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rm_gunnerkg said
I responded to an ad of a woman 15 years older than me. I did not expect to receive a reply but to my surprise she responded. We emailed each other for about a week straight and finally decided that we should meet. The question for me was where? She solved that by saying her house. We could see if there was an attraction and talk some. Our first meeting I came to her front door and I was shaking, I was so nervous. She opened the door and asked me in. She had a thick sweater on and baggy pants so I really couldnt tell what her body looked like. But she seem ok and I was not really looking for a 20 year old beauty queen anyways. We talked about what we where both looking for and what we expected. She told me right up front that I was not getting lucky this time. She had to be sure that I wasn't nuts. I was fine with that and after about 2 hours I left. When I got home I checked my eamil and she had already sent me one. She said she was interested in meeting again. So was I. The second meeting was quite different. As soon as I got in the door she was on her knees pulling at my zipper. I didn't ever get my jacket off. I came in her mouth right in the front hallway. Next, we went up stair. She loves to touch and suck which I found incredibly sexy. This woman new what she wanted and wasn't afraid to ask. What a great change from the 20-30 year olds I was use too. We 69'ed for a while and then had traditional sex. We both cummed alot. Our third time was her on top. She went to town. Wow what a woman. The next time I saw we started out the same way. Except after our second go we decided to have a shower together. In the shower she when down on me and got me really hard. We both ran back to the bedroom and she had her ass in the air. I entered her from behind, she was so wet. She told me to take it out and stick it in her rear. Wow was I excited. I had never gotten the chance to do anal but always wanted to. It was amazing. She must have cum on every stoke of my cock. I did not even have to move. She kept pushing back wanting me deeper into her. I must have cum a bucket full. What an amazing time. Thanks HornyWife for the chance to live one of my fantasies. Now all I need to do is find two woman to have a threesome with and I'll be totally satisfied.
xyz_axis said
Well it started with just a couple e-mails. From, thanxs. And one day we decided to meet up at a shopping center. We did and talked a bit from our cars, and exchanged numbers. Well we chatted though e-mails and stuff. Then we went out on a date, , and mon o man it was hott. We both knew each others profiles, and what we both wated to explore. Well after 9 months, now we still see each other once a month or so, to recreate the magic, lol. I have to say that i have meet several women from and they have all been great, still looking to find someone that just wants to settle down, , someday i might just do that, too.
rm_0181269 said
0181269 here , first like to say thanks for the use of HornyWife, got together with singlemom, I wrote her , then she wrote back , a while past , we got to know each other , she invited me over , soon as I got thru the door , bam , she was all over me , we were going at it hot and heavy, pick her up thru her to the bed we striped , and proceeded to go to town, I licked her for about an hour, till she was squrming and shaking and shuttering , and moaning for me to fuck her , so I silde up her body and she grabed my long thick shaft , and guilded it in .with one long thrust, I hit bottom , I seen that hurt so good look on her face , then proceeded to start to pumping in and out till I reached max speed , I was pounding the hell out of that tight little pussy , and she was moaning , her body was shaking and shuttering I knew she was cumming hard , after she came , we layed next to each other , she started to suck on my still hard cock , then she climbed on top of it and rode her ass off, grinding herself down as low as she could go , till she came again , she got off all rite , two to three times more , she finally got tired and layed down beside me again, there we talked, and we played with eachother and she starts sucking my shaft once again, ,got it harder then it ever got , so I put her on her knees and enter her from behind, were , pounding on each other , till she cums again , note now I haven't came yet, but she came about seven times already , when I finally came , we took another break , then she starts to suck on me again, till I was hard , so she gets back on top and ride my cock till she cums a couple more times , after that we fucked a couple more times , it ended up , she said she had never came that many times in her life , I ask her how many times did she came , she said about 11 to 15 she lost count , all I know is that I only came 2 times , so we showered and I left , the next week we were doing it again , same thing her about 13 times, me 2 times .but we had a great time ,
yute said
I've had a couple of good times from HornyWife. It is difficult to find bi friends in the area. Without HornyWife my cock would still be dry!
rm_expen20000 said
Hi, I must let you know that I have had the most wonderfull success with my ad on HornyWife. Every time I open it up I have such responces. In two days alone I received 20! I am constantly on dates and then having to shut my ad down for a while so that I can go out and have fun. I have actually have met men with whom I had a relationship with for several months. This deffinately works much better than the traditional personals! I honestly don't know if I would have had as many dates this past year without you. Thank you, iwant2explore
rm_expen20000 said
I, BarhorstWm, met a Lovely Woman "Kathy" who cmae to visit me after many months of online chatting and emails I sent her. She drove for 8 hours one way to meet me. Almost 300 miles. She then drove home after the weekend. Then she came back to take me to her home for a while. We are growing this relationship into something real special! Thanx To HornyWife, even after they screwed up my Profile and my ability to log in. I Love You Kathy! I Pray our relationship lasts forever... A Poem I wrote: Our Love Our Love is like the Golden Sun that shines down on the land. It's like the breaking ocean waves that crash upon the sand. Our Love is like a strong oak tree that reaches towards the sky, Our love is everlasting, together you and I. Our Love is everlasting, like the Sea, the Sky, The Rain, together we'll have happiness, together we'll have pain. But our love will last forever, Forever will it stay, Like the Sun that shines down on the land, I Hope, I Wish, I Pray! Copywrited 1975 BarhorstWM
rm_new2us1958 said
My lover and I will be celebrating 3 years together on May 23, 2003. I answered his response to my ad on HornyWife and we met and with one kiss the sparks were flying. We are now living together and enjoying each other immensely! We have even decided to come back to HornyWife to see if we can meet other couples and explore our sexuality even more. I can only say thank you HornyWife for helping me find the man I was dreaming of for so long!
purrsian said
I joined HornyWife for sex, was not looking for any commitment after 13 years of marriage and a year of repairing the mind body and soul. My first encounter was with someone who lived close, he wanted me to come to his home, he directed me where he would be, tied up in his bedroom and blindfolded and helpless (okay not too helpless, I assume if he tied himself, he could untie as well). I was a bit nervous but he convinced me he was the vulnerable I went and had fun. Then there was the sweet guy I met one hot August night and he was into practicing multiple male orgasims.....with all the windows open, the man screamed like a woman being beaten, most bizarre thing I ever heard! I had some good times, some not so swell and met several that I saw more then a few times. If you're female and looking for no commitment, this is the place for sure!
After a year, I got an email from someone that was worded a bit odd, he called a photo of my strap on a 'probe', I soon discovered he was just 19 and had just joined HornyWife looking for an older woman, 19 AND a virgin so I wished him luck and he wrote back and I wrote back and then he sent me clear photos of what he looked like........ omg, I almost came just looking at his face shots. Now I like young, half my age is a good thing (although he was more then half my age young, a damn teenager for cripes sake). BUT.......I found myself accepting a dinner date with him on New Years day. That was over 2 years ago and I have never looked back or been happier. He is from Europe and came here when his country had civil war, yes, complete with sexy accent! We have had a few rough moments with the age thing and we live 70 miles apart but this is the most romantic, kinky man I have ever met in my life, he amazes me , keeps my panties wet AND makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I don't know where it will go from here (well actually this weekend we are off south to see Linkin Park concert and back up north to stay the night again in the 5 star hotel he works at) but HornyWife, you rule! I had given up on getting the whole package, who would have thought one could find it here, yehaaaaaaaa thank you thank you purrsian
ps and we have had a few very wonderfui encounters with others here on HornyWife
easy1015 said
I love the HornyWife chatrooms! From the first time I chatted, I connected with a great couple who I met in person and still remain good friends (with benefits ;) to this day.
da_bears4u said
we joined HornyWife in dec 1999, but there wasn't anything really to do. They didn't have zonal chat rooms or anything. Then in July of 2000 they created rooms form the time zones and other specific areas. By august we met our first bi lady. By december of 2000 we started having parties all up and down the front range to meet others like us. Since then parties have been abounding and fun has been had by all. I just want to thank HornyWife for making this site work... Even when they update!
JeroenP28 said
We have had exchanged some emails, but now the moment is there, we are going to meet. I invited you over to my house, because I was going to cook for you and serve you a candle-light dinner with wine. And so it happens.
The ice is broken soon, as we feel comfortable with each other. You look great in a blouse and a skirt, with great boots. I am my casual self, but we both feel relaxed. Of course also the wine does it work.
After dinner, you tell me you are a little tensed for some silly fight you had in the daytime. I tell you that I can give a nice massage and you ask me: "Would you?" Of course it is no problem, since I offered it more or less.
You sit close before me and I start rubbing your shoulders. After a while I stand up and go to take some massage oil. You are surprised maybe that I have it, but you open some buttons of your blouse to be able to take it off your shoulders. With the oil it is even more relaxing.
After your shoulders I start to rub your neck and ears. You seem to like it very much.. I continue by rubbing your forehead as well.. YOu like this so much that you sit against me with your head backward on my shoulder. You put your arms around my neck. Then at about the same time we turn our heads towards eachother and our lips find each other naturally... We kiss long and intensely.
I suspect that now the magic is over and you will suddenly wake up from your relaxed state, but you keep your arms around my neck... my hands touch your face and then go down your cheeks and chin and lower and lower on your body. I slowly open the remaining buttons of your blouse and open it... You are wearing a very sexy bra. :-)
My hands are touching your breasts and my fingers move under your bra, to squeeze your nipples, which are turning quite hard. Still your eyes are closed and your hands are around my neck. You seem to enjoy it thoroughly.
My hands go down to your skirt and I start pulling it up your legs... Eventually your panties are visible and myhands start touching your inner thy. Softly I open your legs a little more. Then my hand moves up to meet your panties... I start to rub your clit thru your panties. I can notice that this excites you...
I move my hand under your panties and I am now massaging your clit directly.. Your excitement gets higher as my rhythm gets faster. And then you start trembling and start making very exciting noises... You pull your arms tight around my neck.. Your orgasm is overwhelming and only then you let go and lean against me in total relaxation.
The massage is completed, but the night is still young.....
xtrabuddy said
My wife and I started having threesomes (mfm) with my best friend joining us. Our first encounter was pretty hot. We did just about everything in the book. She got a dp for the first time which she loved. It was just so hot. Well since she enjoyed them so much, we figure we need to continue to get together with my best friend more often. As we had more encounters with him, it just became more difficult for him. He was having trouble keeping his cock hard. My wife would start to suck him as soon as he would come in our bedroom. I could see his cock hard. As she sucked his cock, I would kneel behind her rubbing her clit from behind. I then eat her as she continue to suck him. After a while I would finally stick my hard cock in her soaking pussy. I’d be pumping her hard and slow depending on the feeling. Then I would pull out so my friend could start fucking her, but as she would position herself on top of him, his cock would go soft. She’d played with his cock but would not want to get hard. So then I figured that maybe my presence was making him feel uncomfortable or something. I whisper to my wife that I’ll give them about 10 to 15 minutes to themselves so they can get rolling with the action. I step out the room and go over to living room and watch porn. About 20 minutes later, I walk in the bedroom again and he still can’t keep it hard. My wife is getting frustrated because she wants his cock and can’t have it. Next thing you know me and my wife are fucking and figure well if he gets it hard push me away and take him on. NO LUCK! About a week ago, my wife and I had been going at it like rabbits and during our fucks, I would ask her if she still wanted my best friend to fuck her. Every single time without hesitation, she would say yes in this horny voice. Before you knew it, she’d be calling his name to me as I fucked her harder and harder making her cum instantly…..thinking it was him fucking her. Well last Friday my best friend called me up asking me to hang out with him at a bar and grill. He told me other people were there and they were all having a good time. I told him, I’d called him if I would go over. My plans for that nite were to stay home which I did in the beginning. My wife and I hit the bed around 11pm. I started to eat her as it made her real horny. Before you know it ..I am fucking her hard and she’s all into it. She tells me she wants my best friend to cum over and fuck her. I tell her that he’s at a bar and that I would go over and bring him home. While agreeing to all this…..I felt her cum instantly again. I then cum myself all over her pussy. I get up and rinse to go out to the bar. By this time it’s 12am and I just arrive at the bar. I get a beer and start to mingle with everyone there. About an hour later my friend says he’s all beat and wants to call it a nite. I say sure whatever. At this point I had not mentioned anything to him. We get in our cars and head home ( we live in same neighborhood). I get my cell and call him up. I ask if he’s doing ok driving and he says yes I was just bored at the bar. I then ask him if he wants to stop at our house that it was just me and my wife at home. Kids were at grandma’s. He automatically says sure but that he has to make a pit stop. I say ok then I’ll see you at home. I get to the house… wife is in a nitey with nothing underneath. I right away get naked and hop in the bed with her. I pull her nitey up and insert my cock. Her pussy is all wet and hot. I tell her that my best friend is on his way over. She gets all excited and happy. She then asked me for a favor. I say “sure, what is it?” She tells me “let me fuck him alone”. So I say for how long because I want to watch as well as participate. She just tells me about how he’s been having trouble keeping it hard and she also thinks that it’s because of me. I tell her that It might kill me knowing that she’s getting fuck without me (meaning jelousy). So I told her that I would give them sometime on their own and when they’re on a roll for her to cum and get me. This is about 2am. She agrees to our plan. At this time she’s riding me and getting ready to cum again. About 5 minutes later, we hear a car door slam and the alarm. I peak out the window from our bedroom and it’s him. I tell her…..he’s here. We then hear a door knock. My wife goes to open the door in just her nitey. I stay behind in our bedroom. She leads him over to the guest room which is not that far from our bedroom. I was naked in our bed playing with my cock while they went into the other room. Twenty minutes later, I am still waiting for my wife to come for me and no sign. I walk over to the hall to see whats going on. All I could hear were some moans and kisses and the daytime bed moving. I don’t want to walk in on them yet just incase he’s not hard or something. But the sounds I was hearing were telling me that he probably was. I stayed there for about 15 minutes just listening and playing with my cock. Before you knew it, the moans got louder and the bed was moving faster and that cause me to cum right there in the hall. I then go back to our bedroom and wait some more which I did not mind at this point since I needed a break to get hard again. It was 3am already and still no sign of my wife coming to get me. Hmmmm??? I thought. I then decide to go over to the room. I tippy toe myself over. As I walked in my best friend had my wife pin down to the corner edge of the daytime bed. She had her legs wide open and all the way up. He was fucking her hard. I could see his ass move back and forward and his cock go in and out in my wife’s pussy. I am just standing there watching and playing with myself. I was trying to get close to my wife’s face so she can take my dick in her mouth but couldn’t because of desk we have in there. I then get one of my wife’s foot which was up in the air and give her a rub and a tap to let her know that I was there. I then step back hoping she would change positions so I could join in but they kept going at it in the same position. I repeated tapping her foot and throwing a pinch and still they remain in the same position. I kept hearing her moans…….their kissing……him sucking her tits……..and the sounds of a very wet pussy and a hard dick going at it. After a good twenty minutes or so, I just crossed my arms and stood there and I guess she notice and I heard her whisper something to him but could not make it out. I thought she probably told him to change positions so that I could join in but it turned out different. He then sits up on the bed and she starts riding him. I could see how he would spread her cheeks to play with her ass hole and suck her tits at the same time. All I could do was rub around her ass cheeks and kiss her back and neck. That went on for a while until I think my friend notice I wanted sum of her too….so he tells her to suck him again which she does. And as she sucks him, she pops her ass up in the air and that gave me a chance toI position myself behind her to stick my cock in her pussy. Her pussy felt burning in there and very wet. I could tell her pussy was swollen from all the pounding it was taking from my friend. You could tell he had been rough with her. And now it was about 4am. I start pumping her pussy doggy style fast then slow because I felt like exploding again. During one of those pumps my cock got out and when I touched it with my hand, I came again right away but on my hand. Next thing you know all I could do was rubbed her pussy with my hand as I waited to get hard again. She ask if I had cum……and I lied and told her “no”. (the reason I said no was because my friend had been fucking her for about 2hrs and he had not came yet and I did not want to be the one that came first and faster. I’m suppose to be her best fuck…..and yes I was a little jealous of their to much fucking). So she continues to suck his cock and I am behind her with a soft cock waiting to get hard but it was not happening and there was no sign of them stopping and calling it a nite. So I then get up (4:30 am) and walk out hoping she would follow but nothing. I climb into our bed to wait for her and still nothing. From our bedroom I could hear moans again and the bed moving. Those noises went at it for another 30 minutes when all of a sudden they went silent. I figure…finally he came. So I still waiting for my wife thinking she should be in our room in about 5 minutes but nothing. At about 5:30 am I go over to the other room and was not planning to get mad or anything but I go in and they’re cuddling. I told her to come to our room and she says ok…….I say loudly “NOW” I walked back to our room follow by her. When we were in our bedroom….first thing that came out was…..”at what time where you planning to come and get me?” She’s like let me explained…..”I am so sorry…I know I did wrong” plus other stuff and at this time my friend had gotten ready and left our house. I guess he felt like “oh shit”….(but for the record I was not really mad at all. In fact It was the most exciting thing for me) I was just playing it out. She’s like “I’ll do anything for you, I am sorry, I did not mean to ignore or forget about you. It’s just that he was fucking me so good that I did not want him to stop”. I told her….I think I notice he was fucking you good. She continue saying how good it felt being pin down….that she felt his full cock to the max and next thing you know we start fucking and I take her to the guest room and make her fuck me the same way she fucked my friend. We acted it all out just in a faster version which included an ass fuck for a finale. Yes my friend also fucked her in her tight ass and came in it. I must tell you that nite, my friend had no problem keeping it hard due to the fact that he did whatever he wanted with her including her ass. Ohhh and by the way…….since she said she would do anything for me……I brought another female to join us for a fmf threeway, but that’s another story!
rm_snake572001 said
This is how HornyWife bought us together..The Aussie way does one put into words what we have with our relationship, which is all thanks too HornyWife, Sexy2701 and I snake572001 first started chatting in June 2001, we both soon found each other just chatting away, but we never liked cyber, we would always ask if we were getting good sex or not and it was always one of us getting our rocks off, while the other would sit and ponder, Snake572001, ..had only ever asked sexy about having a face to face meet just the 2 times, and with respect snake never pushed the issue, we chatted for year and it was always one of us cheering up the other, or vice versa. We didn't realise it at the time, but chatting to each other had become a must do ...every day. So late in June 2002 snake caught me off guard, he asked if I would like to catch up for a coffee, instead of just giving him the brush off, I paused and asked my then house mate..should I go, in his infinite wisdom, and my confidence lacking he convinced me to go...but as most women like to do, I caught him off guard...I rang his phone, since the time I've known him this was one of only a number of times that he was rendered speechless. Strike 1 sexy..! Enter Friday 28 June had been up all night doing some sewing for a friend, and feeling the effects of 1 or 2 hours of sleep, and feeling like standing him up, my housemate...AGAIN..! me motivated, whilst snake called me to see if I was going to stand him up..hearing the desparation...or was that the male curiosity kicking in..I finally arrived, wearing what a woman should never wear on the first meet, nice black slim fitting full length skirt, (Unbeknown to snake I was minus underwear)and to top it off I had in my infinite wisdom pulled on a red Jumper, ..what was I thinking ..what did snake think, needless to say we started chatting idly about life and how much it sucked, sexy had also told me that she had to leave at a given time, go and pick her 2 sons up from their fathers, .. 30 minutes before sexy was due to leave her phone here I was thinking..mmm is it a girlfriend helping her to leave..if things didnt go to plan..?..But alas it turns out it was a call from the boys father, sexy didnt have to leave at all, woohoo..snake finally had her attention...or so he thought. Now with both of us a little more relaxed and enjoying the warm winter sun..enjoying some refreshing, and we were hoping dutch courage !!. Our 2 hour meet had gone near on 5 hours, it only seemed like 30 minutes, Sexy had to excuse herself to the powder room, as sexy got up and walked towards the restroom, she unwittingly had gained snakes undivided turned out snake was an ass man, and sexy had unknowningly, hooked the snake, by the tail..or maybe tongue. snake was a victim of the imfamous female sex appeal. Sexy returned and we both decided that 5 hours wasn't long enough for us to get to know each other, (snake was thinking about the ass that got his attention) we decided on a second date..3hrs later we both bought a friend along..why?..we really dont know, snakes friend commented on how well we get along and he was completely and utterly gobsmacked when snake informed him that we had just met earlier that day. For the past year we had developed such an easy rapport, that subsequently it had rolled over from cyber chat to real face to face, and an incredibly great start. Snake continued to empty his wallet of his hard earned cash buying drink after drink for sexy, with I must add no fore-thought of anything else but just having a good time out, alas the time had come..the bar was closing..all night long sexy and snake had been showing typical mating habits of the male and female sex, the innocent brush past, while making all sorts of indescrete body contact..all except the sexual kind..(dont worry that comes soon). Snake had to make a decision, should he do the noble and gracious gentleman and bid farewell to sexy, or should he nonchalantly retire back to sexy's home..and come what may.
Well with no joint decisions being made snake, being the male of the species, and also very imbibed due to the copius amounts of alcohol being consumed, and sexy's inhibitions being left behind at the bar, we finally and awkwardly found ourselves alone, sexy thinking if she had done the right thing, whilst snake trying his utmost to be noble and discreet, Discreet is the one word that came to sexy's mind, when she discovered 5 out of 6 buttons on her blouse were undone, snake was discrete..and he had fingers that knew no bounds. Impressed with snake's dexterity with buttons, we retired to the bedroom, sexy thinking..mmmm..what next..well that was answered for both of us, the alcohol had taken its toll, once we were naked, we both devoured each other..or so we thought, 14 and a half minutes later ..both of us spent, yet satisfied, mumbled garbled english and bade each other goodnight.
Looking back to that night we laugh, it was a typical wham bam thank ya for coming I'm full of alcohol type of FUCK.
We continued to see each other, in fact every day, snake would go off to his flat in the inner city area of Brisbane, walk in the computer on, HornyWife where is that sexy. An hour later showered, freshened and in a sound mind, lacking of alcohol, snake arrived as expected on sexy's doorstep. We slowly but surely over the next few months, discovered and fondled each and every part of each other, we had clicked with each other more than we ever imagined or expected. Our sex was getting really hot and heated, and we both agreed it was incredibly fantastic sex, we consumed each other with an appetite unfathomable, we would spend hours side by side..face to face..engorging our insatiable sexual frenzy, snake was 11 years sexy's senior, yet when we were in the cot, their was no such thing as age, sexy was just laying back legs parted, slightly bent, snake an arm gripping each thigh..not too tightly, whilst feasting himself on the indelectable and incredibly sweet tasting and alluring taste of sexy's juices, sexy laying back enjoying the rythym of snakes pointed yet very prodding tongue, it seemed like hours for sexy...laying back..just seeing snake's face buried in between her thighs eating her like there was no tomorrow. Snake had never tasted a more delightful and delicious woman in all his devious years, he thought he had nailed sexy with his way of the tongue, but no, sexy had an ace or should that be "stud" up her sleeve..she had a secret weapon, her tongue was pierced, and she had the accessories to lift him off the bed ...almost to the ceiling, a little rubber attachment, innocent looking tiny little arms a few millimetres long, yet incredible feeling once it lingered and licked the head of snakes hardening and pulsating cock, convincing him to have his tongue pierced to reciprocate the pleasure, sexy as snake had done to her, was engorging her mouth around the head of his cock..she could feel his whole body shivering and uncontrollably shaking with the pleasure that neither of us could have ever imagined. The room had the distinctive, yet hard to achieve lingering aroma of insatiable and pleasurable sex, it was almost luminous. We could almost reach out and close our hands around the newly discovered and uncontrollable scent of our sex. Sexy and snake had meet their sexual waterloo, and they weren't wasting one minute, it seemed like every time we entered the bedroom ..something would click in us both and snake would just drive himself deeper and deeper inside me, I too, couldn't get enough of his always pulsating cock in me, he would try and get further inside me, snake loved the feeling of entering her ..the first thrust ..inside her slow and deliberate..until he reached a point where his whole body would quiver, the head of his cock parting those lucious and silky feeling lips..until his head disappeared into this new and incredible cavern which awoke senses never before felt by snake, the biggest decision snake had to make every night would be a dilemma of sexual delight..should he enter sexy with his immeasurable and delicious length of cock, which I must say has never seen a ruler or length of tape by its master. Some nights it felt like it managed to get slightly larger. Snake had never felt what he was feeling with sexy, whether by his cock, or with his acrobatic and rythmic tongue which he loved to prod and discover every opportunity he got, stretching his tongue till it could go no deeper inside her chasm of angelic tasting womanhood. He would finish with his tongue, look up at me with lustfilled eyes, glazed over by the overwhelming hunger of sexy's taste and proceed to lick his lips with delight savouring the taste until he has the chance to reaquaint his mouth with her ever inviting mantrap. Her taste was like apricots and pears, mixed together. Trying to savour every drop of nectar even from his chin, here was a man who had it all. Forget the lotto tickets, money ain't getting this.!!...PRICELESS. Our sex over the next year was always incredible. Some nights snake wouldn't even enter me, we would sit face to face and just fondle ourselves and/or each other. Neither of us had yet comprehended what we had achieved sexually, we had never reached the extremes of pure and passionate sex. Sexy once boasted about her orgasm record, 14 orgasms in 1 night by 1 man about 3 and a half or 4 hours...a month or 2 went by. 2 and a half hours later, bodies drenched and the musky odour of sex still lingering in the air ..our bodies both covered in thousands of glistening beads of sexual and might I add well earnt drops of sweat. The bed was drenched, not damp, but completely wet throughout, we had managed, albeit, unwittingly completely devoured sexy's orgasm record, it stands at a now respectable and highly unbeatable 22 orgasms over a period of 2 and a half hours. An incredible rate of an orgasm every 6 and a half minutes, not that we were timing, to this day we think back to the night we broke the Big O Record. Sexy on the night couldnt get enough, snake's shaft of manhood was spent deep inside sexy's hole of pleasure, it barely wilted. When we both thought it was over, we would both get a tingling feeling all throughout our body, we felt like we were on air. Yet when snake tried to go for iced water, he had to brace himself. We had truly reached another level of sexual pleasure. To this day we continually ask ourselves the question 'can it and will our sex get any better'the answer is in the minds and bodies of the 2 of us, we never try to go hard just savouring and enjoying each other is enough for us. We have also brought ideas we thought could never be spoken to another person to reality. We have discovered more of ourselves than most people could only wish for. We always find it amazing when we discuss different facets of our bedroom achievements, all of which will/have been brought to fruition. Over time we have become confident and at ease with our levels of bi-sexuality, and how we also enjoy observing each other with other sexual partners. The indiscriminate and spontanious sexual acts we have performed with and without others has given us opportunity to share with others what we have just discovered ourselves. What we have between us is something we never aspired too, therefore, we are of the presence that it may not last forever, so we enjoy and treasure each other and each moment we have together.
We have now been a couple for 18 months, we have made plans for marriage in the near future. Like all couples we too have our moments of madness and stubborness. When we first met at the Pig and Whistle alfresco brasserie in the Brisbane Queen st Mall, never in our wildest dreams did we expect to reach the heights of pleasure we have managed to reach. With the firm beliefs of a couple, whom on some days wonder in absolute amazement, at the thoughts 'what if HornyWife wasn't here? Where would we be?' We dare not wonder, for we both just smile, and go on in our new life together.
For if no other people have said it, we will, for without your ability to draw people together in an environment, like the internet, where like life itself, has its good and bad elements, sexy and myself(snake) have all the people from truly be thankful for bringing us together. We will be forever eternally grateful, not only for our relationship, also the many great and colorful people we have met and maintained contact with, their names are too many to mention, they know who they are and they are still in our lives.
For if it wasn't for the inguenuity and creative thoughts of some modest person or persons who stumbled across the minute idea of establishing a website now known simply as HornyWife, and slowly and sometimes with lingering doubts if it would ever get off the ground, nutured this idea with expectations of an expectant mother have slowly watched it grow into a global website like no other we have seen, you people who are the machinations of HornyWife should feel proud and remember that you may be changing the direction of others each and every day this site is up and running.

Truly Best Regards
sexy2701.....snake572001 ........................another HornyWife success !
p.s. any contributions to our HornyWife themed wedding would be greatly accepted.
dirtyfun1965 said
this story started when i was in the chat room, i got talking with a couple from london both teachers so they only went home on school hols. when we got chattin they told me the town they lived in and guess what.....u got it that 8 miles from where i lived .Spooky or what)
any how we arranged a meetig at arriving i was greeted with a warm welcome, i was a bit nervous as i was on there turf. we all started chattin over a glass of wine before long we were all relaxed and i new the fun would start soon by now my cock was starting to get stiff as i had worked out in my mind what i was going to do . the lady n question told me her hubby just like to watch witch was fine by me and led me upstairs.
in the room we started by kissing slowly & gently as i ddidnt want to appear to be desprate or to quick. in the back of my mind i kept wondering if hubby was going to creep up behind me and surprise me. lol
Any way as we got more excited i started to undress her cloths it was a long black dress her nipples were stick out as i dropped the dress i started kissing her titts they were very big i sucked on them for a little while until she put her hand on my cock and started to rub it up and down in a blink of an eye my zip was undone and she was on two knees sucking for england and boy was it good.
it wasnt long before i was breathing deepy. i new at this rare i would cum so i stopped her and led her to the bed i was straght on her pussy eating , licking sucking chewing and making a real meal of it. she was moaning a lot quite loud, i caught her hubby in the corner of my eye, he was lookng and enjoying her being pleased by another man, a black man they had told me that was one of there fantaties . as she got more and more louder, i asked her if she wanted me to fuck her in her broken breath she said please yes, i got on top and put the tip of my cock in here and that made her groan some more then deep er and deeper i went with each stroke. as we got into frezied rytham in and out in and out we went until she let out a scream i smiled because i new it was a good orgasam she had just had. iwas ready to come now but didnt was to just yet so i came out of her , i asked if she had any sextoys she pulled out a black vibrator about the size of my cock i started to push it in real deep at the same time licking her click she was all over the place screaming , moaning and breathing out of control. it was fab having such great effect on a woman. as this point i could take no more and got back on this time from behind , i was rubbing her pussy , then her tits, switching as i went along i was near to cumming i told her. she told me to lie down, and statred to suck me off then i could hold it no longer i was shouting , i iiii am cuming then she sstarted to wank me of even faster .i exploded there seemed to be more than i can remember my body was just spazaming and shaking as she then took it and sucked it a bit more , i rolled over and looked at er she was smiling and so was i , her hubby had been watching and said he had felt tied justing watchng us. we all laughed had a class of wine chatted a bit more .i left not long after we have had a coulpe more sessions which have been great to.
DirtyDirtyCpl said
Myself and my man have met a few like minded couples. We do find it a little hard to find true bisexual couples but they are out there if you look hard enough. We enjoy a very active sex life and have topped up with this site so thank you very much.
kinkloftcouple said
I had been looking for that certain woman for years. Tried just about everyone - artists, alwyers, etc but nothing worked for long. I should say that I have had "many, many" women over the years but your site helped me find the one that was totally right for me!
We're now engaged and currently looking for another couple/woman. Hope I/we have the same success!
ScrotumBasher said
It's hard to find commitment at HornyWife but with perserverance you can find what you are looking for. A friend was involved with HornyWife for about 2 years and he was having a good time but not finding Miss Right. He told me of several ladies he had found and, without details, what they had got up to. Unfortunately these relationships went for about 2 months at the most and he wasn't getting the commitment he was after. After 2 years I think that he has found the right lady for him and everything seems right with them, hence that was the reason I joined up, to see whether it could work out the same for me as it did for him. So ladies, not everyone out there is just after a quick root, there are some that are looking to find a life partner.
eastsidegirl4fn said
I had just gotton out of a bad relationship with the cheater of the year and had set my mind to not dating for a long while when a friend came to HornyWife and set up a profile for me. She said that I was too much woman to keep hidden. After about a month of bullshit e-mails and one-line "wanna fuck" notes, it all paid off. We spoke for about a week on the phone and by that friday I was so hot to meet him that I put all caution aside and drove to his place. As soon as he opened the door, I knew it was going to be a long night! From the first hug, he made me so wet, to the last stroke of his massive cock.( 4 times later), I was thanking my girlfriend with every scream. I have never been made so hot, or so sore by any man until that night. I spent the rest of the weekend with him, all of it in bed. He knew just how to lick and suck my tight pussy just before stuffing his hard cock in and pounding so hard it left marks on my ass. Just as I would catch my breath, he would want more, so in between the ultra oral and the rough rider sex I knew I'd found what I was looking for. So now 5 months later, we see each other all the time, he says hes so into me and me only and the sex is never better. I found a great guy without all the bull shit and couldnt be more happy. Thanks to HornyWife and Debby.
rm_coolhand_1007 said
I would not say that i had made it in this site, rather knowing that i am not alone in not receiving any replies yet is not at all that bad.But having several ladies viewed me and took interest in wanting to know me and than accepted to be in my private network, thought still no replies and still staying on, is in itself a good feeling for me.Though i am contented, I hope to one day open their minds and to start emailing back.I believe they are unique in their own ways, attached or not, and i do respect them upon their quite ways.Maybe most are quite tied up in responding to others and or, as most are standards members, finding difficulties in responding.I would give them the benefit of their doubts.Even though i had email them to thank them for their accepting to be in my network and that i am easy to please and patience enough to wait on them until they do email.I am contend to know that there are good lovly ladies to share the same interest as myself.In the mean time I'l do some browsing..Care to join me anyone, ,, ...Have a nice and colourful day...
8inhardwood said
I'm a 47yo Bi-curious married man. At home love to satify my wife's needs, but always looking for a cock to suck on the side. I have always wanted to try a black cock. Recently on a business trip to Denver, I met a young black stud. I invited him back to my hotel room for some fun. Upon getting naked I found he had a nice thick cock but not all that long, maybe 6in. We crawled in bed and I worked my way down to his crotch. First licking his balls and then taking his full rod, buring my face in his thick black pubes. He had a slow trigger and I worked him for over 10 minutes, when he pulled out and had me swing around into 69. I was on the bottom and he entered my mouth, pushing his cockhead to my tonsils. His balls covered my nose as I looked up as his nice ass. As he licked my pole and played with my balls, he began to fuck my mouth. After 5 minutes of intense fucking, I watched his balls contract and his ass tighten. He sank his cock all the way in my mouth as I felt his explosion. We continued to orally satisfy one another for the remainder of the night. Truely, this was hottest bisexual moment of my life. Look forward returning to Denver for a repeat performance.
rm_sucknfuckboy said
sat online here one day and poured out my soul. I could not understand Why? when I had so much to offer I was alone. And as I sat here crying and typing out my Hearts'Desires I really spoke from my heart. Even though I didnt mention all the things that make up my world I was finally satisfied that this mere draft had better do the trick. Quite frankly I had given up, forgot all about this profile. And the day came a few responses had been deleted before I stopped and realized what I had done. I read the Subject lines and found the one that touched my heart...when I opened that one I was a bit curious, looked up his profile and once again discouraged. From another state. Darn! I expressed this and from that moment on the Miracle of Love started doing its own thing. So heres my Sign...stupid me..His love is true and from that time its is known that Russ and I have become an "WE". Loving every moment, looking forward to Our Lifetime together. I truly have never been Happier....We are Our Hearts Desire and now its a Family...I Love you Baby Many Thanks HornyWife...goes without saying alot can happen in 1300 minutes and 4 days
rm_natahsha said
I have talked to a couple of very nice people. I am a woman in search of a woman. I actually came upon one that lives just a few miles away. We have become friends. I am working on becoming friends with a new lady that I have met. I was worried that this was going nowhere, then out of the blue I started meeting all sorts of people.
rm_TightN said
The first time I went to a swing club was a few years ago. It was sort of like I though it would be with people women and men dressed in next to nothing and some walking around in nothing but a smile and heels.I was the only black person there the 1st time I went which means I stood out, I didn't mind it so much I was wearing a fishnet outfit, nipple ring and heels. Me and my man walked around to check the place out and everywhere we went there was a couple or threesome thing going on, there was a lady there she must to have been in her 60's(Lil) there was "NO SHAME IN HER GAME" she was giving guys blow jobs and she must have been good at it because the guy she was blowing had a BIG smile on his face, I got to talk with her later that night and she said that swinging was in her blood and that she been a memeber at this club for two years the guy she was with wasn't her husband but her boyfriend she got him into swing when they started dating she told him that if he couldn't deal with her lifestyle he and she can never be together because it's in her blood and she's going to do it with or without him, he agreed to try it and now he loves it because that means he can get unlimited sex with other women young, middle age and so on, (lucky guy, right)
Well anyway back to me, as I was saying my man and I walked around to check out this place and we came across this couple she was beautiful nice body and very sexy so was he, they were in one of the many rooms with a kingsize bed we stopped to watch them she saw us watching and asked if we'd like to join in, my at 1st I was going to say NO but I thought she is really pretty and I love her huge breast I aksed my man if he would mind of course he wanted to so I said sure she helt her hand out for me to take it I did the guys let her and I go at it first, I kissed her from her neck to her toes I went down on her and she loved it she smelled so good ;-) she then wanted to do the same to me and pleasure me just like I did her, the guys and now others who were now in the doorway watching was enjoying the show. We then had our guys join us I was with hers and she was with mine he told me to lay back and just relax, he started licking me and I went crazy I let out such a scream, I swear I saw colors he was "SO DAMN GOOD AT LICKING" I told him he should have his tongue bronzed, it was the best licking (next to my man)I had ever gotten.
mot5100 said
It was a couple of years ago. We met through HornyWife and had had several steamy conversations but had not yet met. When the time came that we almost had a plan her parents came in from out of town and blew our plan....Well, sorta.
She had given me directions to her home when we were making our plans. She had also told me of her fantasy of being taken by a stranger in the night......and that she would be sleeping on the sofa while her parents were upstairs in her bed.
As I followed directions to her home I wondered what the hell I was doing...and what I would do if the door was locked. What if she was startled and and and.....shut the hell up and do this or turn around and go home.
In the darkness I found the door open....On the sofa a sweet thing wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a smile....Two smiles. Could she have known I would come? Was she perhaps expecting someone else. Didn't matter as I found myself immediatly inside of her steamy wet body.
It was several hours before we finally came up for air. Never once did I think of the parents just overhead.....Gosh, some people can sleep through anything.
rm_TightN said
A few years ago I met a very handsome and sexy italian guy we worked in the same building he worked upstairs and I worked downstairs. It was instant attraction, but we had to play it cool because at the time we were both married but that didn't stop us from getting our freak on anywhere and where ever we once did it under the stairs in the building where we worked, we had just finished 3 minutes before someone came down they would have caught us for sure, we'd meet once a week at a hotels in Downers Grove, Hindale, Lombard, Oakbrook, I'd always dress up in different outfits everytime we meet, one night I dressed like a babydoll, I had on a pink and white nighty with matching ruffled panties my hair was in ponytails and ribbons. That was the first night together it took him by total surprised because he wasn't expacting it when I open the door he was shocked and speakless for about 4 minutes, he wanted me to take off my babydoll outfit I told him that it would be more sexier if we didn it with the outfit on, it worked because we went at it like it was our lastnight on earth.And it;s been like this for 12+yrs. He looks forward to getting together becuase he knows it's going to be something different. And different it is not to mention hot and steamy.
rm_SBlonde said
My First Experience with a Couple - How My Life Will Be Forever Changed
Of course I always had the fantasy of being with a woman. I would read lesbian erotica and masterbate. I would see some women "across a crowded room" and wonder what her skin would feel like. At 28, I kissed a girl because we felt compelled to. It was fascinating.
So, at 30 I decided to open myself up to new sexual experiences. When I moved to a new town, I put out an ad for a sex buddy, a man, but I also checked off that I would be interested in meeting a couple. Little did I know that one of my first responses would be from a couple. I thought that it couldn't hurt to meet them for a drink. So we met at a quiet Italian restaurant. We had some wine. I found out that we had a lot in common. He was cute, totally my type. She was almost a carbon-copy of the woman I felt compelled to kiss two years before. She kept smiling at me with such a devilish twinkle in her eyes. He smelled great and asked to feel how soft my leg was. She loved my shoes. We talked and talked for a couple of hours. I felt completely comfortable with them. I thought, what the hell!
They invited me back to their house. We had some more wine. She say on my left and he sat on my right. They each began to rub my legs, my arms, my neck, my face. He kissed me, strong and hard and full on. She kissed me, soft and feathery and with tingling edges. I had my hand on his thigh and the other cupping her face. They took off my blouse, releasing my breasts. She gasped and he asked her if he could lick me. She said, "Only after I do, baby."
Before I knew it, he was in his boxers, she in nothing at all and I had on only my skirt. I turned to her and moved my hands all over her skin. It felt like silk, soft and cool and incredible. I pulled her toward me and took her breast in my mouth. It was cool like her skin and she moaned as her nipple instantly hardened by the flick of my tongue. As she grew louder in her moans, he slipped his hand between my thighs and slowly spread me open.
She pushed me back on the couch and kissed me again with her electric mouth as he awakened my clit and started my juices flowing. I reached for his cock, but he said, "No, you are our guest. Right now is for you."
He began to nuzzle my breasts and toy with the inside of my thighs as her tongue moved down my body. She opened my legs and revealing my wet pussy. She exclaimed, "My god, you are beautiful! Baby, look at this incredibly pussy! Can I please have it? Please!" I moaned and he told her to taste me. She began with a kiss to my "other" lips. I felt her hot breath on my thigh and I quivered. She giggled with glee and began to explore me with her tongue. She traced every element of my pussy with her warm, strong tongue before even touching my clit. Just as I was about to cry out for her to take me, I felt her lips around my clit sucking softly and then faster and faster. My back arched and I shouted out for more. He moved up to my neck and ears and began to nibble and suck and lick. She made the most amazing sqeaking noises of pleasure as I rose higher and higher towards my climax. When I thought I could take no more, I felt her finger inside me massaging my g-spot and thrusting at the same time. I reached a point of total extasy, screaming and shaking and writhing about.
I fell back to the sofa exhausted and spent. She came up from between my legs and kissed me softly and then kissed him. He asked how I was. I couldn't speak. I felt warm and spent and thrilled all at the same time.
We spent the rest of the evening exploring each other and having an amazing intimate and wonderful time. I have seen them several times since. And they have become close friends. They opened my eyes and opened my world. For that I am immensely grateful. I can say that my first experience with a woman and my first experience with a couple was a resounding sucess for all.
dreamylover said
Santa’s Fantasy
It had been a long day. I can’t believe I volunteered to play Santa job at the mall. After all I make big bucks as a computer programmer. But she told me she’d leave me if I didn’t give back to the local community. So here I am, a 48 year old man in a sexless relationship, wearing a Santa suit at the local mall. It has been so long since I had any action, even the steady stream of grandmas traversing the mall look good to me. I mean, I am a good provider, and generous; maybe it is just time to admit the romance is gone and let my girlfriend go. I half think she’s getting some action from that guy in the office next to hers. I’m pretty good looking, and I can still raise the flagpole, if you know what I mean. I really crave the kind of passionate romance I had in my teens and twenties…I could go all night…and then some.
Then I saw her. She was about the best looking woman I had ever seen. I t wasn’t just her looks; it was her aura. Sure she was pretty, and had a voluptuous body with nice curves, but there was something else. Maybe it was her smile, or the light in her eyes, whatever, but I knew I had to have her. She’s looking at me I thought, and all she sees is a guy with a Santa suit and a pillow stuffed in my gut. I had to say something…all of this pent up passion was aching to be released. I could feel myself getting hard. Hope nobody is noticing that Santa has a raging boner.
“Can I help you, ” I asked, and you whirled around. You looked me right in the eyes and said, “Is that my gift you have there in your pocket, or are you just liking what you see?” I had nothing to lose. I said, “ I have a nine inch cock in my Santa suit that needs some attention. Have you ever thought about doing Santa?” You smiled and said you had always wanted to fuck Santa. You suggested a local motel across from the mall and I didn’t have to be asked twice.
Once inside the motel, it became a passionate frenzy. We virtually rip the clothing from our bodies in our excitement. I cannot believe how beautiful you are without your clothes on. I want to kiss you from head to toe, with my tongue exploring every part of your body. I lick your hard nipples while my fingers gently rub your wet glistening pussy lips. My tongue moves down across your belly and deep between your legs. I love the taste of your pussy juice and you oblige me by getting wetter and wetter. As I lick your pussy, my fingers gently probe at your ass, just enough to make you groan with pleasure. You have taken my cock deep into your mouth, rotating your tongue around and around until I can hardly stand it. My balls are in your mouth, with your hand stroking my rock hard member. My tongue goes deep into your hot pussy as you moan and start to rock your ass up and down. I can taste your juices as they flow down my throat. I want you to cum in my mouth and I’ll cum in yours. As we cum together, I pull my cock from your mouth and put it in your hot throbbing pussy and cum again, deep inside you. I hold you tight and we kiss a deep, romantic kiss, with my tongue in your mouth. We drift gently off to sleep in each others arms for a snooze, but soon I awaken with a rock hard erection and am raring to go again. As I touch your soft pussy and lick your nipples, once again you respond. This time your fingers and tongue do the work and I am powerless to even move as you bring me to another climax. We can’t imagine having a more perfect Christmas date. Santa sure came this year.
rm_goodtime2210 said
I recently met a woman on HornyWife, much to my surprise she was amazing. We went out and had a couple drinks, and then decided to come back to my home and go in my spa. When we left the bar, she got in my car, and quickly went down on me. Her mouth was so warm and amazing I couldn't believe something like this would ever happen. We got to my house and didn't even make the spa, we fucked twice that night and I have to say it was the best no strings attached sex I have ever had. She did everything right from Oral, to wanting anal. She is every man's dream especially mine when after fucking begs for hot cum all over her face! Thanks HornyWife!
rm_kitkat0228 said
I always have had good luck with HornyWife.... I love to sign on to see who's been reading my profile I have been married for 26 years to someone who doesn't like sex...and I have been miserable for more than 15 years. I love to find good horny guys who need a little....and I always find someone...well I had meet a really nice guy and I finally met with him, we had only about 1 hour...and I was very nervous...he was easy to talk to, and he was a southern gentleman who now lives in California. Well, I had such a good time, he did me four different ways and all in a one hour time period....I later asked if that was natural, and he said he didn't use viagra....he had the best was large, and he made love missionary at first, then he did me with my legs over his shoulders and got me so deep, and my favorite was from the back doggy style...I was in heaven....we talked and it was amazing. He also asked me about my previous sexual experience, and I told him that I had been with a women, and she loves to eat my pussy, and I told him that myself and a friend fucked my old boss...just because. He was very interested and he suggested that we do a threesome next time....I told him I wanted him to myself for one more time, then maybe I would do him and his friend.....we both were so hot talking about all that, so we fucked again...fourth time in one hour....and he was good every time....hard and a good fuck. I love for him to get me all different ways, because he loves it as much as I do....and I love to have him in me, and I want to do him, and his friend....but I will tell you about that next time.
rm_Shyones68059 said
Looking for couple that will perform in front of another couple. Wife has fantasy of this and female contact. can you help and make this a Christmas to remember
rm_yulove6666 said
I hasn't find a lover , because I am a newer! I'm very sad! If who want to make a friend with me, please send e-mail to Adult Friendfinder WELCOME YOU JION me in doing some intheresting thing! If you prefer to do this , it is a success!
rm_deepdvr25 said
My husband and I have been members from HornyWife for six months now and we met a couple on here that were great people. I was shy at first and didn't know what to say considering we just e-mailed each other all the time. And met for the first time in person. My husband clicked with them right away and was telling them about our careers. And they talked about theirs I findly was getting over my fear after an hour went by and was asking them about what they thought about my HornyWife profile? The wife said to me that she liked my pussy and it was so funny cause her husband wasn't exspecting that one so soon. He was imbarresed at first and started to laugh. I felt a tense sensations from his oura and he gave me a look that he wanted to stick his dick in me.My husband was looking at her big boobs and was giving her a look of wanting to fuck her my pussy was getting so wet. I said lets get into the hot tub so we moved out there and I got in with nothing on and they did the same. I sat next to my husband and we talked and laughed for about and hour. When the wife said lets get out for a while and go lay down on the couch to watch a movie or something. SO when I was getting up her husband was right behind me and I slipped and he caught me in his arms. I felt his hard throbbing dick against my ass. He made a small breath that made me quiver my husband said honey come on. I got up and ran up behind him. My husband said are you ok and I said ya and he said I saw that. And I think he wants to fuck you really bad. I said to him back that I was really turned on and my hubby's dick had pre-cum on the tip of his dick. he sat me down on a chair there on the porch and stuck his dick in my mouth. I wrapped my hands around it and put my mouth over the head of his cock. I looked over and saw the couple looking at us while they were touching themselves. Her husband walked over and put his dick next to my mouth and I leaned over and started to suck it. He was so horney and my husband saw how the wife was looking at how her husbands dick was in my mouth.And she was moaning a little that she came and joined in with us and stuck her head down by my pussy and was licking my hot wet juices dripping from my pussy. My husband was holding his cock and walked over to her wet pussy and stuck his tongue in her and put his finger in her ass. She was wild and was moaning really loud. I moved postion and stuck my pussy in her husbands face saying ohhhh that feels so good. He had such a big tongue that I was squirming all over. And was so wet that I was begging for more his dick was wet and ready for my pussy. He put it in slowly and I felt my whole pussy stretched to let him in me. My husband put his dick in her and she felt it fill her pussy and was she said in a sluty way that she wanted him to put it her ass. He loved that and pulled out and stuck it her ass. While I was getting fucked so hard by a man that wanted to fuck a young pussy he was saying to me that he wanted my husband to join us. I hinted to him that I wanted him to come over. He was feeling to good that he said wait one more time and he pulled out. He saw me fucking his cock with my pussy facing him and he stuck it in me while I was screaming in pure excitement. I know that my husband wanted to keep fucking her ass and pulled out and walked right behind her ass and was pushing it in. She was dripping wet from her pussy and I watched as he fucked me at all different angles and he pulled out and came on my tongue and I sucked his cum out into my mouth and swallowed it all. He went up to his wife and was putting his dick in her mouth and she was sucking it and got the last drops of his cum I was fingering myself watching in such lust right next to them. My husband pulled out and stuck his dick on her face and she licked it with cum on her tongue I couldn't take it anymore and was licking the cum off his dick and she sucked my boobs leaving cum from her tongue on my nipples. They were so shiny that her husband was holding my head and guided his dick into my mouth and came again all over my tits and my husband saw and walked up and was jerking off and shot a big load onto my pussy. The couple were so turned on seeing cum on my pussy and all over my tits they were touching thier dicks and pussy and I started to come and while I squirted my juices I was watching them look in amazement. We all took a shower and laid down on the couches talking about how much fun it was. And that was the last time my husband and I seen them again.
suckmytits1000 said
I never realised that if you have tits wanked it feels so good and it hurts at first but then it feel really good.
TheSacCpl said
The Perfect Date
Both the wife and I enjoy semi-public sex, flashing and the like. Recently we set up a meeting with a single gentleman. We were to meet in the early evening at a local pub. We went directly there from a late business meeting, so we were dressed well. The wife displayed her stockings and garters to me before we left for our meeting, so I had a semi-erection the whole time. Just thinking about that panty less pussy as I was trying to discuss business made me want to end the meeting and take her right there on the conference table. Finally, the meeting was over and we walked to the pub to meet our gentleman friend. We had the second floor of the place all to ourselves and the wife made it a point to flash her freshly shaved beaver to me as we sat down. Just as we started sipping our cocktails, he arrived and sat next to my lovely lady. I was seated on the other side of the table. We made small talk for the first half hour or so, as he admired my wife and her stocking clad legs. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and as she walked away, both males were following her every step in silence until I made mention that she wasn't wearing any panties. After he recovered he asked if I would be offended if he verified that. I told him to go right ahead. It wasn't long after she returned that I noticed his hand drop below the table. Soon she was leaning back against the back of the bench they were sitting on and I could tell by smile on her face he was working his hand up her leg. He made mention of the garters and she smiled brightly. As I leaned forward I saw her black dress had slipped all the way up exposing her succulent pussy and his finger sliding in. She moved her hand below the table at this point and started to rub his crotch, which, according to her, developed a hugh bulge. We sat there discussing other things while he finger fucked my wife for a good fifteen minutes. Finally he stopped and reached down with both hands and released his cock. Talk about smiles, both of them sat there with big grins on their faces as they stroked each other, all the while I sat across the table enjoying the view of my wife’s pussy with another mans fingers in it. Well, as planned, we had to depart from the pub, with all parties excited as hell. Our new friend left and went on his way as the wife and I retrieved our car and headed home. The trip home was fantastic. She was sooo excited she just had to blow me as we drove home. Once there, we ran to the bedroom, tore off our clothes and fucked like kids.
rm_lover4both said
I once met this woman some 10 years ago in Brasil. She was 28 and I was 40. She convinced me that she only would have sex with me if I took her from behind in her ass. Though I was not really keen, after she let me handle her most beautifull and firm tits I ever seen or felt, I agreed. After a lot of tongue kissing and breast kissing she revealed herself completely naked and I got the scare of my life. She had one of the biggest cocks totally erected begging me for holding and kissing it. I refused and though "she" had one of the most beautifull body's I ever seen or kissed I quikly penetrated her, I must say terrific hot ass in a hurry and left full of shame. Today I am looking to meet and have sex again with a shamale. I am more liberal now and much more inclined to have her and allow her to have me. My question here is the following: IS IT TRUE THAT MAN WHEN THEY BECOME OLDER LIKE TO HAVE ADVENTURES WITH OTHER MEN AND THAT LOOKING FOR SHEMALES IS ONLY AN EXCUSE FOR NOT FEELING GAY?
rm_dewey369 said
I met the most wonderful person on here. We have so much in common that it's unreal. The sex is great, but we also like to do non sexual things. We could talk all day and never get tired of it. He is my friend and lover. Thank you HornyWife.
rm_dublinguy6 said
I was bored in dublin and was looking for some fun on the internet when I came across this site. I posted an article saying I was looking for some college chicks to have fun with and to my great suprise a girl called sarah replied. After several days of emails we hooked up in a dublin hotel for a night of passion. She had beautiful brown eyes and amazing 36E breasts. She wore black bra and panties with black stockings and a suspender belt. It was amazing she was so horny. As soon as we entered the room she went down on she went down on her knees unzipped my trousers and slid my throbbing penis into her mouth. She played with me as if it was a lolly pop licking the head just waiting for the sweet juice to flow. Her head bobbing up and down was irresistible and I came quickly into her mouth. She swallowed every drop... She then stripped me naked and I returned the favour by throwing her n the bed and slowly sliding her panties down around her ankles. I licked and careesed her pussy until I heard her say she wanted me inside her. It jumped to attention and all I could do was obey. I made love to her 4 times that night. i will never forget it - I cant as I still have the Photos.
rm_oldhardbody2 said
I am in my 60's and have been monogamous for 43 years except for one two year fling with a neighbor more than thirty years ago. I occasionally have fantasies that can be best described as bi-sexual and recently had my first homosexual experience thanks to HornyWife. A young man responded to my add; his only desire was to give head with nothing expected in return. This seemed like a great opportunity so one morning, on the spur of the moment, (my wife had decided to go shopping for the day) I called and arranged to meet him. After a little small talk I had him remove his clothes and did the same. His cock was shorter and fattter than mine. He took my slightly swollen cock in his mouth and proceeded to give me the best blow job I'd ever had. I asked if I could try taking his in my mouth just to see what it was like but that wasn't his thing so it didn't happen. He jacked me off onto his chest once I was close to cumming. I felt I had failed him as despite his pumping himself vigorously he really never got fully erect and didn't cum. He explained that, since he hadn't expected any action that day, he had already beat off just before I called. I am looking forward to another episode when he is a bit hornier.
hardhornybigcoc said
i met a beautiful and horny 19 year old female on line and we fucked all night while we watched porn. Her pussy was so nice and tight that i had to taste that slit. It was delicious. I get to fuck her with no strings anytime!!!! Thank you.
Empathetic3_17 said
So anyone have any ideas of what is the best way to say your not interested? I feel that you should respond to all emails
Thanks Ryan
red_lilly_4_fem said
We have tried many different websites with no luck. But we finally met someone who was prefect on HornyWife. We went out for drinks and all 3 of us just clicked. We not only found a playmate but a very good friend as well.
rm_profhandyman said
It all started about 10:00 last Friday night with a knock on my front door . When i opened the door there stood a neighbor friend of my that lived about 4 buildings away. She ask if she could come in and talk. Surprised to see her , as i had only talked and partyed with her down at the pool during the summer and at a couple of friends house .She, stands about 5'9" and 140 lbs with blonde hair and brown eyes . With small but perky breast and a great ass. As she sat down and started telling me about how her and her boyfriend where arguing and he had kicked her out and she needed a place to stay for a few days , untill she could get her act together . I mixed us a couple of margarita's and lit up a bowl to calm her down and relax her a little bit. It wasn't long before our conversation turned to our personal lives and how we were attracted to each other. As i was in the kit. mixing our 3rd drink she came in and standing behind me wrapped her arms arond my waist and kissed me on the back of the neck . As i turned around , she wanted to thank me for letting me stay her. she told me that the drinks , the smoke and me walking around in my daisy dukes had gotten her pussy all wet and and she wanted me to fuck her . Well hell , that was all it took ! We started kissing very passionately and before i knew it she went down to her knees and pulled my shorts down to find a very hard dick. She started licking , sucking and playing with my balls . and before i knew it i erupted in her mouth , but she just kept on sucking untill i couldn't stand it no more . She looked up at me with a smile and a look on her face telling me that she wanted more of my cock . So , off to the bed we went . I slowly undressed her and to my surprise when i removed her bra there was a pair of the largest nipples that i have ever seen . I couldn't resist and just like a wild man started sucking and pulling on her nipples with my mouth and tonque. She started moaning and took my hand and placed it over her shaved pussy . Boy , was it ever wet . Lightly stroking her clit with my thumb and sliding my fingers into a very wet pussy . She continued moaning and moving under the pressure that i was putting on her clit and inside her pussy. After only about 5 minutes she started bucking my fingers and started screaming that she was cumming . I couldn't resist and started lapping at her pussy as her pussy just kept gushing . Finally she clamped her legs around my head and rolled me over to my back . She looked at me with this glazed look and started sucking my cock again. This time with more gusto and entusiasim. It wasn't long before i was hard again. And then she just jumped on top of me and in one quick motion had my dick in her pussy all the way to my balls . She started rocking back and forth with her fingers rubbing her clit as i grabed her ass and helped her slide off and on my dick. after only about ten minutes of this she turned around and i was looking at the most wonderful asshole . i couldn't resist , i dipped my fingers in her pussy and started rubbing her ass . Just as i touched her ass , she started cumming again . Coating my cock and balls with cum. She came off of me and turned around and started licking all her cum off my dick .Looking up at me she smiled and said that she wanted my dick in her ass . I've never turned down a request like that. So, i turned her around and placed several pillows under mid section with her ass up in the air. I started kissing her ass and licking that beautiful bunghole . And after feeling that her ass had relaxed enough for my dick .I positioned myself at her hole and started to slowly push my dick in her ass . Damn , she was tight . She started pushing back to me and it slipped in all the way up to my balls .The next thing i knew she started going crazy .Bucking me and me slamming into her ass . I was actually lifting her off the bed with each thrust into her beautiful ass. I told her i was getting close to cumming. She started yelling over and over that she was cumming and with that i couldn't hold out any longer . And started filling her ass up with my cum. We were both shaking with orgasm's as we layed next to each other holding each other close . We both fell asleep in each other's arms with a smile on our faces. (more to come)
cowboydog2 said
I met this great woman off of HornyWife. We chated for about a week and then decided to meet. We met and it was instant karmha we just both knew it was right. We went back to my place and talked and then started to kiss. I have never been much of a kiss but wow did i love to kiss her. From kissing things moved fast and we started to touch each other and i asked if she wanted to goto the bed room. She said yes and off we went. I undressed her and looked all of her and was in awh. God did she have a hot body. I think i must have riped my clothes off so i could feel her skin aganist my skin. Wow did it feel good and i started to kiss her all over. I kissed every inch of her sexy body then worked my way to her brests and kissed them and sucked them into my mouth. She started to mone as i suck on one brest then the other and then moved on to her sweet pussy. I do mean sweet because boy was it ever i licked it clean of juice. Then went onto her clit sucking it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue and she went wild and gasped with delight. This only egged me on and i really went to work on her clit flicking, sucking and licking till she begged me to stop and fuck her. She said how much she wanted my cock in her. This would be interesting because she had told me she hadnt had sexy in 2 years. I put on some lubed up and went slow and easied my way in. I went real slow because boy was it tight. She gasped as i went in and told me to go slow because it was tight. Then as i worked in and out she losened up some and then i really went to it and started to fuck her hard and fast. She was going wild as i fucked away and she screamed her head off in plesure. What a great time we had together and now we are getting together every weekend for fun times. This is a great service and would recamend it to any one.
rm_hank5708 said
Recently, I met a lovely lady on HornyWife and we agreed to get together. Since, our first encounter we have become very close, and have a developed a growing romance.
redbrick22 said
When my eyes first saw Angie, she was bending over the oranges at King Soopers. Her short skirt did'nt quite show her pussy, but what was that? As I got closer, I could see it was a fine gold chain. I stood next to her, and asked quietly how the oranges were. Fine, she said. I then took the plunge. I was really wanting to know how firm the peaches were, I said, and if they were juicy. She replied quietly, "why don't you find out for yourself?" I figured on getting slapped, so, so far, so good. I looked around and noone was really paying attention, so I placed my hand between her legs, and raised a finger to her tender lips. She was dripping wet, and I brought my finger to my mouth to sniff and taste her delicate flavor. She looked slyly sideways with a grin, and said, "you're really into that, aren't you?" I replied, "Oh, yeah!" Angie told me that maybe I should follow her to her place, so what followed was an afternoon that any man would dream of. It turned out that she had 3 rings pierced into each inner labia, and 1 through her clit hood. The chain could be arranged to hold open her lips, or pull the hood back as she chose. Continued...
rm_wolf1717 said
rm_mbglwdx1 said
A Sloppy Surprise My husband has been bugging me to have sex with another man for about 10 years. He insisted that he would love to have sloppy seconds as I described my experience. I thought he was crazy and blew him off until last night. Now, I'll relate what happened. We were out of town, returning from a trip. We were staying at a place that has a bar and restaurant close to the airport. After checking in, my husband started getting frisky. As we played around, I jokingly said, "you'd probably enjoy this more if I went to the bar and picked up a stranger." I couldn't believe his reaction. His Cock got harder as he said. "Are you serious, after all this time you've finally considered it?" I was shocked, I thought he was kidding so I said, "Would that really turn you on?" He stopped me in my tracks what he said, "Yes, in fact, I'd like for you to go ahead and get dressed. Go down to the bar and pick your poison, then come back after you're done and tell me about it." I was so pissed that I immediately got up and decided that this game had gone far enough. I was tired of hearing about it so now I was going to do something about it. I casually got ready to do exactly as he said. As I was getting ready, he kept asking me questions like, "are you really going to do it? I hope you're serious because I can't wait to feel your pussy when you return. God baby, this is exciting, promise me you'll let me fuck you when you come back?" I just looked at him and said, "just remeber, this is what you asked for, once I leave it's a done deal. My pussy will have felt a different cock for the first time in 15 years. Are you sure that it is what you want? Because once I do it, it can't be undone. If I like it, I will continue to fuck other men no matter what you say. So, you better be sure before I walk out that door." He just smiled and said, "Go for it." I finished getting freshened up, put on a sexy outfit and said, "I'm not going to wear any panties or a bra so my 'pick' will have easy access, come here and feel my pussy, when I get back it will be full of come, now rub your finger around it and make it wet for me. Think about it while I'm gone and remember that it was once exclusively yours but after tonight it will have felt a new cock." With that I headed for the door. Since the fool wasn't stopping me, I stopped and said, "By the way, I don't plan on using a condom or anything either. I'll see you later and trust me, I'll get fucked by someone else so don't complain about it later, this is your last chance, should I go?" He nodded yes, so I was gone. Once I got to the bar, I sat on one of the stools and checked out the potential men. Sitting at the end of the bar was a good looking guy about 6' tall, maybe 200 lbs. with a muscular physique. He looked to be in his mid-forties, perfect. I extablished eye contact almost right away and started casually talking to him. At first he didn't say much but after awhile he bought me a drink and came over and sat down beside me. He asked me to dance and I, of course, said ok. While we were dancing he asked me if I was married. I said, "yes, what does that have to do with you and I." He pulled back looking at me kind of funny and said. "You are a very sexy woman, you shouldn't come on like that unless you are willing to back it up." I smiled and reached down between us feeling his cock though his slacks and said, "what makes you think that I'm not willing to back it up!" He took me by the hand and without saying a word, led me out of the bar and into the hallway leading to the rooms. We went directly to his room where, once the door was closed, he started kissing me. As we kissed his hand started roaming. That's when he discovered that I didn't have any underwear. By this time I was getting very excited. It truly is stimulating to have a new guy feel you up and want you. I thought of my husband but pushed him from my mind as I took my clothes off and opened my body to this complete stranger. It was then that I realized that I didn't even know his name. I didn't care. I just wanted to fuck him. So much for that, the rest of the story will be told as I related it to my husband when I got back to our room. The next morning I knocked on our motel room door. It was about 7:30 AM. When my husband opened it I simply walked in and said, "well baby, come here, I want you to feel my freshly fucked pussy." Jack was a little sheepish at first but he did come over and put his hand on my cunt. I looked at him and said, "go ahead stick your finger in there, I want you to feel his come running out of me. I'm full of come and I liked it. His cock was big and hard, he just came in me a few minutes ago so you have a freshly fucked pussy standing before you, would you like to crawl inside it?" Jack about went nuts, before I knew it he was pushing me back on the bed and had his cock so deep inside me that I thought he'd split me in two. "My god" he said, "you really did it, tell me about it". I flipped us over and sat on his lap, his cock still buried inside me as I said. "Yes, I did do it... and I liked it. You better get used to sloppy seconds because I felt so wicked and sexy fucking him that I've decided that I want to do it more often. You can not imagine how good it feels when a new cock enters my cunt. The look in his eyes, the desire, the hardness of his throbbing member and finally the thrill of feeling him come deep inside me, it was so very erotic> I felt like such a slut but it felt so good. I'm glad you talked me into it." Jack kept pumping my cunt as he asked me to smear the come around his balls. I told him that the other guy had me sit on his cock as he played with my tits and rubbed my clit. I kept riding his cock until it got really excited and exploded in me. Jack didn't last long. As I told him about how his cock was now sharing my cunt with others, he sent a big load driving into my used, wet, prefucked pussy. We got home this afternoon and I asked him it he still wanted me, he took me straight to bed and fucked me again as he asked to tell him more about last night. I think we are beginning a new phase in our marriage and I think I'm going to like it.
harry851 said
I always had girl friends in high school but it seemed that after sporting events and we were all showering down together I couldn't keep my eyes off the guys cocks and balls and subsequently became mesmerised and enthralled with the thought of a cock ejaculating deep into my throat. This vision of sucking a cock continued until my senior year in high school. It all started the night of the senior prom.My date, ageorgeous girl and myself were having a great time, dancing and carrying on et al. Went outside for a smoke and there was the captain of the football team having a cigarette as well. He approached me and stated that he was gay. Subsequentially we went behind some bushes and he sucked my cock and swallowed a huge load of my cock cream. I was so intrigued with this sexual encounter that I started to grope and fondle his enormus big cock and balls. Was like a dormant dream coming true. I feel to my knees and parted my lips with his beautiful cock and slid my mouth down on it to the base of his shaft. After sucking and mouthing his cock in and out of my throat for several minutes he shot and squirted a deliciously sweet thick load of sweet thick and tasty cock cream which I licked and swallowed to the last delicious drop. My girl friend found out and broke our relationship. The quarterback and myself sucked each others cock for the rest of our senior year and today we are sucking each others cock and swallowing each others delicious cock cream Harry851
rm_nuzone100 said
oh I didn't think too much at first about this site. I came here thinking of myself as a jerk and loser. I did a few winks even to the photos of some of the women who look like dream models. I got a response back, joined their network and before you know it, I met some of them in real life. I nothing but hot sex with some of the hottest women you won't believe the kind you see lingerie and men's magazine.
rm_sexystud431 said
hey it has been a wonderfull experince here at HornyWife ... altough i am not able to get pretty gals yet but the kinda magazine n other articles that have are supurb ... i have had masturbated about 50 times in less than 15 days ...they really make me cum so hard ... i know i would like a pussy rather than my fist to work me on .. but i don't mind my fist till i get that pretty gorgeous sexy gal from here or otherwise....i look forward to the continious sucess from here

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