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rm_docabi77 said
We r newly engaged but have been together for 4 years.. im 23 and my fiance is 26.. i have always loved older men and when I met Ben i was thrilled to find out his fantasy was to see me be fucked by older men and groups of them.. We r a melbourne couple in Australia and have only been members for about six months or so.. over this time we have had the pleasure of joining girls, couples, but most of all older men.. I love being the little girl and older men love me.. thanx HornyWife
WarriorX7 said
WE FOUND EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR ON HornyWife!!!! Again...this service will work for you if you have a little patience, (Class and respect are a BIG plus)...and a desire to have fun! Big thanks to HornyWife for making us a real happy couple! :) It took a little while for us, and we were getting VERY disappointed by the lack of responses we were getting, then almost seemingly overnight, we became flooded with emails from others that were looking for exactly what we were! It took us 3 1/2 months, but with the connection we made on here, the wait was WELL worth it!
Thanks again HornyWife!....we're making ourselves lifetime members!
Chyzer24u said
I just wanted to thank HornyWife for fulfilling a desire I have had to meet different people and to have a wide variety of 'friends'. Since putting my profile up I have had quite a few people reply and have met with some of them and WOW to be able to have awesome sex with no strings attached is wickedly nice. I have also met some nice people who I will stay in touch with and as for others I have no problem meeting up with them in a motel room and fucking their brains out and each of us going our separate ways. Thanks again for being there for all of us sex crazed maniacs HornyWife.
cartmonkey said
ONE HOT BABE!!!! I would like to start by saying thank you to HornyWife. If I had not been a member, I would not have just had one of the most sexually fulfilling times of my life - and my life has not been without sex!! This woman is the hottest babe I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She is beautiful, intellegent and sexy with a sex drive that is like my own in over drive all the time. We complemented each other unbeleivebly well. After getting to know her for a while we finaly met. She and I are going to be having Great sex for a long time to Cum. We were honest with each other from the start and it has helped us to appreciate one another. I haven't been laid so good in so long. She says the same things of me. It's like it was meant to happen. I am so glad that I joined It is truly a geat place to meet people and do all the things you have always wanted to do in bed with a woman. They do exist and what a great place to find the right one.
rm_BigEndRinger said
I'm in Melbourne, Victoria, in a land down-under (Australia), and only joined HornyWife in January this year. My profile only has a 'conventional' photo so things were fairly slow at first but more recently, it's as all of Melbourne's adventurous women & couples have flung open the closet door and welcomed me to the fold ! I'm a divorced 54 year old guy, balding, with a slim to average build - in other words, I'm no Adonis - but the big 3 seater couch in my lounge room has seen more 'action' in the last 3 months than it ever did in all my married years. And that 'action' has included the realisation of a lot of the fantasies I've kept bottled-up over the years. I've been photographed & videotaped in a number of different & exciting situations & positions, and - looking back at some of them - it belies the notion that things tend to slow down as we get older. Quite the contrary, in fact. There's been single women - both young & old - who haven't had sex for a while, or who simply want more, and couples, both newly together or of long standing, that have opened a whole new world of adults only fun & games to me. All through HornyWife. Fantastic !
Iexciteu1937 said
HornyWife is simply remarkable! In about one year my "Hot List" has already 10 very cooperative and very willing girls! Most of them in my own neighbourhood & within driving distance! I go out with half of them on a regular monthly basis for enjoyment. I am 65 years old and who says old men cannot have fun? I say, "Not True"! Thanks a million HornyWife. I love you!
Panda112 said
I found my dream guy here on HornyWife and am very happy (he found me first through my ad then wrote me and the rest is happy memory). WE talked for 3 months (computer & phone) before we finally got to meet face to face. I wanted to be sure we both were looking for the same thing (relationship NOT sex buddy) so I threw every question I could at him and he took them all and understood and after 3 months we finally saw each other face to face and thats all it took for me, just seeing his face finally and being able to talk to him face to face and see him smile. He is what I've been searching for.
Zesta3 said
HornyWife thanks you for a prefect night. We signed up a month ago and had our first threesome with someone we had mete. When we mete my husband took my shirt off and started kissing and sucking on one of my tits and (will call him Tim) Tim to start on the other one, didn't take him no time til he was over there. Having 2 men sucking on your tits was great then my husband started eating my pussy Tim still sucking and kissing all over me then my husband told Tim to get down and eat my pussy and I was sucking my husbands cock Oh! that was great. Then Tim started fucking me and we swithed around in all kind of positions and then I told my husband to go to the other bed and watch Tim and me fuck. Then we called for my husband and I started sucking his dick then he told Tim to let him in my pussy. THANKS HornyWife and (TIM) had great first threesome. Zesta3
rm_sexyblondsexy said
dear HornyWife, I was looking for my knight in shining armor for years, and thought that i would never find him, until i searched and joined HornyWife. i met him on january 1st of 2003. my birthday is january 1st, so this was the best present that i have ever gotten! i talked to him on here for a month and 5 days, then i moved 600 or so miles away to meet him, and now we are living together, and we are so happy. i just wanted to say thanks HornyWife, and that dreams do come true because mine did. the moment that i saw him, i fell head over heels in love with him. he is my best friend, and i am his best friend too. we are the perfect match. we have so much in common. so i just wanted to say thank you, and all of you have to have faith that there is someone out there for everyone. you just have to keep looking. thanks again! --sexyblondsexy
sensual24u said
We met through HornyWife. And we couldn't be happier. We are both looking forward to a LTR. It's good to know that magic still happens. Sometimes you have to kiss alot of frogs before you meet your prince.
rm_Shesamoanr said
Honestly, I haven't met a lot of people from HornyWife, because not many have the patience to get to know each other here first. But when meet people that do...YUM! In the last month I've met a very nice, very naughty couple, and a group of guys that used me for their gangbang slut. The best of both worlds! The couple was very soft, very sensual, and knew how to get the most out of me. The boys in the gangbang were hard, nasty, and had me cumming and sweaty. They fucked me for a few hours, and gave me what I wanted in every hole. Ohhhhh, I like it here! Hee hee.
rm_CautiousFreak said
I'm beginning to love this site. MY second sucess was simply imaculate. He was so sexy I almost didn't know what to say. He wasn't rude and was as sweet as ever, but he fuck me so right. HE could kiss his ass off and he did everything so smoothly. He wasn't afraid to throw some weight behind the dick. I touch myself everytime I think about it. When I got ready to leave and hugged him and feeling his body against me turned me on again and I start kissing his neck and chest again and I could feel the goose bumps rising on his skin against my lips. It turned me on so much I could have fucked him all over again. Well I guess I'll save some for next time. I love you HornyWife!
rm_dsrtlst said
I met "Dallas" on HornyWife. We chatted several times in the Lobby before he invited me to join him in the HotTub. It was quite crowded with erotic minded men and women, and the conversation was a stimulating background to our own discussion. I learned that Dallas was a decent professional single man who was using HornyWife to meet sensual women. In my profile I explained that I am an exhibitionist who enjoys revealing my body to both men and women; I had posted a nude photo. Eventually Dallas and I felt comfortable enough together to try the PlayRoom. It was there that I consented to share my email address with him, and we began what continues to be a mutually satisfying and pleasurable relationship. We often enjoy exchanging photos and masturbating together. At night, when I am half asleep and feel a warm tingling in my private, I know that Dallas is thinking of me : ) Very nice...
welicknsuckyou said
If success is measured by multiple sex partners we're still getting there. If it's the excitement for us as individuals and as a couple to exercise our freedom of choice toward our sexuality, our level of privacy or otherwise, and the individuals or couples (male or female, short/tall, etc) with whom we share our passion, bodies and cum, then Adult Friend Finders is a roaring success. We hadn't done this before, we're in love and this should keep our sex life spicey into our 80's!!!!! Love the quality and speed of the web site too. Luv, welicknsuckyou
rm_BLandSTG said
In late Spring, 2001, I was laid up from a near-fatal accident at work. I couldn't move around much except from my bed to my recliner and back. I had subscribed to various dating online sites with a surprising amount of success before July of that year. I was getting discouraged with HornyWife because of the lack of any prospects on HornyWife, so I checked, for the last time, profiles of available ladies here in HornyWife. Then, all of the sudden, a profile popped up that was different than most of the females here...she was dressed very nice and sexy in an evening gown. Somehow, I keyed into her..I recognized her from somewhere. I clicked on her profile and "BAM" she stared at me---the lady I had seen for years in a particular dream set in the 1800's. She WAS her from the dream. Then, I clicked to more of her pictures and the feeling got stronger. I had filled the criterion she was searching for in a mate. But she was in Idaho and I was in Los Angeles. I wrote her alot without any answer.....ALOT!..verging on obsessive. In September, she contacted me finally. She was out of her town while I was writing and didn't see my letters. From September to October we wrote. She came to L.A. to visit me and we instantly connected, almost like old friends reuniting. We traded turns visiting each other for a half a year until April of 2002. Then she moved here for good. We are set to marry this time next year (it's now March 2003). She is Bi, I am Bi-courious. We have had several "swinging" episodes and continue to grow our love for each other. We strive to fulfill each others fantasies as much as possible. I've returned to work and we have such a powerful connection and such a nice, unconditional love affair that we can't imagine life without being together. We are around 50 years old each, so we aren't prone to flights of fancy in the relationship department. We owe all of our bliss to HornyWife. Peace, blandstg.
rm_the_unique_1 said
Well, I guess my success story starts with my HornyWife corrupted, and deleted, no chance of getting it back. For some reason, I decided to try to log on one more time. IT WORKED!!! There he was, his message had been there for 11 days. It was very short, sweet, and to the point! He didn't try to convince me that I needed to message him back, he just simply said, "if there is an attraction, message me, if not, good luck in your search." He was gorgeous! Maybe too good to be true? I had the chance to meet him on my birthday. I reserved a jacuzzi suite, and invited him to come stay with me for the night. It turned out to be one of the most incredible nights I ever spent with a man. I was spoiled, pampered, and made to feel like a princess! I had sex in a position I had never tried before, and at 36, I thought I knew it all. :o) Not even close! I won't get into the details, or you will be reading for days, but I will say this, I was so sore for 3 days after, I couldn't hardly walk. I met him again, just this Thursday. Another incredible night. This man is so in to oral sex, he made my clit numb! Ended up, we caught the pillow cases on fire, I have a bruise on my forhead, and as like last time, I am having trouble walking! Out of all the people I have encountered on here (not in person)He, by far is the one I want to keep experiencng new things with. I haven't found anyone as real, and as in to pleasing a woman as he is, in a VERY VERY long time. He has showed me that all men are NOT assholes! :o) We are looking forward to getting a profile together, and meeting some single women for some very erotic times. (I am a bi woman, since age 14) So, I guess I owe HornyWife a thank you, by me having trouble with my profile, I have met such an incredible man! I only wish that everyone could have the experience I have had the pleasure of experiencing!
rm_Switchplayer said
Hey Gang! Well, it did take a little while to get some contact. I used to login and there was nothing. I'd browse and look over and over, still nothing. I thought what kinda crap is this. I even saw a few letters saying others hadn't got any responses. Then it started to slowly pickup. I got a couple of responses one week, and about a half a dozen the week after. Now I get some all the time. I think the key is to be persistent on what you're looking for, and to make sure or change your settings in cupid to get more responses. I'm not telling you to check all the boxes, just the ones that interest you or you think might be ok, or fun. I'm a switchplayer, I can handle being with the female gender or the male. In fact now that my responses have started coming in, I've gotten a few awesome blowjobs from guys, and hooked up with two HOT couples having great sexual times. I think what I'm trying to say is, hang in there, something will bite...
rm_babygirl00769 said
Short and Sweet... I found My Boo Bear!
PMaker5252 said
I sat down to write the profile I wanted trying to be as accurate as I could about what I wanted and what I liked. I couldn't believe it when after a few days a women contacted me, not me contacting her. She was everything I could have hoped for. We arranged to meet so we could get to know each other better and before long we were having hot, steamy sex. She was absolutely gorgeous, with a fantastic figure to match.....HornyWife certainly is the way to go when you want to meet someone to develop relationships, and share experiences.
SinandTiger said
We have been members with HornyWife for about 4 months now and have met with 4 different Black males so far and will meet with two or three more in the very near future. We get a lot of replies and are very selective with the ones we meet with. So far Sin has enjoyed every experience except one. All he wanted to do was talk. We will remain members until we find exactly what we want and make it a regular thing. We have found out that the older Black males are much better than the younger ones.
freebirdforu said
I first got on HornyWife for casual sex around my area. Evidently there were quite a few men interested, as i got hits from north to south on the east coast. Out of approximately 150 messages I got in 1 month, I happened to meet the perfect soulmate. I never intended more than anything but sex from this site but now I'm on my way to falling deep in love. Melody
nix69trix said
Hello HornyWife: I a married man from Ga and I have to tell you that I really enjoy using your service. I have had a number of local sucessful encounters. I have also linked up with of other ladies who are in simular relationship situations like me when I have gone out of town. The recent improvements you have made, bring you up to or either surpass other dating website capabalities. As a matter of fact I have just met another person as a result of your recent upgrades. Keep up the good work.
purrsian said
I joined 18 months ago and had many a wild night filled with good (okay some not so good also). A year ago met someone that is perfectly suited to my wanton desires....we have been a couple since that first date. This weekend we met another lady from here and had much fun all night....... there's a fit for everyone if you just keep answering and sending out emails..thanks so much HornyWife..I never even dreamed I would ever find such a perfect match
islandgirlAnu said
Hi I am a caribbean woman who just got in to girls. I Always love to watch pussy being eaten. One day I finially met this girl on line from my country. We chatted on line for a while and found we had a lot in common so we decided to meet for the first time. It was a bit nerve racking for us both since we had never done this before we were both curious. It started out as small talk then i just got to the point and asked her if i could see her pussy and she just said yes. It looked strange to see one up close but i decied just to jump in and started to smell it - which got me all wet and she spread her legs for me and i licked her pussy a bit. she breathed deeply. Well i guess i was doing some thing right, she was spreading her leg even more. I pulled her lips wide apart like i like mine to be done and lick between them long and hard, well she went crazy and that made me hot as hell. I licked and stuck my tonge so far in her cunt like i see them do on lez xxx movies. She startd to ride my tonge more and I loved it! Even the taste was not bad. Then she stoped me and ask if she could eat me too and I said yes. We then 69 and went nuts on each other's cunt. I fingerd her pussy hard and bit her clit as she lick my pussy like an expert. we were both bucking like two wild horses on each other faces like we were made for this. Very soon we were both cumming like mad. Pussy juice all over our faces. It was wild we loved it so much that we rested and got back to it for the rest of the afternoon. We even got cold cucumber from her fridge and fucked each other with it till we could not cum anymore. It was my best experience, and since then we meet every week on to eat each other out. Oh! For Christmas we got ourselves a double dildo and are now having more fun than ever!
beachlover7759 said
I can't tell you how happy I am to have found the man of my dreams on your site! I have a Gold Membership and was able to be more selective in choosing someone that was compatible with me. In one week, I corresponded with a man, we met and haven't been without each other since. Thank you so much! I will always suggest this site to others who are looking for that special man. Ann
rm_doriangrey1 said
this is late in the telling; and I'm doing this on behalf of a former member who de-registered because she met the man of her dreams on HornyWife. It was January of 2001. L initially placed his ad looking for a discreet uncommitted relationship because he was already involved with someone. M answered his ad not expecting anything different, but when they met, it was evident that they were made for each other. After 8 difficult months for both people, L dropped his girlfriend in favour of M. L left his city to live with M in hers (Toronto). Sometimes things don't turn out the way you a *good* way!
rm_whatnowmylove said
Depends what is meant by success, i think most people on here are looking for sex. i met a woman from the site. i'm 55, she was 54, we'd e/m. we met. she was quite a big woman, i suggested a coffee, she said "later, i want you to fuck me." i said "alright" and stripped her. she lay on the bed and i got naked. i got between her legs and fucked her for about an hour. she had big tits and when she came it was like a river. we had the coffee and then fucked all night, success or what.
wildoldman said
HornyWife, you are great. My first contact with HornyWife turned out to be a delightful woman that lives two blocks from me. As we began to explore our mutual sexual desires, we discovered we both like to role play father/daughter. I never dreamed of finding anyone so well suited to my kinky tastes. Thank you again HornyWife.
biloxicpl41 said
we meet a nice swm from here. we meet for drinks and dancing. we hit it off right away. we decided to go back to his house where we had more drinks .eventually he was sitting with my wife and holding and kissing her. she was so relaxed in his skillful hands. he took his time until they were completely naked. where he licked her fom head to toe. eventually he got on top of her and started fucking he slowly at first, he had a very nice cock long and thick. the sight of him penetrating my wife's shaved pussy was more than i could take so i got undressed and started masturbating, when he noticed he called me over then pulled out and told me to go first. which i did. she was so wet and hot. while i fucked her he licked and sucked her pussy and tits. soon i blew my load deep in her. i pulled out he quickly knelt between her legs and licked her clean then got on top and fucked her hard and deep. he made her cum several times before he blew his load in her. it was a great night and we are lookig for many more like it.
Tbearcat said
I have been looking for a friend for a long time. After about a year of looking on HornyWife I finally found a great person. I didn't get very many replies to my profile, but I just kept looking. The first time I met this person we e-mailed back and forth. Finally we decided to meet. We are both married, and unhappy, but we were able to help each other out. The first time we met it was like magic. The second time we met we knew what we wanted, and went after it. She is great. I feel like a kid again. We meet when we can, and just like your site says "there is some one out there for you, you just have to look." Thank you HornyWife.
lilredslut said
Thanks to your site I had my first threesome with a pierced cock. I also learned about "slam" fucking and my pussy was enjoyably sore for over a week.
I have found the best girlfriend at HornyWife!! This place really works! You can find the right person!! Mrs. right if you will!! My husband is really enjoying her too!! She does all the right stuff- all you gotta do is ask!Sometimes even without having to ask!! Thanks so much HornyWife!! Bineedsbi-oh bifoundbi!! HA HA!
BarhorstWm said
I, BarhorstWm, met a Lovely Woman "Kathy" who cmae to visit me after many months of online chatting and emails I sent her. She drove for 8 hours one way to meet me. Almost 300 miles. She then drove home after the weekend. Then she came back to take me to her home for a while. We are growing this relationship into something real special! Thanx To HornyWife, even after they screwed up my Profile and my ability to log in. I Love You Kathy! I Pray our relationship lasts forever... A Poem I wrote: Our Love Our Love is like the Golden Sun that shines down on the land. It's like the breaking ocean waves that crash upon the sand. Our Love is like a strong oak tree that reaches towards the sky, Our love is everlasting, together you and I. Our Love is everlasting, like the Sea, the Sky, The Rain, together we'll have happiness, together we'll have pain. But our love will last forever, Forever will it stay, Like the Sun that shines down on the land, I Hope, I Wish, I Pray! Copywrited 1975 BarhorstWM
rm_paley88 said
Thank you HornyWife, because you let me know many friends including sex partners. I don't want to describe how sex we make. But it is my pleasure to make many friends form the HornyWife.
bigtits4love said
Just wanted you to know that I meet my new husband on Adult Friend Finder. I just want to say thanks and this site is wonderful. I have never been happier than I'm now. We just got married on Dec 5, 2002. Just thanks again.....
newfloridagal said
I just want to thank you for a great website that helped me find my "prince charming". I had my first date with one of your members on Halloween. When I opened my door to greet him; I was instantly attracted to him both physically and mentally. We have been together since that first Halloween date and it looks like we are going to stay together at this point. We have much in common and feel as if we've known each other for a long time. We're having the time of our lives and were both seeking the same things in life - a one on one committed relationship with total honesty and willingness to explore new places and things. It appears that we just can't get enough of one another. We're looking forward to continue our great new relationship and are both perfectly satisfied dating only each other. Thanks again for your help in finding my perfect match. He's everything I was looking for in a relationship and more. Keep up the good work! I have had 100 e-mail messages on your site since October 27, 2002. My options were unlimited; and I actually had 26 dates in only two weeks about the time I met my match. I never made the first move and I have never posted a picture of myself. In spite of that, I had no problem meeting many great men. Thanks again; I will recommend your site to anyone who is in search of the perfect match. Sincerely, New floridagal
scotch4ever said
Thanks HornyWife for some great times. I was getting a lot of BS replies (web sites), however, I met with an awesome woman from phoenix when I flew out for the fiesta bowl. We met in the bar at the hotel I was staying at. She was like the girl next door with the exception of having a short skirt on with no panties! We spent about 10 min talking and the rest in my room. She has a business trip to Columbus next month and we have already planned to meet. I can't wait to meet some girls here in Cincinnati. scotch4ever
rm_mgg0611 said
I just wanted to tell you how lucky I got on your web site.I am 49 and was looking to meet someone that I could become intimate with.I responded to an ad I saw and we met .We have been going out seriously now for about five months and will probably get married in the near future.I never expected to meet my soul mate on HornyWife but I did and am grateful to you all for letting me get lucky.I have turned off my profile and am very happy to say thank you.I still log in sometimes but am happy to say I found my true love on HornyWife.If you would like to get back to me you can reach me on Adult Friendfinder care and thanks once again.....mgg0611
rm_RedBiNC said
Hi! There have been quite a few people on here that beleive that there are so many fakes on HornyWife. I just wanted to let them know that not everyone is a fake!! I was widowed at an early age and after awhile wanted to get back into the dating game but didn't exactly know how since most of my friends were already married and settled down. I didn't want to do the club scene on my own and didn't exactly want to find the good ol' church going boy either! I signed onto HornyWife and met several people that I got to know online as good friends....some of them I met in person and I was never let down. I met one man online here and chatted with him for over a month before we finally agreed to meet. During this month we got to know each other very well as we were able to be completely honest with our wants and needs in life. Sometimes it is easy to convey your feelings online where you don't have someone face to face confronting you about what you desire. The luckiest day of my life was when I finally met this wonderful man in person. We've been together for almost 2 years and got married recently. Being online and getting to know each other and become friends first has led us to have a open line of communication between us that is the main ingrediant in our relationship. Meeting this man renewed my faith in being happily ever after and I wouldn't have had the chance to meet him if it had not been for HornyWife. Thank you so very much completely turned my life around and allowed me to live happily ever after!!!!
stillup62 said
One night my wife and I was Nice and hot, when out of no where I asked her if she would fuck another guy so I can jerk off while looking at them. She said if that would make me happy, yes! I knew I could find some one who wanted to get into her and I did. Kenny from HornyWife and I hooked up, who had a large fat cock, got together to take my young bride's pussy and give it a ride. He came over as planned and I clued my wife in that the time had come. Well they got into a wild fucking sesion. His big cock made her pussy sore and red. They have become steady lovers and I give her my share. She tells me she has never been happier.
tom6926 said
I met Linda on HornyWife. She's bi and loves to swing. OUr spouses are not turned on by it but don't mind us doing it and they have both watched us even at the same time. They just don't have the sex drive that we do. We get together once a week and get to swap about once a month. HornyWife is a great place to meet someone who is looking for the same thing that you are looking for. Here there is no pretense and no bullshit. Just straight talk and lot's of fun. tom
rm_crashman212 said
i had sex with a older woman who was ten years older than me it was great experence.
rm_nat4fun75 said
I had hoped that this site would introduce me to some fascinating men. I'm A 27yr old attractive blonde, so i didn't think i would be lacking in responses. Most of them were boring, a few were nice. But one really caught my attention. His handle is "jah_4u". For me a little humor goes a long way. We emailed a couple of times and swapped phone numbers. I enjoyed talking with him so much [i never stopped laughing] i suggested we meet. He drove across town to meet me at a local club. We talked and had a few drinks, before i suggested we go back to my place. I didn't think i would want to sleep with him on the first meeting, but he made me feel so comfortable, i switched gears. He was confident, funny, and flirtatious. I had to find out if he could back up his talk! And oh my god did he! We started with some light kissing. He kissed my lips, neck, ears, but took things very slow. He then started to massage my neck with his hands and his lips. He fondled my breasts over my drove me crazy! I started to undress and told him i wanted to suck his cock...but he said "not yet". In the next 30 minutes or so, he proceeded to kiss, lick, and massage every inch of my body. By the time he was ready to go down on me, i was dripping wet. The feel of his tongue on my clit made me gush instantly! I was soon asking, begging him to fuck me! First he let me ride his cock, and i came again! Then he fucked me doggie style for almost 10 minutes, until we both came! He was slow yet forceful and he rubbed me just the right way! We relaxed for a bit, then he told me i could suck his cock whenever i was ready. So i did...and here we go, all over again!. It was the most sexually gratifying night of my life.Unfortunately, due to my job as a flight attendant it will be difficult for us to see each other very often.So since it wouldn't be fair for me to hog such a great lover all to myself, i thought i would tell all of my wonderful experience. Thank you Jeff, and hopefully you'll have continued sucess on this site. Can't wait to see you again, Natalie
littlekitty53 said
hi there, i just wanted to share another sucess story with everyone. my husband and i met with the woman we met on HornyWife again and it was awesome. the 1st time, her and i were alone for a while. then my hubby came, but it was her and i eating each other and having fun. this last time we all got together again and it was great. we all were in bed and i started touching her and she started eating my pussy while my hubby used the vibrator on her until she cummed everywhere. i then started eating her pussy and made her cumm again.
my fantasy has always been to have my hubby fuck me in the ass while having a woman eat my pussy, so to make that happen i had her lay on her back, i got on top of her so we was eating each others pussies, while my hubby got up behind me and started to fuck me in the ass, i thought i was going to explode, it was awesome...... we plan on meeting again and i can't wait for her to eat my pussy again while my hubby fucks me in the ass. i think this will turn into a monthly meeting time for all of us to have some sexual fun. anyone out there who wants to be with a woman don't be afraid. find a woman you are comfortable with and go for it and just have fun. it is so great to have a woman eat your pussy - and belive me my hubby brings me awesome orgasms but when a woman eats your pussy it is so totally different. it will make your toes curl..........mmmmmmm ok well i hope everyone finds what they are looking for and always be safe and have fun....... i hope i can meet another woman who wants to have some bi .....
ledzep420 said
had my first erotic encounter with someone else on HornyWife!!! we both had a great time and have plans to do it again soon:) and we're planning on getting together with a few other folks and have ourselves all kinds of super-happy-fun-time!!!!!
rm_demasiado56 said
Being a member of HornyWife for only one month, I was new to the scene of Erotic matching and the sort. I had viewed a few profiles, made a couple of attempts to initiate communication with some ladies I deemed interesting but went about it half-hearted and unsuccessfully. I was resigned to allow my membership end on November 26.
On November 25, I saw a profile of a member that for some reason appealed to me. She did not include a picture with her profile but her interests and mine were the same.
I initiated contact, noting that she was into erotic, nasty email. My first response from her was to be rejected in a tasteful manner. Since I don't do rejection well, I sent her a letter that was very erotic and descriptive. That got her attention.
To make a long story short, within two days of the initial encounter, we were swapping naughty messages up to three times a day.
It has been one week since we started chatting and we have been together twice for some of the hottest, most passionate sex a man could ever dream of. And guys, she is a 42DD, quite intelligent, very vocal in bed and best of all, she is a female ejaculator.
I'm now shopping for plastic sheets.
rm_MuffDive4U2 said
I joined HornyWife recently because I had just broken up with my girlfriend (for the final time) and wanted some short-term female companionship.
Upon posting my profile, I was thrilled to find that there was much interest from women in hooking up and reaching mutually satisfying orgasms.
Thanks, HornyWife. I got laid within 48 hours of having my profile posted on HornyWife.
It's feels great to get rid of that "sperm retention headache".
TwatLick69 said
The first time I posted an ad on HornyWife, it was b/c I was completely unhappy in my marriage and knew that it would soon end. I got a few replies, but nothing too interesting. There were a few who replied once or twice then - POOF - nothing. I figured we just weren't compatible and what-not. Almost a year later (I was then 6 months into my separation from my husband), I had nearly forgotten my account with HornyWife. But, I received an email response from one of those guys who'd responded to my ad before. We emailed back and forth a few times before we realized that we had all the same friends!! (He was from my hometown about 100 miles away.) We exchanged home AND work numbers and that weekend I went to see him at his apartment. We talked for almost 2 days straight!! There was such a connection there - one I'd never felt with anyone before. My time with him was unbelievable. We remained friends for 10 months or so before finally dating. (We were scared of ruining our friendship - we were BEST friends.) We've currently been a couple for a year and have been living together for 2 months!! I've heard this guy's name from my friends for over 4 YEARS but just met him through HornyWife. If it weren't for HornyWife I shudder to think how many more years it would've taken before we met and experienced such deep love. Thank you, HornyWife!!
hawkfire69 said
I've been a member for a while but just browsing through the adds, I was looking for a older woman as thats what turns me on.To my surprise I got a message from a 59yr old married woman who was looking for side excitment.I answered quickly and after a few days we met.Wow was she hot for an older woman.In just a few hours we had rented a motel room and I had the best sex in my life.I ate that woman so much she came like never befor.No young woman can suck a cock like her and she even let me fuck her tight ass for as long as I wanted.See, her husband didn't eat pussy or fuck her ass.I'm just 34 and I love it all.She made me cum 3 times and every time she would swallow it all up.I've had the time of my life fucking this 59yr old.She even role plays anything I want she's the best.All thanks to you guys at HornyWife.
Thick8forU said
Thank you HornyWife: Two weeks ago, I was in VA Beach on business for a week. The week before, I had contacted a few couples interested in another cock. Well, Wednesday night was a blast well into the early morning. My ad does not depict a photo for descretionary reasons, so I met a couple that responded to my email at a nightclub near the Comfort Inn on Atlantic. After they checked me out and were satisfied, we went up to my suite overlooking the ocean. What a night. Thank you Janet and Kevin! Kevin and I had Janet squirming and moaning all over the suite. We culminated the evening by placing the bed mattress on the balcony floor overlooking the moonlit ocean. Janet had a DP like she never had before. Kevin even let me fuck his wife in the ass while she bent over the railing. Kevin and I both came twice during the sessions. What a champ Janet is! I look forward to being with them again, and continuing my escapades with HornyWife customers. Thanks!!!!

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