But here I was faced with the man who had been talking dirty to me for a month, and I couldn't do anything but invite him and Cher in. The minute the door was closed, Don pulled me close just like he had promised he would and gave me a very thorough kiss. I just didn't see how I could get out of the trap I was in, seeing that Mark and Cher were also petting right beside us. It was the weirdest feeling, having the second man in my life doing more initmate things to me than I would let my husband do. I was really turned on, but scared stiff just the same. Finally, we broke the front door clinch and went into the living room, where Don sat me down on the couch, pulled me close again and the next second we were laying side by side, his tongue in my mouth and his boner rubbing my pubis. The other two had headed straight to the bedroom, and I was on my own with a guy taking the liberties with me that I felt I had more or less promised him by letting Mark write those letters. I just let it happen. Soon we were naked and by this time I was kissing back and presssing myself to him. It was very flattering the way he made such a fuss over my young body, and while I might have still stopped it if I could have thought of a way, I was having fun and feeling very naughty. Then Don pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall till he found the others in our bed. Cher was just climbing on Mark and We watched her guide his cock into her pussy and sit down hard on it. Don made me lay over the edge of the bed so I could see them fuck and he knelt and began to eat me. I had never let Mark do that, and I had never felt such a sensation!! From virtually no orgasmic experience to the grandaddy of all orgasms within seconds. The noise I made Mark had never heard before and it made him cum into Cher just as wildly. From there there were no taboos. Mark was there to kiss me and caress my breasts as Don layed me back for my first swinging penetration. I came again as Cher rubbed his cock against my vulva and was still cumming when he pushed it slowly in. It was fifteen minutes before Don let himself cum and the absolute feeling of freedom and naughtiness, giving a new friend that kind of pleasure, I will allways treasure the memory of. By then Mark was fucking Cher again and when they were finished, an hour had passed since I had gotten up from the news to answer the door. I have a hard time even now watching the news and hoping the bell rings. Our sex life and our married life is now excellent. I have had sex with 24 guys over the last three years and Mark is one girl ahead at 25. He made a pig of himself at a party last month, but I think I can catch up. He now works for Don and makes quite a lot more money. And get this!! I fucked Don and Cher's son last new years eve when the rest of the crowd had got too drunk and fagged out.
rm_bando60154 said
Nothing too special, I met my wife here about 2 years ago. She is the hottest lady I've been with, GREAT TITS and a pussy meant for eating among other things.
Just thought I'd like to share my appreciation with this site.
rm_Jon8008 said
Am 55, and met a lovely young woman, who accepted me as I am, (not a stud) in any sense, and she gave me an 8 out of 10 rating. Not too bad for an old guy considering she was 20. Hope to see her again. Thanks HornyWife for hooking us up

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