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dmac719_bigcock said
My teacher, it was about 2 years ago i was in high school and i had gotten into trouble so i had to sit in detention. i was the only person in the room excluding the teacher.the teacher lets call her tracy was HOT she had the biggest tits i had ever seen.... newayz so i am sitting there and she says to me. are you a virgin and i say no then she says I am and I was flippin out of my seat. Now she had a short skirt on. she sat on the desk in front of me and was giving me this big lecture so i got up and out my hand in her skirt and she pulled it out and put it on her tits then she said fuck me in the pussy so i did it was great .. everyday i had detention after that.
rm_her4us2 said
I remember the first time I saw her. It was almost a year ago. She was on her way to the gym. As she passed me I couldn't help but admire her body. She is 5'5", 127 lbs her breast stood out so firm and proud. There was nothing else I wanted to do, that to take my now semi-hard 8" and stick it deep into her and fuck her until she cum and then pull out and cum all over her tits. However, we were at work and I am a professional as well as we were both married. So I quietly dismiss the thought. It wasn't until two months ago that the opportunity presented itself. She was now divorce and my wife was out of town. We were at a co-worker's party. We were talking and the conversation turned to sex. She told me that she hadn't have a partner in a while and masturbated when she was horny. This started my dick to get hard. There are few things I enjoy more than watching a woman bring herself to an orgasm just before I fuck her. It was that time that she mentioned her back was hurting her. I jokingly said, " for $5 I will give you a complete body massage, anything else will cost you extra". She didn't responds so I left it alone. It wasn't until 8 days later, I saw her in the parking lot. She handed me $5 and said, if you are still interested in giving me the massage, come by at 9pm. I got there at exactly 9pm. She looked so fantastic. She was wearing a black dress that added contrast to her white flawless skin. Her blonde hair hanging off her shoulder. I look in her blue eyes and I could see that she was excited, but nervous. She handed me a glass of wine. As we drank we talked about that first time I saw her and what I was thinking. Then I got up and started to massage her shoulders. She started to relax and closed her eyes. I then came around to her feet as she sat on the chair. I started to massage the bottom of her feet and slowly moved up to her ankle. I could feel the tension leave her body. As my hands moved up to her thigh I heard her moan a little. Her legs began to slowly part and her blue panty was now exposed to me. I started to detect the smell of an excite woman. My cock started getting hard. I came within two inches of her pussy, when she jumped up. I thought I had went too far. She suddenly took her dress off and said she was ready for her massage. There she stood before me it a pair of blue tongs and matching bra. I wanted to devourer her right then. She then spread out a blanket on the floor and laid face down. Her ass made my mouth watered. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but she only paid for a massage and I am a man of my word. So I started to massage her feet again and worked my way up. As I moved up her thigh, she open her legs wider so I had had no problem making my hand accidentally touch her clit through her panty. She moved her body into my hand, but I kept on going up her body. As she parted her legs I could see her ass, I gently run my fingers between her crack. I could tell she enjoyed it, because of the sound she made. As I moved up to her shoulder my now massively hard dick came to rest directly between her ass cheeks. She started to moan loudly as she grind her body on my dick. She started to tell me how great it feels. I assured her that it gets better. That's when I turned her over. I started to work my way down her body, when I got to her breast she removed her bra and put my hands on her nipples. I gently rubbed them. All this time I dick is between her legs. The only thing separating me and pure pleasure is her panty and my pants. I added some pressure and move my hip causing the tip of my dick to rub against her clit. I did that for a minute then continued down her body. When I got to her belly I started to blow on her flat stomach. She laughed and that's when my tongue came out and started licking her stomach. She started to move and the next thing I new the only thing that separated her clit from my tongue was her panty. I could taste my juices through her panty. She reached down and moved her panty out the way. I took one lick and went up and kissed her. The tasted of her juices got her so excite or was it the taste of pussy? As she continued to lick her juices off my lips, I stuck two fingers into her pussy and then made her suck my fingers. I could feel her body begins to shake as she had orgasm. I move her hand between her legs and I started to suck her breast. We did this for a few minutes until I asked her to get her vibrator. I took it and fucked her with it while she played with her tits. As I fucked her with the vibrator I lick her clit. Within minutes she was cumming. I made her lick her cum off my lips. She reach out to touch my dick and said she want to suck it. I said no, you only paid for a massage. We relaxed for a while before I left. The next day at work we went on with our business as if nothing had happened. A week later She met me again in the parking lot and handed me $10 and said tonight is your turn. I will tell you about that next time
rm_kalpeshxxx said
hi sexy in my area there is one gal .we all know that she is very chalu .so i some how got her phone number and call her . i cll her and , it was my luck that she pick up the phone. so now i started my play.after talking for a while , suddenly one topic came that she was finding difficulty in biology topic of determination of sex . so that time i came to know that it was my chance .i told her that i know that i ask her to come to home when there was no one at home next day. and next morning she came .she was wearing short .now i started to teach her .after studing for 1 hr i said now i m geting bored so i told her let have sometime pass.and she aggried. now i started my real game.i started my pc .but she asked that she want to do time i let her to do that first she asked my e mail id and i said it is Adult Friendfinder afterward i went inside and when i came back she was watching porn i came to know that she was intrested in having some fun with me .i slowely touched her and she also started to respone me. than i removed her cloths , and i started to give her big shot .after 30 minute i came . this is my best exprince that i ever had .
ariesman41A said
Hi there! My profile name is Aries41a and I've been an Adult, gold, Friend Finder member for awhile now and frankly, I'm very disapointed with most of the responses I've received from Cupid.
They were from girls who wanted to "profit" from ME going to their private web site to view their "pic's". That's not what I signed UP for!
Sorry, I had to take this opportunity to bitch alittle, but you people should screen alot better than you do. I have no problem with people trying to make a buck, but they should be up front with it and be on another site!
Anyway, thankfully, I DID meet a wonderful, beautiful, very sexy, tall, slender yet shapely, intelligent, Cuban/Canadian girl named Jacky2112.
We've been seeing each other for almost a year now. (a full year in mid September) She's great. She's as sexual an giving as me. In fact, sometimes she scares me. Her hunger for me never seems to end.
Of course, we have more in common than our over active sex drives. She's very goal oriented and will become a doctor once she finishes graduate school. I'm in the financial business and still doing well. (knock on wood)
We're seriously in love with each other and talked about getting married, once she's graduated medical school. But that's 4 years away.
Until then, she said that I can play with any sweet, little, thing that's willing to take my big, thick, black, 8 1/4 inch dick. She's even willing to join in!
Jacky know's my fantasy is to be with 2 women and she wants to help me make that a reality! But most of all, she wants to watch me fuck another girl.
She's NEVER been with another girl, but she'd like to try it. Man, I hit the "jack pot" with this one!
If any of you girls would like to meet me and Jacky, I'm ariesman41a, send me an e-mail. Thanks, HornyWife. I've got nothing else to bitch about any more!
rm_honestfunman said
I am from India. I like to explain a real situation which had happened to me a few years ago when I was 38 years old. I wrote through a magazine to a couple who wanted to swing that I am a married man but my wife wont listen to swinging and hence if they like my photo, I am ready to meet them in person at a common place. If not, it is OK for me - I wrote to them.
After some time, they sent me their photo with their only daughter. They were from Kerala.He was a highly respectable doctor and his wife was a housewife.Their daughter was in a boardng school and hence they were alone in the house.
I met them one day at a pre arranged place and they took meto their house after darkness around 8 p.m. Husband asked his wife if she liked me well or not? She said smilingly that if her husband liked me then she also liked me.
They had a nice back yard where dim lights made the surrounding very quiet and calm and beautiful. All the three had some whisky and eatables while we were talking about sexy events in our life.
As she was sitting in between me and her husband, I caressed her big tits and sucked her lips. She hugged me tightly and kissed me licking the tongue with her tongue. Her left hand was stroking her husband's cock which was not so big as mine. I opened my lungi and gave my 9" long cock to her hand and she masturbated it and told me that it was big in diameter as well as lengthy.
She asked her husband if she could take my cock in her mouth.He said " Endha moleh..? Enjoy yourself today. Annu nee sammathichillay ammukuttiyine punaram...(You allowed me to that ammu kutti the other day .. isnt it?)"
Then she started sucking my cock head with her saliva and then slowly went deeper to the bottom of the balls. I was in heaven. I never thought in front of another man I will fuck his wife. She was beautiful with her long thick black hair and nice big tits which were hanging like papaya fruits.
The nice smell from her body engulfed me and I started to kiss her all over her body. Her husband went down kneeling and started to lick her pussy so deep and she started moaning "Ende deivame.. Enikku ningal sorgam tharunnu.. Ende pooru ningalku randu perku maathram.(My cunt is only for you both)"
She then slowly put my long cock into her cunt and started pumping. Her husband helped insert my cock into her cunt, which was already dripping. As I fucked her hard, he also licked both my cock and her cunt.
Once I ejected my cum, he inserted his cock and pulled out his cum. Then we both encircled her body and lay for some time before we went to the bath room to clean up.
After a few minutes, she started to play aroung my breast nipples and told her husband that she would like to spend the whole night with me if her husband did not mind. Her husband left both of us and gave a long nice kiss to her before leaving the room.
Afterwards, it was our turn to twine around each other's body and kiss all around and finally we did intercourse two more times.
Next day morning, we all felt a little shy initially, but as time went, we became normal. We were thinking about how to spend that night again fantasising all sort of things.
rm_kitykity30 said
Well, I have met a person from off here. We live with a bridge seperating us. We chatted alot on the instant message. It went really well. We chatted alot for 2 to 3 weeks. We finally got to meet at the mall. What was so weird, we did not tll each other what we were going to be wearing. Also, we never sent a picture of ourselves to the other one, so we had no idea what the other one looked liked. Well, as I was being dropped off at the mall, a woman had passed in front of the car. Something jumped out at me and told me it was her. By the time I got inside, I did not see her. I felt she was too pretty to be the one. So, I went where I needed to go. Whe I came back out, I saw the woman again. I had made eye contact but didn'twant to believe she was who I was looking for. So, I sat down and waited for her to pass by and ask. When she didn't, I went to go look for her. When I saw her where we agreed to meet at, I was very nervous because this was the second time I met someone after just chatting with them. I stood behind her and was getting ready to just turn and leave, but, I decided to take a chance and speak. I just said how is it going? She spoke back. Then I looked at her for a second and asked if she was and gave the name. She said my name and it was her. We exchanged greetings and walked around the mall for a bit. I got the vibes that she was disappointed by my looks and was not too thrilled to be seen with me. She wouldn't even look at me hardly. Our conversation was strained. I did most ofthe talking, just pulling things out of the air to talk about, so as not to feel too uncomfortable, seeing as she didn't have much to say. I was very happy to meet her. I guess she did not like the physical me. But we got along well chatting on line. We had to go because stores were closing. We hugged and parted ways. I sent her an e-mail since then but I haven't heard from her since. It hurts because I thought we could have had a good friendship, but I guess not. Men are different from women. Women are more focused and concerned about looks, men aren't. Oh well, such is life!!!!

LONGLEGS5024 said
I've been with HornyWife for about two years. I've met several guys, and have had a lot of fun. I've also met some special friends I've not been intimate with. This is also a good thing. There's one guy on the top of my list of mates. I just hope he feels the same way.
rm_savanha02 said
He came up to meet me at the club where I danced at because that was where I felt most comfortable to meet him. After meeting, we decided to go out to dinner and get to know each other. Dinner was great and then we stood out side and had a great conversation about anything that came to our minds. After that we just chatted online and talked on the phone for a while before deciding to meet for a night of hot sex. I always had a fantisy of being tied up and blindfolded and have whatever done to me that was in my limits. He agreed that he was into this and we decided to do this last saturday night. Last saturday was great, he sat everything up wonderful. We met had a nice little hotel on the water with a private beach. After dinner, we had drinks and he went to work. He started by tying up my hand and blind folding me to the bed and left me for a minute, when he came back he spread my legs and poured this self-heating stuff on me and he started licking and sucking on me and then he started to finger me and I was enjoying myself so much. He knew what he was doing and I felt like he knew everything that I liked and wanted him to do. He suddenly stopped and asked me if I wanted him and I really did. He put it in slowly and then when I had adjusted to him, he fucked me like there was no end. And we both came together. After he let up, we both got dressed and went for a walk on the beach and talked for a while. We walked down on the docks and looked at all the boats and were really having a good time. We stopped at the end of the pier and was just looking at the water. I was starting to get horney again and I gave him a kiss and told him I wanted to go back to the room. We got back to the room and I fixed myself another drink and started kissing him and told him that I wanted to feel him in me again. So he bent me over the bed and we fucked again. And we came together again. After that we watched tv some and he said that he wanted me to suck his dick and that got me going again because I love to suck and pleasure my men. He was really enjoying it and he told me that he wanted to fuck me again, so I got on top of him and started to really enjoy ourselves and he fliped me over and started hammering me again. After he came again, we just layed together and was enjoying each others company. We both were starting to get tired, but I wanted to go one more time so we fucked one more time and then we fell asleep together. The next morning, we went for a walk and the got our stuff together and left. But we have been in contact with each other and we are planning for another sex escapade together sometime soon. So I'll let you know if that happens.
rm_savanha02 said
I had stayed home from work one night and was just looking for something to do. I got on the internet and my friend, that I had great sex with, had gotton on and we were chatting. And I told him how horney I was and how I wanted him to fix the problem and that we needed to meet up sometime soon. I wasn't expecting to be able to meet that night but he suggested that we meet. We met at the same place that we met last time and even though we didn't get a room this time, I wanted to get fucked on the beach. We found a nice little place on the rocks with the beach right beside us and where we could watch the water. We sat and talked for awhile and he started to play with my clit and I was getting so wet, then he inserted his finger and I was enjoying everything that he was doing, but I thought that it was his turn for pleasure so I turned around and got on my knees and started to suck his dick. He was enjoying it so much, but I wanted to fill him in me. I wanted to fill how good his dick was, and I guess he was reading my mind because he turned me around, lifted my dress up (I had no panties on), stuck his finger in me again to spread my juices and bent me over and stuck his dick in. Oh my god, it felt so good! Just being out in the open like that and taking the risk of getting caught, made the sex just so much more wonderful! I went down to play with my clit and as soon as I touched myself, I came so hard and I wanted him to cum and fill what I had just felt. So I started to talk dirty to him and he loved it so much that he came instantly. After all that we had to sit down because our legs were so weak. When began to talk and after a little conversation, we began to play with each other again. We both wanted to enjoy ourselves again, but it was getting late and he had to be at work early and I had college to go to. But it was well worth the risk for the fun. We are looking foward to doing it again! I'll let you know how that goes.
bugsy0704 said
The wife and myself like to fantasize about 3 somes and group sex during sex, its a real turn on well over the past little while we were even talking about it during the day time, a coworker of mine always kids around saying he thinks my wife is hot wich she really is and that his wife thought i was good looking well we never thought it would go any where until one night we invited him to go to the movies with us since his wife was out of town well after the show and a drink we came back here not expecting anything to happen, we started talking about what the future had to offer and it was getting very exciting for myself and my wife, we ended up fooling around that night and last night my wife went to his house to see what he had to offer well needless to say 4 hrs later she came home just smelling of sex, so now its my turn to take his wife for a ride and then the 4 of us will get together for a much anticaped nite, its amazing how fast a fantasy can come true if u just let it
lucky man in canada
rm_NEthing1goes said
The first time I lost my virginity it was not very intimiate as in love making, but it was pretty damn sweet. I was 16 years old and me and my friend had a pretty good hooking up relationship with one of our girlfriends in our grade. Earlier that day she came over my friends house and we got her naked, we were drinking a little and she was totally up for anything. We were pouring beer down her stomach and into her nice inviting pussy, where one of us would suck it up and get her to yelp a little bit. We would each slip a finger up her nice, perfectly shaved snatch and get her to lose control as we each moved our fingers in different directions to get her juices flowing down the side of her legs. We were looking to be getting into a serioius threesome when my friends mom came home and we quickly had to abort that mission, but of course we had to finish this up so we told her we would pick her up later that nite as she rushed to get her clothes back on. So as we promised, we drove by her house at about one in the morning and she ran outside to meet us. I wasn't exactly expecting to fuck her cause we were good friends, but once again, she got in the back seat and off went the clothes. Me being the driver, decided it woudlnt be safe to try and slip a finger or two up her pussy while i drove, so we pulled down a side streat and parked right in between two houses and me and my friend hopped in the back with thise tanned, light brown haired beuty. She was slightly more into me than she was my friend, but she was sucking his dick while i finger blasted her pussy, wedging my fingers all the way up her pussy and using my other hand to push her shoulder down so I could get more depth. This really got her creaming and so I decided I'd give her a taste as i slid my tounge right underneath her smoothe asshole and right into her slippery box.When she was done sucking my friends cock, I didn't really want his sloppy seconds, but I definitely needed to get off. I told her to sit her sweet naked ass down on my lap so she could feel the bulge from my mesh shorts right on her crevice. She had already had sex before, and at this point I didn't really care at all who was my first or if it was special, so asked her to ride me half expecting that she would say no. Instead, she asked if I really wanted to, and well obviously I said yeah. So I pulled down my pants and she grabbed a hold of my girth and sat right down on my manhood, what a great feeling. My dick could feel all her smooth wet ridges slide along my manhood as she asked me how it felt. She was sitting down on me as if she was sitting on my lap, and she would stand up until the tip reached her clit, and then slam herself down on me. She was sopping wet as she began to breathe harder and her juices began to flow all over her thighs and mine. I decided I wanted to be in the drivers seat for a minute cause i was close to cumming, so i turned her over on her knees as my friend sat and watched in amazement, as he was a virgin as well, and grabbed on to her gorgous love handles and slammed her into me. She was now into a deap moan, and as she began to yell, "I'm cumming, oh my god, fuck me, fuck me!" her juices dumped right over my cock, soaking it with her love cum. And then, being couragous and moments from cumming myself, I pulled out and without a clue of how she would think of my next move, I slid my cock with ease up her pussy-wet drenched ass, pumped a few times as she finished her climax, and tossed my first load into a beutiful italian friend of mine.
Lazyguyme2002 said

rm_Luvgiver1664 said
I have been of HornyWife for about a year, and met only 2 girls there for awhile. I finally got the balls to put on a pic, just my face at first, and instanly I got about 15 responses. In the last month I have hooked up with many different women and couples for alot of good time and gret fun. keep up the good work HornyWife!
pissinohos said
SURPRISED BY NEIGHBOR! My wife deserted me years ago with 2 young boys. My next door neighbors befriended me and started babysitting my young ones. After about 2 months, my wife came bye to pick up the boys for a weekend. The next day my neighbor Debbie saw I was working on a project in the backyard, she offered me a large glass of Ice Tea. It was the summer and the weather was very hot. About an hour later she came over to our wall between our/their property she explained that her husband had to go up north for the weekend, as she offered another cold drink. That day she must have gave me six glasses of cold drinks. Later that evening she came to my door and asked if she could come in and watch TV with me, wanting company I agreed. Within 10 minutes she moved to questioning me on if I had any sex lately, surprised by the question i told her only by masturbation. She then said, would you like me to give you head? Evening though her husband was a friend I jumped at the chance. Being really good at giving head I was in HEAVEN, she sucked, she rubbed, she pumped and even though I hadn't had this done for a long time, I wasn't going to ruin it by cumming to soon. Remember I have all that liquid still in my system. She paused and looked up at me to say, I want you to pee in my mouth, my man won't. Immediately the faucet came on...and on...for about 3 minutes, I had never done this before and it felt GREAT! When she finished drinking, she explained now it was my turn. Not wanting to kill the moment, I had her swat above my face, I didn't think I would like it, but how wrong I was! It sweet, its better than any warm drink I ever had, she had prepared herself for this all day long. This was her fantasy with me since she first meet she later told me.
Mikeyat4143 said
Thank You HornyWife. Without you I would have never met Mochababy! She is by far one of the most wonderful women I have ever met. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Her warm smile and sweet voice is a pleasure to behold. (not to mention her body is a pleasure to hold!) Guys, do yourself a favor. Email this woman! If there is the right chemistry, you will be in for a wonderful experience! Just remember to treat her like the true lady that she is. Mikeyat4143
thebost50 said
less than a week after joining HornyWife, i got a reply from a woman.we e-mailed, exchanged phone #'s and decided to meet that nite.we ended up spending 2 days together!the sex was the best i ever experienced, and she was a very classy, cool, dating-what a concept!
rm_Johny2369 said
I was at an adult book store the other night when I slipped into the video booth. I deliberately took a booth with a hole because I wanted another man to watch me play with my cock. As I watched the video and started stroking, I could see a pair of eyes in the whole looking up at me. I held out my cock for him to see and continued stroking it. I saw him slip his fingers into the hole motioning me to come over. I placed my cock in the whole and felt his tongue start to lick it. I pushed me cock in all the way and felt his warm mouth over my cock. God it was the best blowjob I ever had. Within a minute I came into his mouth, which he swallowed with glee. I pulled up my pants and made a quick dash for the door. But I'll be back soon...
Mochababy said
Hello ladies in Contra Costa County California! You are missing out on a wonderful experience if you don't hook up with member Mikeyat4143! He's the first guy I have met with and he totally ROCKS! Like oral? You will be quite happy. He's very kind, patient and respectful. He can also be just about as kinky as you want him to be! Wish I would have found him years ago. So e-mail this man IMMEDIATELY if you are disappointed, there's something wrong with you. Thank you HornyWife!!!!!
Balls0.0 said
Well I can say that i am really a stupid motherfucker because i have a beautiful wife that loves sex and is HOTT as hell all heads turn when SHINE walks in the door with her nice firm 34DDbreast her long blond hair and blue eyes and she loves sex and i hat to say this but i am not into making love. GIVE IT UP he isnt into anything lets be real i should i am his hot and horney as hell wife cum please me because he cant so can any body please me i can pleas any one i love to fuck antwhere anytime and i love to be naked HELP ME SOMEONE GIVE ME SHINE A SUCK STORY OH Iam sorry i ment a succes story cum with me feel me up because my husband hates cum and the thought of it. i am being serious
luvs2pleezumore said
Yes, I want to tell you my success story. 100% of the replies were a total farce. I think you all are a bunch of fuckups that lead us to believe we can really find somebody here. All replies are totally calculated comebacks from you in order to try to get us to join something else. Well fuck you!!!!
rm_sexangel691 said
For my 20 birthday, my friends and I decided to go to this club that we like. The night was boring, but my friends didn't want to leave, so I decided to walk the 2 blocks to my apartment. When I was about half way home, I heard this really weird noise behind me. It turns out that my friends had sent this guy to follow me and make sure I got home safe and sound. I bet they never thought that I'd tell them what I'm about to tell you... I confronted him and asked him why he was following me, and he said that my friends had asked him to make sure that I got home alright. He was kind of cute, and well built, and I had just enough alcohol in me, that I asked him if he wanted to come to my place for a few drinks since it was my birthday. We got to my place, and I poured the drinks while he found something on the radio. We talked for a while, had 4 or 5 drinks, and then I went to put on some shorts and a tank top. I didn't realize that I had left the door slightly open until i turned around and saw him in the door way. I don't know why, but it turned me on to know that he was watching me, so I asked him if he wanted a closer look. All I had on was my panties, so I'm sure he had an eye full. I bent over to pick up my shirt, and I knew that he was looking at my wet pussy. He came up to me and threw that shirt. He said we didn't need it. We started kissing, and he slid his hands up and down my body. He moved my panties aside, and put one finger inside me. He was so hard I could feel him throbing against my leg. I reached down and took his cock out of his pants. It had to be at least 10 inches. I knelt down in front of him and said it was his turn. I slowly licked the whole length of his cock, from his balls to the tip of his dick. Then I took his whole dick in my mouth. I was so horny, I couldn't wait any more. "I want you to fuck me right now", I said. I climbed on the bed on my hands and knees, and he came up behind me. My pussy was so wet. "I want you to fuck me hard. Pull my hair, bite me, just fuck me now." He slid his dick into my wet hole, I could feel his dick pushing into my stomache. "Your pussy is so tight and wet, " he said, "that feels so good." He was really fucking me. He grabed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back so hard it brought tears to my eyes, but I loved it. "Fuck me harder and faster, " I said, " I want to feel your cum spilling into me." Each time he slid his cock in to my open wet pussy, he pulled back on my hair. Then he reached down and started playing with my clit. I was so close to cumming, but he pulled his finger from my clit. You could see it glistening with my juice. I was about to ask him what he was doing when he started to slide his finger in to my ass just as fast as he was sliding his dick into my pussy. I came so hard, we almost fell off the bed. He continued to fuck me, pounding me as hard as he could, and when he came, I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. I didn't want him to go limp, so I quickly started sucking his dick, licking all of my pussy juice from his 10 inch cock. I could feel him getting hard again, but I didn't stop. I just kept sucking that fat fucker, playing with his balls, and licking him like and ice cream cone. There I was on my knees sucking off this big piece of meat, when my roommate opens the bedroom door. We never ever heard her come in the house. She just came to check on me, but I could tell that the sight of me sucking on his enormous cock got her excited. I asked her if she was ok, and she just smiled shyly, and asked if she could just watch. Now, my roommate, at the age of 19, has never had sex, so this was a big step for her. I wasn't about to tell her no. " You can watch, " I said, " But it would be alot better if you joined in." She quickly got undressed, and climbed onto the bed with us. I knew she was nervous, so I asked if I could kiss her. She said OK, and we started kissing. I carressed her soft ass, and then I slowly moved my hand to her pussy, which was shaved clean. I slowly rubbed her clit, not wanting to scare her , and when she leaned back and moaned, I knew she was ours for the night. I kissed down her neck, and sucked on her nipple, then I made my way to her pussy. I licked from the bottom of her slit her clit, and she grabbed my head and pushed me into her. She tasted so good, like warm honey. I noticed her starting at my new friends cock like she was a kid in a candy store, and I asked if she wanted to fuck him. She said that she wanted him to fuck me while I licked her pussy to orgasm. This time, I lay down on the bed, with her on my face, and him fucking me. She had her hands braced on the wall above my head, and I could hear her whimpering. 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rm_Mikie4U2 said
My wife and I have had an open relationship for some time. We have been involved in threesomes, and swapped with other couples. She has been with women and brought girlfriends home. She has gone out with other guys and come home and told me about the wild things she has done with the guy and a few times along with one of his friends. Lois is 5'6", 120#, long blonde hair and green eyes. She doesn't look a day over 28. She works out all the time and has a great body. We are both in our early 50's. She can turn heads where ever she goes. In public she is pure lady and acts as though she would never have anything to do with anyone else but me. She has most everyone fooled. We were having the house remodled just recently and having the contractor and his helpers in and out and around the house slow down her sun bathing and working in her flower garden in her bikini or less. Our back yard is surrounded by a 6' wood privacy fence, and lattice that runs along the top, covered in ivy. Except from the air you have complete privacy from all directions. Lois sometimes lays around the pool in the nude and will work the garden topless. One day, she called my office and told me that the contractors had gone home early due to the mess up of some materials not being delivered. She told me that she was going to lay out by the pool and work on her tan. I told her not to burn herself and went back to work. When I got home that evening, Lois was all bubbly and perky. I asked her what she was all happy about and she just smiled. After dinner, she took a long bath and came to me still naked while I was in the den watching television and started to give me a great blow job. She sugested that we move to the chase lounge by the pool. I undressed and when we got outside, I noticed that a man's t-shirt and underwear were laying next to the chase lounge. She looked at me and smiled and told me that while she was laying out by the pool, the contractor, Joe, had come back to pick up some tools. Joe is 6'6", tanned and all musceled up, guy with shoulder length hair. Lois said that when Joe saw her laying there he walked over to her and sat down in the chair next to her and started to talk to her like it was normal to see a good looking woman laying in the nude. Lois said that Joe told her that he had been watching her over the past several weeks and had been fantasizing about her. Joe asked if it bothered her for him to be seeing her in the nude. When she told him no, he stood up and took his shirt and shorts off. Lois said that she almost fainted when she saw the size of his dick. I am better than average myself but Lois said that his dick had to be at least 10" long and as big as her wrist. Lois told me that she couldn't help herself and went down on him giving him one of her great blow jobs where he came in her mouth. She told me that after a little more oral work by him on her that he fucked her in every way that they could. She said that the neighbors were probably wondering about the noise. They tried every position that they could and she let him fuck her ass. He asked her if she would wear as little as she could while he was around. She told him that she would. He told her that he wanted to fuck her every day and would start coming in his own truck and tell the other guys that he had things to do after work. When he left he told her that the guys that work for him would enjoy a little of her too. She said that she would think about it and let him know. She assured him that he would be welcome though. She asked me what I thought about her being with Joe and his employees. I told her that if she wanted to do that it was OK with me. We will have to wait and see.
njdistraction said
For those that think that HornyWife doesn't work, I stand ready to challenge the notion. I'm male, so the chances of me actually getting an email unsolicited was pretty remote, or so I thought. One day, though, I went to my home page and noticed that I'd received a message.
The message was from a couple (actually, it was written by the wife) saying that they were looking for a guy that the wife could "suck and fuck" in front of her husband. Well, I'm not one to fall for a come-on, but this time I suspended disbelief and responded that it would be a pleasure to help them live out their fantasy.
We went through several fits and starts, emailing quite a few times over the course of over a month...things heated up then cooled down. I was pretty sure that this wasn't really going to happen. Then, one day, I got an email basically saying that we were on and that she would call that evening to arrange a time and place. She called as promised and she sounded a little nervous but definitely sexy and into the prospect of our getting together. She also sent two pictures of her body (which weren't in any way disappointing). Her previous description of herself had been 5'2'', 100 pounds, shaved pussy, tight ass. Sounded good to me.
So we decided upon a hotel not too far away from their home. It was about an hour drive for me, so I had plenty of time to think about what was to come (so to speak). They had only given two ground rules...I had to wear a condom and I couldn't come inside her. I stopped at a shopping center on the way and bought condoms, lubrication (which wasn't needed, I found), and some champagne. I walked into the hotel bar and immediately knew which were my couple. He was a really good guy, and put me at ease quickly. She was totally as described, great body, pretty face, and wearing a nice outfit that showed off a nice chest and great legs.
She was definitely nervous, and I let her know that I was, too. I bought a couple of rounds for us all, and they had had a few before I got there. He was stroking her leg to calm her and I asked if I could, too. I think that helped the two of us, just to have a little contact. He left the bar for a little while, probably to give us the chance to get comfortable with each other. She and I got along pretty well for total strangers, which I was glad about. We nervously laughed and said that hotel bartenders must have such a fun time seeing all sorts of stuff like this going on.
He came back to the bar and we chatted, and after a while, we all knew that we should get the ball rolling. We went up the elevator to their room...he adjusted some furniture in the sitting room to give us some room...then sat on a chair in the corner. He didn't say much and pretty much left us to our own devices. I rubbed her feet for a little while, talking and joking nervously. Well, basically the time came and I went over and kissed her. She responded nicely, letting me take the lead. Our hands wandered a little bit over our clothed bodies, and both of us got pretty heated up.
He suggested that we move to the I went and sat down, and she sat on my lap facing away from me and toward him. She ground against my very hard cock through my suit pants and through her skirt. I reached around and ran my hands all over her clothed body, both of us getting hotter, with me whispering in her ear how much I wanted her, and him saying how hot she looked grinding into me.
I removed her blouse, revealing a very sexy dark blue bra, and then had her stand so I could push down her skirt, under which was a matching dark blue thong. Folks, her ass was flawless and I don't know about you, but a thong just makes it look that much better. She turned around to face me, her barely clothed body against mine, me still in my suit pants and white shirt (I had lost the jacket and tie earlier). I had been thinking for weeks about how I wanted to taste her shaved pussy, so I pushed her back onto the couch and removed her thong, leaving her bra on. I went to work on her smooth, very wet and remarkably tiny pussy. She tasted and smelled great, and I loved eating her. She ran her fingers through my hair as I tongued her. I even moved up and let her taste herself on my lips and tongue while I pressed several fingers inside of her.
I then whispered to her that I thought her husband wanted to see her suck another man's cock. She sat me down, unzipped me, and pushed my suit pants down (I wasn't wearing underwear), took my cock in her little hands and stroked me before putting her lips on the tip. She didn't suck me for long, but she was definitely good at it. She took long licks from the base to the tip, before popping the head into her mouth. To give her husband a better view, I stood up, kicked off my shoes, socks and pants as she knelt in front of me, gripping my cock at the base and wrapping her lips around my shaft.
I think he was enjoying the show, and she was a pretty good lead actress. But at this point, I think he wanted to see her being fucked. I sat back down on the couch, and motioned her to straddle me facing away from him. She reached behind and guided my condomed cock into her wet pussy. Then she rode me nicely, and I finally released her tits from the bra. They were nice, full breasts and I did't hesitate to lean her into me so that I could fuck her while kissing her nipples.
Things at this point were going pretty nicely, and he had his cock out and was very erect, stroking himself while watching the fun. I took her into my arms and lifted her with my cock still in her and laid her down at his feet on the floor and began to fuck her pretty hard. Amazingly, I felt totally comfortable being totally naked, fucking this very sweet, hot woman at the feet of her husband. It really was erotic...I think for all three of us.
Finally, I whispered to her as I was on top of her that I thought it would be incredibly hot if she sucked her husband while I fucked her from behind. She, without a word, crawled over to her husband, gripped his shaft and started mouthing him. She again reached back and guided me into her and I began fucking deeply into her, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her. She was really great, I have to say. We did this for quite a while and he asked her if she was ready to feel me come all over her ass. I could have kept going all night, it felt so good, but I pounded into her getting myself to the edge, before finally pulling out, ripping off my condom and letting go all over her backside. I know that in the films it's disappointing to see a bad come shot, so I made sure I had plenty built up for the occasion. I have to say, it was one of the nicest orgasms I've had.
I'm really glad that after I had pulled out, he guided her over so that she was knelt over the couch and he planted his cock into her from behind and fucked her until he came inside her. They looked good together, and I was glad I had been allowed to take part in their lovemaking.
We had a glass of champagne as she went to clean up, and later she came out of the bathroom looking rather pleased with she should've been. They had never done it before with someone else, and I know that she was nervous. She performed beautifully for her husband, and I think she knew it. I gave her a nice kiss and hug, shook his hand, thanked them, and started off for home.
I emailed them thanking them when I got home, but haven't heard from them. They're a great couple and if they read this I want them to know that I enjoyed their company (even when not naked) and hope they do well.
As for me? Well, I'm probably hooked. If anyone else out there is interested in something like this, I can at least say that I have had a good experience and would love to have it again. My "handle" is NJDISTRACTION. Have fun out there and be careful!
rm_tolive82 said
I have made the most incredible connection with a woman, best of my life. She joined HornyWife for just 3 days, found my profile and contacted me. I responded the same day thinking we would just chat because we live 700 miles apart. After 3 days of Hot, erotic chats we were wild for each other. On the 5th day we talked on the phone and were amazed how much we laughed and had the best time. By the next week I was looking at airline schedules. On the 25th day of our meeting I was at her house. I have never experienced hot, erotic , wild sex for 3 days like that before. I continue to fly to her about every 2 months. The joy and pleasure is beyond my wildest fantasy. In between we have mind-blowing phone sex and nasty, e.mails every day. I can not thank you enough for your terrific service.
superez said
Both still smarting from the unraveling of our own LTR's we turned to HornyWife for no other reason than to "hook up."
Being in retail with a lot of down time on my hands enabled me to experiment with as many as five dating sights at one time. Although they all serve the same purpose, some more efficiently than others, using HornyWife makes much of your case for you. What I mean is although the other dating sites offer a conduit to meet people, women more so than men tend to hide behind “walks on beaches” and “snuggling by the fire, ” on the “vanilla sights, ” even those with erotic clubs.
I first responded to my honeys add on HornyWife on January 31st of this year. A slow start clouded even more so by choices provided to us through HornyWife picked up some real steam and by March we have been inseparable. If we didn’t have to go to work we would never leave the bedroom (or the gym). Our sexual exploits have far exceeded our expectations with everything from attending cross dressing parties for the fun of it, a nudist camp, a local swingers club, a public dungeon and recently a sex toy warehouse because we seem to be using copious quantities of Wet and batteries and………… 26;. We’ve become the poster adults for sexual satisfaction.
Thanx HornyWife
superez said
Both still smarting from the unraveling of our own LTR's we turned to HornyWife for no other reason than to "hook up."
Being in retail with a lot of down time on my hands enabled me to experiment with as many as five dating sights at one time. Although they all serve the same purpose, some more efficiently than others, using HornyWife makes much of your case for you. What I mean is although the other dating sites offer a conduit to meet people, women more so than men tend to hide behind “walks on beaches” and “snuggling by the fire, ” on the “vanilla sights, ” even those with erotic clubs.
I first responded to my honeys add on HornyWife on January 31st of this year. A slow start clouded even more so by choices provided to us through HornyWife picked up some real steam and by March we have been inseparable. If we didn’t have to go to work we would never leave the bedroom (or the gym). Our sexual exploits have far exceeded our expectations with everything from attending cross dressing parties for the fun of it, a nudist camp, a local swingers club, a public dungeon and recently a sex toy warehouse because we seem to be using copious quantities of Wet and batteries and………… 26;. We’ve become the poster adults for sexual satisfaction.
Thanx HornyWife
3rdforyou said
You just never know ...
I was out of town working and got back to the hotel late at nearly midnight. My neck and back had been sore all day so I decided to call and get a massage. I am 33 years old and have had massages from time to time throughout the years. I figured that even if it didn't help my neck, seeing a scantily clad young woman would improve my morale. I heard the knock on the door and got up to answer, looking forward to seeing my young therapist. When I opened the door, it was a lady in her late 50's with a table. I was real disappointed to see I had gotten a real massuse, not some young blonde who would just slap a little oil on my back and then offer to slap my cock a little. She was short with huge tits and a round ass, needless to say, not what I expected.
Denise told me to get undressed and set her timer for my hour massage. We talked at length during the massage about anything and everything, but never about sex. The massage was excellent and really did benefit my back and neck. During the massage, my cock had hardened and was saluting her as she finished my chest and arms. The alarm went off and Denise advised me that she was off the clock and the massage was over. Most of my muscles felt better, but not all of them.
To my suprise Denise then said what she did on her time was her business and bent over and wrapped her luscious lips around my cock. We then french kissed each other as I lay on the table. I asked her if she had another appointment which I knew she didn't. I helped Denise undress and released her mamoth tits, sucking on them and pinching her nipples with my fingers while she stroked my cock and rubbed my balls. After falling to the bed I massaged her wet pussy with my tongue and fingered it to get it ready for the pounding that was about to occur. As I fucked her missionary style, I kissed her mouth and sucked on her breasts as she begged me to bite her nipples. She orgasmed as I filled her cunt with my creamy cum, and then told me to turn over. Denise alternated between cleaning my cock and balls with her warm tongue and giving me the best rim job I had ever had. She continued to tongue and lick my ass as my cock continued to return to form. She saw I was enjoying myself, so Denise pulled out a suprise - - a strap on dildo that she said she would use to fuck my virgin ass!
I had fantasized before about being fucked by a woman with a dildo and now Denise was about to do it. She spread my legs and slowly inserted the tip into my ass. Wow! What a feeling and she fucked my ass and stroked and licked my cock. Denise kept telling me to take a lesson, because when she finished with me, she wanted me to know how I was to fuck her ass. Denise stroked my cock and fucked me until I shot my load all over my stomach. She then began to lick my cum off of me and then kissed me to give me a taste.
Denise told me to eat her pussy and ass to prepare her for more fucking. After getting her wet, my cock got hard again. Denise turned around and told me it was time to fuck her doggy style. She rubbed her clit as I fucker her pussy and then demanded that I put my cock in her ass. While fucking her ass we both rubbed her clit, getting her to a final orgasm as I deposited my final load of cum in her for the night. Both satisfied and exhausted, we said our goodbyes as the sun was about to come up.
Never would I have believed that a woman who looked more like my mother than a potential sex partner would give me the most incredible night of sex in my life. I have new respect for mature women and hope to meet more along the way. Denise and I have gotten together since that night and just keeps getting better.
You just never know ...
rm_Typhoon1930 said
Dear HornyWife,
In January of 2000, I found your web-site and daringly decided to join. I filled out the application and pushed send only to find out that I had accidently ordered a year long gold membership. The story has a good ending.
Stuck with a gold membership, I began to search the posted personals. I found one that appealed and responded to it. Six months later that person not only became my best friend, but also my lover.
He passed away peacefully on July 2, 2002. Our relationship would have never happend had it not been for your site. It was through your medium that two people were able to meet and unite in what I believe to be the greatest love story of all time. I will never be able to thank you enough for providing me with the opportunity that has now ultimately changed my life.
rm_rdn45678r said
my name is (soh) and my husband name is (be). I love him so much and our sex life is great..his friens (az)is thebest friend for him.. my husband talk to me a bout his friend several time and how he is great in bed with many ladies and last longer man with hairy body and very thick by day i imagine him while my husband fucking me..and he start to talk to me a bout him while we are in bed , ,my orgsm cum hard and sooner when i heared his name.. my hasband ask me about my feeling is (az) fuck me..i told him i think ill cum at least 7 times with that man..and i start to screaming his name while my husband fucking me , , one day he show me his pic with hairy body , ,its turned me on.. i am sure my husaband enjoing to let me and ask me to imagine his ftriend fucking me... now i am waiting to make it true , ,and i think he waiting to make it true too , ,but every one keep it secret insde himslef.. so how i can make it true, ,how i start , ,or how i let my hsband to start, , do u think if we did it out relation will brock , ,i would like to try it once but i am afraid that i cant stoip it .. i love sex more than my husband, pls replying to me sooon to help me
raosexy007 said
One day when I was alone at home she come to my home for exchange of novels. By that time, I was playing game on my computer. The door was opened. She knocked the door I said come here without seeing who is on the door. She come to my room by that time she was looking very smart and wearing tight clothes. She asked me about my mom. I told her that she is not at home. I asked her what I can do for her she replied, seeing my eyes, that any thing and smiled and run away. This action of her gave me a good response. Next day her mother come to my mom and asked if Rana can teach to Shazia at home because she can not go to computer college as her father is a busy person and he has no time to drop Shazia to college in evening as she was the student of 2nd year of local college in the morning. My mother send her to me. She asked me same and I gave her time of 7:00 clock. From next day she started to learn computer.Now I start teaching computer and there was nothing between us because my mom always at home.
One day my mom was going to other city with my dad. She told to give the message to Shazia's home that she will not come for study as my parents are going out of city. I went to her house but without saying any word came back and told them that they are not at home and I have placed message in their letter box. I do the same because I do not want to miss the chance. Now I was waiting 7:00 clock. Time was passing very slowly. At 7:00 she came. I told her that today I will teach you internet. She was very pleased. I opened the net. And start surfing. On a sight there was a banner of X-Pics. On seeing this she suddenly confused. I left her and go to take water. When I returned she was saying that sight. On seeing me coming back she suddenly closed the computer off. I asked her why she closed the computer button. She did not replied. And again asked and by trembling hands touched his body she was shivering.
I asked her what was the meaning of that words what you have said to me that day. She then smiled and said what u understand. I said, I understand this and put my hand on her boob and I gave her a kiss on her lips and she responded well to me by exploring my mouth with her tongue and I went on to explore all her body with my mouth. She wasn't wearing any bra . She was trembling a little when I pressed her boobs. As I removed her qamiz her boob came out as if it was released from some prison. I started sucking his boob and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh …Aaaahhh Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Ooh. When I sucking her boob nipples became rock hard , I sucked her boom very hardly and she was moming a lot , I suck her boob for 20 min and some liquid came out like milk. My one hand is on her pussy , I got up and took her shalwar off, and again I sucked her boobs for quite some time and then went down to her well shaved and wet pussy, which was full of juices. I played with her pussy which was hot and wet. I fingered for a while and I sucked her pussy and She started moaning Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. OohhhhhOoooo …Aaaahhh….. Ooooh…Aaaahhh…. Oohhhhh please donot stop please fast fast , she cummed I drank all his juice. I again start sucked her pussy. Now the real show was about to begin , his pussy is to small and I know that its not going to be easy to fuck this tight virgin pussy with a big lund. I spread her legs and put my lund on her pussy and tried to entering her pussy. It's dam difficult than I thought.
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teacherwoman34 said
I met a wonderful man -- married like I am -- on HornyWife last October and we've been together every since. I am still married but he is now separated. We've had some wonderful times and great sex. He is fantastic and discreet and wonderful!
SCOOT001 said
easymack111111 said
hello HornyWife u wont beleave this one but so true im a new HornyWife member and my three month membership was running out. so i decided to upgrade to a gold membership i went to my bank to get a money order. the teller said to me if you give the name of the bussiness theres no charge for the order so i said the HornyWife she said what does that stand for? i was nervous and made up a fake name like the american football foundtion she looked at me and smiled i said i need to get in to my bank box she said o k i will meet u in a second i got my box went to the small room that she picked out.she opened the door and closed it she was inside with me i asked whats up she put her hand over my mouth and unzipped my pants! wow she took out my manhood and gave the best oral ive had in a long time when she was done she said to me im HornyWife member too!thats the best i just want to say thanks HornyWife i love ya. p s i go to the bank a lot more !!!!!!! now???
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My wife and I had been trying to become involved in a swingers group for sometime. We went to a few parties but had no success. Then we went to a party at K.C. swingers and the party started fast. My wife who will talk to anybody started talking to a group who invited us to join them. Thats when the fun started. Before I knew it my once reluctant wife had her shirt off and flashing the whole room. That night Terri fullfilled every fantasy I had ever imagined. She fucked every guy in the room {4} and then she began to shower with Ruth. After some serious frenching and pussy rubbing they jumped into bed and the licking sucking became very intense. So while she was eating pussy I got to fuck her from behind. Soon after that we broke off from that I fucked Ruth till I came then finished watching Terri fuck Mark she was moaning like there was no tomorrow. We left shortly after that and went home and fucked like teenagers till the sun came up. It was the greatest night of my life .I can't wait till next time
SWSweetie said
Hi Ladies and gents, I have more fun on HornyWife then any place I've tried. I had over 400 responses to my ad the first month. I have met over twenty-five guys and I'm emailing to about ten ecah day. My sex life has never been better. I"m 60 and this pleases me very much. I do have one thing to add ladies. Most of the men complain because you don't answer their responses. What would it hurt just to send a breif note saying thank you, but I'm not interested. I met my soul mate in May and he had written to me three times trying got get me to just meet him for coffee. He wasn't what I thought I was looking for but after I finally met him for coffee and then ended up having the best sex I had ever experianced. I will never judge anyone by their profile or picture again. Ladies you could be missing a good guy by being to picky. Thanks to HornyWife I don't have to look anymore because the frog I kissed turned into my prince.
DancingInDreams said
I joined HornyWife to meet new people and have some fun, no LTR interest at all. I responded to an ad that said he was interested in the same things I was, and we emailed and did instant messenger for about 2 weeks. Then we met and sparks did fly! It has been about 3 and a half months now, and we have relocated to the same town and found new employment. Every day gets better and better and we have decided that this is definately an LTR....
We couldn't be happier or more satisfied, and we thank you so much for hosting the HornyWife site....Keep it up!
rm_Teachspet said
Dear HornyWife,
Hello, i am writing to tell you a success story. i have beena member of your site for almost a year. i started out coming here as a joke. i wanted to see the kinds of people who would come here and what they chatted about. when i came i found i had to join to really see anything so i did.
During the last year i have met many people. I have chatted with dozens of people mostly in the wild room. ive met people in real life and had some amazing sex. ive made friendships that will last the remainder of my lifetime. The most important relationship ive made however is the one i made with Mark. His handle is TravTeach and mine was foreverPen. Ive since changed it to Teachspet. Mark and i met in february. we met in the wild room and exchanged pictures.
We found that we had many things in common including a talent for writing erotic fiction. Not only did we chat in the room but we began emailing each other and talking privately via instant message. Then in april of this year we actually talked on the phone. We found we liked each other more than we thought. We formed a solid lasting friendship. One based on love. not a sexual love although we teased each other but one that is shared by the best of friends. we started talking more frequently and as time went by we found we were falling in love.
The truly amazing part is that we have since met face to face. we are engaged to be married and I and my children will be moving to Rhode Island where he lives. We are inviting all our special friends from the wild room to our wedding. My three attendants for my wedding are all ladies ive met here on HornyWife. they are my best friends.
So when people ask me if this site truly works. I tell them yes, even when your not looking for it. Thank you for sending me an invitational email. Thank you for sending Mark one as well. You found us and brought us together. For that i thank you with all my heart.
Sincerily Yours,
Teachspet, foreverPen
rm_Xeri_28 said
I joined HornyWife last summer to find some new fuck friends. I didn't click with anyone for a couple of months until I received an email from D. I was unsure at first, just kept his note but did not respond for a few weeks. Eventually I wrote back, and we traded messages for a few days before agreeing to meet. We both were initially interested only in no-strings sex, but found ourselves deeply attracted to each other. So much so that we began dating soon after that and became exclusive in December. Our sex life is amazing and I have never been happier, and it's all thanks to HornyWife.
rm_variedgirl said
I put my ad on in January......I immediately recieved several hundred replies (thanks guys but there is only 1 of me).....I picked out a couple and wrote back......then I met possibly the nicest guy on the face of the planet....we have been seeing each other since February.....and the sex is incredible.....thank you HornyWife......a very enjoyable experience :)
rm_topheavy40D said
I want to thank HornyWife!! I have had three sexual encounters and they were all FASTASTIC.They were romantic and very good at certain things(smile) Number one gave me oral sex job that I still think about Number two had a great dick Number three almost beat out number one in the oral sex dept I am getting quite a few men thru HornyWife. The only problem I have is scheduling my sex dates(smile) I don't want to over book
rm_Almondnut said
I met him in the chat rooms - he was funny and witty and didn't try to pressure me into sex at first sight. He lives in my town and attended the same school as me. Our first date was lunch at the park - with so many people around, it was a safe meeting. He was polite and we talked for hours. We dated for 3 years. The wedding will be next month.
Gypsydog69 said
Met a very nice lady on HornyWife. We met in the chat room and arranged to meet the next weekend up in the town where she lives. We e-mailed each other during the week and when we met went out to dinner and then on the way to the bar decided to go to my motel instead. Had a great time both in and out of bed that weekend. We have spent a couple of other weekends together and now mthat my job has me back on the road we keep in touch and are planning a couple of weekends together in other cities where I'm working.
Coriolanus79 said
Met her here three years ago. After a few months of e-mails we met. A wonderful long day together.
Two weeks later we went to the city for the opera. We made wonderful love for the first time that night, and the next morning.
It's been a rollercoaster ride ever since.
Next month we marry and go on to a wonderful life together, exploring our selves, our spirits, and our sexuality.
dirtycouple7480 said
I met my boyfriend Mike on HornyWife, we started off just chating online and on the phone, but when it came to meeting up, we just clicked, both in bed, and out of bed, and its all thanks to HornyWife!
oceanwaves33 said
we had been sending emails to each other and finally decided to meet after work for a couple of drinks. we met at a local bar and talked some more having alot of fun. The time went by quickly and she had to leave so we walked outside as we walked to my truck her SUV it started to rain. She was suppose to go to her nephews ballgame but since it was raining it would be cancelled she hoped. She said she had some Crown in her truck, Isaid I will get the coke and when i came back she wanted to get in my truck. We got in the cab and talked and laughed some more, she finally said she was nervous so I leaned over and kissed her. She moaned and said it felt so good so we kissed some more. Finally I unbuttoned her shirts and revealed 2 small breast with nipples so hard. As I sucked on them she started to undue her jeans, I helped and the laid her down across the seat and began to lick and suck on her shaved pussy. As her she moaned and moved her hips I sucked harder and slid my tongue deep into her pussy. Finally she came and squeezed my head with her legs and held my face close to her pussy. i kept sliding my tongue deep into her and slid a finger into her pussy also. she calmed down and finally said it was my turn. Before I knew what was happening she was pulling on my pants and took off my shift. She told me to lean back turn towards her spread my legs and she started to give my the best blow job ever. She slowly rubbed my dick up and down with her hand, played withthe head of my dick and when she saw some juices she said can't waste this and tookme in her mouth. She slid so much of me in her mouth that she would lick my balls as she came down. I was ready to cum and told her she pumped my dick more as I shot all I had into her mouth. She sucked on my dick until I had nothing left. What a way to end the day.
rm_AnnaU22 said
I have been on HornyWife for about a year. I dated over 175 men from the site and there wasn't a bad man in the bunch. I was just very focused on what I was looking for. I will remain friends with many of them but I found the "love of my life" and we are now living together. I also have met many new friends in the chat room. We all gather there every morning for our coffe, tea and Krispy Kremes. There is a great deal of love in the chat and people there truly care about one another. We are all human and have great joys and sometimes tragedies. Everyone in there is supportive and caring and it has been a marvelous experience. I am deliriously happy and can only hope that many others will find someone as loving, kind, generous and sexy as my sweetheart. Annau22
rm_fragile_rose said
I submitted my ad to HornyWife a little over a year ago. I received lots of replys to my ad. Some good... some not so good. But this one particular email I received really interested me. It was short but to the point. He seemed very intelligent. He liked my profile and was quite taken by it I think. We talked on the phone quite a few times. He had sent me a picture of himself... he was very, very handsome. But it was months before we actually had the opportunity to meet.... through no fault of his I might add. I was a little reluctant because of a situation I was involved in. He was quite patient in waiting for me. I finally met him for the first time at his house. My parents live very close to him... so it was convenient for me to stop by and meet him. My intentions were to get acquainted... and to see if we could hit it off. Of course I found him to be everything I had imagined.... and I do mean everything. We had some wild and wonderful sex that night. He was the most exciting, and caring lover I have ever experienced. I can't remember how many orgasms I had that night but they were numerous. He played my body like a fine instrument. No other man had ever taken the time with me... to fulfill and satisfy me as he did. After that marvelous encounter we parted for a few months. He was always on my mind. He never gave up on me. He continued to call to see how I was doing. We also planned other engagements which seemed to fall through for one reason on another. But like I stated earlier I was in a situation that was pretty much controlling me.. until finally I realized that it was getting me know where except heartaches, confusion and pain. I decided to remove myself from this situation and move in with my parents. When I did I let him know that I had finally moved in with my folks... and that I was very much available. We went out several times to movies and dinner and back to his house where he made love to me. Yes... he made marvelous love to me. It wasn't just raw sex... for the sake of sex.... but he really made passionate love to me. Know other man had ever done this before. This continued for several more dates. I knew that I was beginning to fall in love with him but I just didn't want to tell him because I was afraid too. I wanted to be truly sure that it was real because I didn't want to hurt him. We had both been hurt deeply in prior relationships. How I found out for sure was when he took me to Atlantic City for a weekend trip of casinos, bright lights, the boardwalk, wonderful food and entertainment. This man... said all the right things.... made all the right moves... I actually thought it was a dream and when I woke up he would be gone. We made love every day while on this trip... and it got better and better with each encounter. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to wake up in his arms and how reasurring to know that he was close to me where I could feel his touch at any time throughout the night. Then I finally realized.... I love this man.... and if I searched the whole world over... I couldn't possibily find another one any more wonderful than he is. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are so compatible in every way... not just sexually... but in everything... from music, politics, and life in general. We haven't made any life long plans yet because I have a lot of loose ends and issues to resolve before I can make that final commitment. I do know that my life has changed since he has become a part of it. He makes me feel like a women in every way. I truly do feel loved... for the first time in my life. Thank you HornyWife for making this relationship possible. I have finally met my Knight in Shining Armour and my Prince Charming.
ADDENDUM: My true love has just sent you our success story throughAFF. She was glowing in her description and praise of me. However, she left out some very important facts. Our success and happiness is based on the fact that she is the most beautiful, caring woman I have ever met. I put her on a pedestal because she belongs there. She is so easy to love and I know that when we are together, no obstacle, past, present, or future, can stand in our way. Thank you HornyWife for providing me the chance to meet and love this remarkable woman.
rm_cyrilla said
She responded to my profile on HornyWife--she's 18, I'm 33. I thought, no way. She can't want to be with me, to experience her first (and my first) bi-experience with me. I emailed her back. We sent emails for about a week, and I still can't believe it, but we acutally met. I wrote the description below right after she left.

Oh. My. God. I actually went though with it. And it was amazing. We met at a resteraunt, and talked for about an hour. Then back to my house. She sat on the couch. I let my dog outside, then sat next to my new friend on the couch. As soon as I sat down she leaned over and kissed me--a kiss so sweet, damn she tasted good. We kissed passionatley--it was incredible. She immediatley unbuttoned my shirt and started caressing my breasts--she has a thing for my breasts. She sucked on them, and we retired to the bedroom. I loved watching her suck on my breasts--she enjoyed it so much, like a kid with a new toy!! We undressed, and I caressed her breasts--gorgeous. I sucked on them and she moaned. I pulled out my vibrator and massaged her clit--her first experience with a vibrator. She loved it and had an orgasm while kissing me--I loved that! She put her finger inside me, then two, then used my vibrator--I had an unbelievable orgasm. I wanted her to suck on my pussy, but she was a little reluctant--so I didn't push her and she said we can next time--there's going to be a next time!!! She was on her period, so we just played with each other's breasts for a little while, I took some pictures of her. We talked and kissed, and then it was time for her to go--until next time. I'm hooked. I want her again. Every woman has to at least try to be with a woman if you even have any kind of desire to do so-it's an incredible experience.
rm_FN4U2C said
Wow is the word for the week. Last weekend I did my first threesome and I still can't stop thinking about it. It was everything I had thought it would be and a little bit more. It's something that I've always wanted to be a part of, but without HornyWife I don't think that it would have happened. Sure, I ran into my share of roadblocks, the pretenders and fakers, but I never gave up. In the end it was worth all the effort. I met a couple who weclomed me and made me feel comfortable right from the start. I think we'll be friends for a long time to come. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it right here on HornyWife. Happy hunting my friends....

Good Luck,
rm_chickygal said
Well - i started chatting to a guy on HornyWife. We got along really well - so we decided to meet somewhere close by. We went for a bite to eat at some local cafe. After - he came back to my house. We were talking for ages and ages. When he decided to go home, it was too late at night, so he had to stay the night at my house. I gave him a big tshirt to sleep in. Thats when we took our 'friendship' a little further. We fucked each other like there was no tomorrow. I sucked his huge cock and he fingered me. We had the best pleasure. Luckily i had a vibrator - so he watched me while i used one.
This a few months ago. We are so happily in love. We have a really good relationship. We trust each other. He lets me fuck other guys and i let him sleep with other girls. The other night he slept with my best friend. But we both feel okay with it. Thanks HornyWife!

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